Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just a Dream of Mine

I dream of bright colors beyond what I have seen on this realm and a dream of an understanding that goes beyond words and never gets misconstrued. I dream of direct honesty and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good for humanity as the only way to live. I dream of people from all walks of life coming together to find their common bond and realize that what is common is truly fantastic. I dream of multi-colored water falls. I dream that everybody ends up with the soul that will most help them to evolve. I dream of creative expression coming from all souls at any moment without a moments hesitation. I dream of blazing blueish white flame that removes the hurts that have been buried deep in the mind. The hurts that keep people bound to things, habits, and other people that no longer serve them. I dream of an even mindedness approach to all that I encounter.
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