Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Campaign For Sale on E-bay Any Takers This Feburary 2nd

I figure if fight club can get corporate sponsorship why not a long shot presidential candidate.

In a world where we are given two options that are handpicked by a few very rich people it is time that we have a third option and I am presenting myself Te'DeVan Kurzweil and my vice president Smiley Mcanmara and countless list of characters here by known as the "Infinite Cabinet" for the white house for the 2008 election. For financial backing and support, we are selling our campaign on E-bay to the highest bidder.

6 foot 7 inch Freestyle Rapping Chi-Gong Healing Couch Surfing Jew is making a late charge! A run for the ages! The shadow of the dark horse is coming out! The longest long shots of longs! Only in America! We have not been invited to any debates and Cspan has not mentioned us once in the polls or any other discussion for that matter (despite our own polls which show that we have 67% of Americans in favor of our campaign). With that being said, we are completely and totally prostituting ourselves to the American people. We will be sold to the highest bidder! Just like every other presidential candidate except we will make no qualms about it and in the most public way possible do it here on EBay! Not only do you get me but you also get my Vice President, my Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, An entire cabinet consisting of Merry Pranksters, Musicians, Mystics, Mad Men, Mad Women, Impostor Mr. T, Reformed Gangsters, Ballerinas, Bike messengers, Dancers, explosive specialists, pirates, preachers, psuedo celebrities, philosophers, physicists, Jugglers, Bus Drivers, Teachers, Retired Firemen and Police, and every other fascinating American who's couch we might end up sleeping on or who might be hopping on our buses.

I'm also selling my campaign advisers who were not able to raise enough money for this campaign. Most of them are college graduates. What you get for buying us? An adventure of a lifetime for you and a few of your closest friends. (much better then a drug addiction and the expenses of rehab and therapy) and the opportunity to publicize or advertise any message you want public or private, while getting a chance to give back to the American people. Instead of promises about what will be done we are going to spend most of our time and funds helping the American people and being a campaign of the people for the people (radical Idea I know, but desperate times call for even more desperate measures)!

Ask not what you can do for EBay but ask what can EBay do for you. No longer will I stand idly by while the Constitution has been abandoned to the lunacy of a so-called "Patriot" act and elections where the census majority doesn’t determine the election of a president. If Americans can get an erection after they take their viagra over the next under 18 pop star (just ask Bob Dole) then just maybe if we make it entertaining enough we can get people to care about the general state of politics in this country and give Americans an authentic opportunity to choose their president instead of having them hand selected by a small group of people that have many agendas the least of which is benefiting the vast majority of Americans. Our Campaign will bring back the Nomad!, and a simpler way of life. We will take back the white house one couch at a time! And at least we can tell our grand children that we tried when glaciers don't exist anymore. Consider this the equivalent of Jackass with a purpose. And that purpose is to start a revolution that we can collectively be proud of and say that we took back our country from a bunch of rich (mostly white) people more interested in making themselves and their friends more money.

We will start to narrow this gap between rich and poor. For instance take the homeless people of Washington DC and give them shelter in the White House (can't believe they never did it before), while adequate housing can be obtained. When the weather gets nicer they can also pitch tents on the White House lawn along with the people from New Orleans who still have not gotten assistance. Just Remember, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - Hunter S. Thompson. And we just turned pro! Thank You!

President Te'DeVan Rocketman Wacha Kurzweil
(you can call me "That guy with the large sign for short")

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HAving Riches in Regards to material won't bring joy

So often the culture teaches and talks incessantly about other people's lives many of whom are often struggling and not in anyway happy yet people try to model their lives after these people. The most simple people I meet retain the most joy and are not dependent on what happens around them for that joy. I still find myself looking for approval and external joy yet the inner part of me knows very profoundly that these things are all fleeting and that cultivating my spiritual practices is what will help me to find a greater peace that is not disturbed by the coming and goings of the world. Suppressing your emotions is a harmful thing to do and many people constantly are doing just that, but being attached to your emotions is also harmful. I find myself waking up to certain realizations and wanting to tap into more of my potential and to help others around the world do the same. Drinkable water an abundance of food and free education are things that many of us take for granted while in other places they must fight to have these things. I hope to be more giving and have more to give in this coming year. I hope to relinquish myself of attachments to things thst hold me back and embrace my intution without hesistation trusting it in all my choices.

New Rap Song about Couchsurfing check it out on Myspace

I hope some of you find the song catchy and amusing and not too offensive and if so I apologize in advance.
love always,
President Te'DeVan
p.s. looking for someone to shoot the video out in San Francisco

When Inspiration Strikes Go With IT

Not every action we take will be of the highest magnitude, but don't hold that against yourself instead step forward towards making higher choices that will help to awaken the planet and your brave choices will inspire other people to do the same. We are society that has been ruled by fear and love has a hard time rooting itself when fear is controlling so many of our actions. Make sure that we are in balance so that our relationships are better in balance. If we love without attachment then people will start to move to do the same with others. Love for many people feels like some type of burden. We are all making the world what it is right now and our choices will bring about change. Change is a seed that we all have and when we are present it begins to grow with great strength. I am the lover of now and now offers freedom beyond measure compared to external rewards that offered. May I seek never to lash out when things don't go how I expected rather allow myself to go with the way things are not how I feel they should be.

We are Drawn to People Often For Reasons Beyond our Understanding

Some people will have intense pulls on us for a very brief moment and other people will constantly pull on us throughout our entire lives and we may never know exactly which is which until we are about to leave this plain of existence. I am one for seeing htat I am such a small part in the cosmic play of life being played at in this time, yet all small parts are important and we lay groundwork down for others to follow whether it be or children or someone else. Sharing sincere genuine experiences is what this life is all about and to share them with people who can appreciate them be it your best friend or the person sitting next to you at the coffee shop. Allow your inner guidance to move you in all situations. It is very subtle voice most of the time but sometimes it becomes quite pronounced once we silence our mind. We are always projecting into most situations fears and worries based on our past experiences or the past experiences of others. I am here to be in the fullness of now and now offers the greatest fullfillment if we can embrace things as they are and love them for what they are in this moment. To encourage people but not too pressure them to act out of love intead of fear of not being enough. Merely being fully present makes you more then enough. Most people are missing their lives one moment at a time because they are off somewhere else and wondering why nothing ever feels good. Nothing feels really good for many people because they are not allowing themselves to experience life. They have walls upon walls which keep them from being deeply rooted in the now and all the power that the present moment holds. Hold this present moment dear becuase this moment now is the only moment you have to relinquish your suffering and the suffering of others. Be here now for yourself and the world around you.

The Power of Being Deeply Present

It is such a simple thing yet the mind wants to keep us thinking instead of merely being present in the current moment and adjusted to things as they are happening in "real time". We often spend too much time making plans and instead we should be expereincing everything that this moment offers instead of waiting for a future moment to save us from this experience. I am catching myself more quickly when I become caught in the inner workings of my mind and all the clutter that needs to be cleaned out. I put my full faith in the Guru/God and know that all others will eventually fall prey to the delusions of maya/ego myself included. Until we are deeply anchored in this present moment so that we are not pulled in different directions by a mulitude of distractions. Nobody no matter how amazing or generous can offer us anything that we don't already have within ourself. Repeat that sentiment to yourself and feel the ring of truth behind it and now decide if your actions are in accordance with this belief. I think of sprinkling rainbow water of the brightesst dimensions and sometimes my eyes see things that others are not ready to see and there are people who see things that I am not ready to see. At one point most people were color blind imagine being one of the first people to see color. In our own way when the mind is still we have the opportunity to notice thoughts in patterns inside of ourselves and in our exterior environment that allow us to better find a higher understanding. We keep taking steps towards a truer knowing of our core and not as affected by what is happening around us and we remain in this moment and experiencing it to the fullest yet we can't become attached to it because another moment flows forth from what is transpiring right now.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

All is Silent and Then The Eruption Takes Place

I have noticed in my life that at times where things seem more quiet then usual it is a little lull before the fireworks take place. It is of great importance to take advantage of the quiet time and not complain about being bored because before you know it you would do anything for some rest. Recently things have been slow or slow by the standards of activity that normally define my life though it has certainly been beautiful. I have come to realize that when things are slow we to rush them and make them go fASTER and when they are fast we are begging for them to slow down. Life is full of waves and just allowing them to run their course brings about the best results. I have not written recently and it is because everytime I get to a computer I just don't have anything that I want to say or I want to say too much and end up writing nothing at all. All the people you are maent to meet in life will cross your path and keep dancing because I have always found that opens up doors for me.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Long Shots Are My Favorite

The thing about long shots coming thru is that they always do and it is the best feeling in the world when it happens. We all to watch the underdog succeed, but many times they did not feel that way inside. They knew that they were going to succeed all along it was merely the rest of the world that was shocked. The rest of the world never saw it coming with the exception of a few other people. It always seems more obvious in hindsight and even though all the signs may be there in the moment alot of people if Daniel from the karate kid was really going to win. Even as a champion people still considered him an underdog. The New England Patriots are now considered a Dynasty in American Football, but in their first super bowl run they were considered a huge underdog earlier in the season when their starting quarterback went down and they were off to a poor start.

Life is full of these moments and we can sieze anyone of these moments if we allow ourselves to be deeply present and aware of this moment. Tap into something beyond what most people consider possible such as when the American's beat the Russians back in that fateful day in 1980. They make entire movies and write entire books about long shots. In many respects the very fact that this planet is capable of sustaining sometimes intelligent life is a long shot. 2008 is the year of the long shot and not just because our underdog presidential campaign is going to enter onto the radar. This a great year for long shots and a great year were the impossible shall become possible. Hope in abundance is my pledge for the new year.

In other news ...... I am in Santa Cruz and on my way back to San Francisco and shall be heading to Langrado in the everglades in early March on the advice of a bunch of really amazing friends from a few different places. Check it out when you have a moment and any youtube videos that you enjoy on "slacker prophet" forward them on your myspace, facebook and everything else because that is a really simple way for us to get the word out. We are also looking for anyone who wants to donate a bus a be part of the adventure as we travel around the country meeting America and sleeping on their couches,floors, attics, garages, and sometimes beds in a quest to really open up this race and let people realize that your vote may not count but your voice does that we need to take back the reigns of our country. All of us are a part of something great that will go down in history. The long shot heard round the world.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ups and Downs and Everything Else in Between

Sometimes the longing is so deep and you want to do something amazingly bold and maybe something that you might regret later on, but in that moment it feels good and then brings me to ponder. When I am living in the moment and when I am just looking for some sort of drama. Though I would typically say that I do my best to lessen my drama there is still some part of me that yearns for it. It seems to keep my mind preoccupied, but it a quick passing feeling and it does not offer me that greater treasure that I seek. Yet I don't want to be too hesitant always fearful of doing this or that and sometimes being foolish works out brillantly and other times it takes a bit more time to realize how well everything turned out. Don't immediately become sour about something that is transpired in your life. The best things can quickly become the worst things and the worst things the best things.

I want to be on a mountain and after a brief period of time I want to be the pulse of the city. I read of people that have done things that I believe, but have not seen with my eyes, but with my poor vision I would miss it even if I was there. There is a feeling of transition and it works out your kinks and this can be full of angst and there is truly nothing to fear but feat and in one sense I perceive the world as a passing dream and on a more practical level it remains all that I currently know though.

I often dream of a place where I can see an experience all my friends and lovers simultaneously but each one has a time and place and each one wears a different face at a different time. Sometimes I just want to be three years old again but even then I wanted to be older so that I could play with big kids toys. I have met alot of people with amazing toys and yet I will always take people over the toys, but other people feel that toys never leave you and people do whether they want to or not. I keep thinking about the subject of death. It came up for me quite a bit this year and it is something that we all have to deal with and then we have to deal with our own death. This forces me to ask myself what I really want out of life. Each one of us is another reflection of another and only in the mind are things separate or different. We all come from the same source whatever you want to call it we are all here on this planet and I want to make this experience better for more the people that I meet. Sometimes I do feel that someone is a brother or sister to me and other times merely a stranger that I might feel indifferent towards. Each one of these people are overcoming their challenges. All the things that I feel to be true or not always the things that I live by or fully accept. First I have to be honest with myself and then I can be honest with my choices and everyone else I come in contact with. I want to love more and yet I fear that feeling of rejection. It doesn't stop me, but it might have me holding back, but there is a drum beat that we all move to and it is different for each of us just never try to march to someone else's drum beat because you will feel out of sorts.

Its Not Always Sunny in California

I am currently in Santa Cruz and it just keeps raining and then it lets up for 10 minutes and then it comes down more and more and yet I still have to remind myself that all of this will pass the rain and my life. Each moment we have an opportunity to feel something and those feelings will vary greatly, but I find myself at times not wanting to acknowledge the feelings or resist things as they are and think that I can make them something else. I can make alot of choices in my life but a great deal of other things I have to allow unfold when the time is appointed and being anxious or confused about it does not help bring about a quicker outcome. I have been have a strong yearning to be in a tropical paradise somewhere and to swim for hours and immerse myself in the ocean which most resembles the womb. We are all mostly made of water and the ocean when it is not polluted has an amazing cleansing quality to it.

Allowing our imaginations to guide us we can soar to new heights in many different respects. I am dreaming of adventures on the road with a bus that runs on veggie oil and seeing all of my friends all around the country and connecting with other people. The more we connect the more we can accomplish. There is a time for all things and it is recognizing when the time has come and acting in that moment and constantly preparing yourself for whatever task you are setting out to accomplish.
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