Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Resolving unfilled desires and yearnings so that we can move forward

I find myself in San Francisco because sometimes things are set in motion, but take a few years to come to fruition. Sometimes, we don't fully understand why we are so drawn to somebody. We just know that we are drawn to them and sometimes we are very different people in how we view things and yet there is this pull that goes against what some would call better judgment. And sometimes people would say it is doomed to fail, but what does failure even mean. What qualifies as success. Sometimes they tell you that you know that this can't go anywhere, but it doesn't have to go anywhere because there the both you are. It is in between somewhere and nowhere and it isn't supposed to happen for so many countless reasons, but it is happening and lessons are being learned and new thoughts are being formed and considered. Veils are put and removed walls fall and are brought back up like the tides coming in and out. And there seems to be alot of coming in and out and the ego's fight for control and the souls push to get beyond its identity and both people have chosen each other to be pushed whether they realize it or not. Just the other person's mere existence pushes the other person in ways that would seem difficult to conceive and the pushing happens because both people interact with the world in such different ways conflict is destined to arise around every corner yet there is some sort of satisfaction that both people get from the experience otherwise why enter into anything at all. And perhaps both people are drawn to each other because they know the other is unavailable and on some level they want to convince the other to become available just in case they changed their mind and perhaps they are what the other has been looking for and yet, it is too hard to admit because if they were to come together their lives would change dramatically. Maybe they are both seeking a little bit of change and maybe they just want to flirt with change and in the end whether they succeed or fail it does not matter in the ultimate sense. They are just like every other soul having a human experience. They meet up for a brief moment and go there separate ways but are pulled together again whether in this realm or the next one until the karma is resolved. All of us are on a quest to find the eternal home, that is our birthright if we choose to claim it. Yet, Claim it we must! we all return to where we came from and to me that has always been a great comfort regardless of the struggles that we and those around us go through. We are all destined to find a love that is not conditional and a peace that can't be disturbed and a joy that floats higher and higher. Yet, it is not something I have truly tasted, merely something that has grazed my lips and that alone is enough to encourage me to seek this final liberation for the soul.

The relationships along the way merely help us to work through our areas of inner resistance that become expressed in our external environments.
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