Saturday, December 29, 2007

One Moment After Another

The feeling of being in alignment and expressing myself and not holding back my feelings and being honest with myself and others brings such joy into my life. Each moment offers me a deeper glimpse into myself and find that I am more inclined to want to be in the silence and appreciating the smallest things. The clock still ticks and so does my ear and there is a song leading toward a revolution which is merely the evolution of humanity. People are opening up their eyes and sharing more love during some very challenging times now and ahead. The road is long and at times quite arduous but you can stop and just breathe along the way and kiss the wind or let the wind kiss you whatever it is that you prefer or imagine. Mars could be seen and the planet align in ways that can only mean wild times are coming and have been coming for quite sometime. I have always been a believer even if I couldn't prove it that things will eventually work themselves out and I just need to keep cultivating the love and a quiet mind so that I can hold a space for healing.

Born in a big apple raised in a garden State and went to college in state where people point to their hand to describe where they live. I don't really call any place my home more then heaven or that dimension of the formless. Life is a mysterious opportunity to realize that we are not just any one wave but that we are the ocean. I am dancing even when I am still and there is a madness, sadness and joy and all of it is merely one thing, but different angles of the same face which give the face a different appearance.

Where were you when? What will be some of those for our generation I wonder? I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and Thank the New England Patriots for finding there on sort of perfection of 16-0 to remind us that those things are still possible in this world and I love seeing Randy Moss find redemption in the Northeast. We all deserve a fresh start if we are willing to embrace it. The weather report says "There maybe a bit of rain and even a few hurricanes, but there will most certainly be a rainbow with Judy Garland singing at the end". And maybe we are still in Kansas and we just need to remember that there is no place like home wherever home may be for you. For me home is a feeling that I carry inside of me everyone that I go.

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