Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Time is a trap that mind always falls into and keeps us limited in the way that we percieve a situation. There is a story to be uncovered and a prophecy to be fulfilled and a dance to been seen that will bring back an energy that never went away, but that was neglected by man's distracted mind. The can give me money/fame/blame and shame but it is all one in the same. They are all interchangeable. I am not here to attack or bad mouth specific individuals. I have certainly done this before, but it does not get us closer towards coming together. Viewing ourselves as separate perpatuates the illusion. People that make "evil" choices make their choices out of fear and are not coming from a place of love. I would say that hate is merely a response to fear and as we let go of fear we are capable of giving more love and being present in this moment.

This year at Burning Man I saw a triple rainbow. It was an omen of sorts for the year ahead. Most people only saw two of the rainbows, but if you payed close attention you would have seen the third one. Tons of people dancing around in the desert as the sky cleared and rainbows appeared. Allow yourself to deepen your breathe and your magnetic pull will become stronger. You will be all that you are hoping to see manifest in this world. I am finding a greater consistency with my deep breathing. It is very easy to get caught up in the world and lose sight of your breathing and the things that matter to your heart. Return to the breathe return to your heart return to the way you were breathing when you were still a baby.

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