Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Presedential Run For 2008

I am Throwing my Hat in the Presidential race For 2008. I am announcing a long anticipated announcement for the bored,frustrated,apathetic,angry, and oftenly ignored masses. I am not an expert on politics, but within the next two years I will increase that knowledge base and at the very least my knowledge will surpass your typical chimpanzee though maybe not your average gorilla (gorilla's are smart ask Jane Goodall). I know some of you realize there has never been a 6 foot 7 inch tall, jewish, dreaded, spiritual healing, freestyle rapping, couchsurfing, nomad president. And there might be good reasons for this, but that was all in the past and we live in a different age my friend and I am representative of this new age or rather a forgotten age.

Of course; running for the presidency is based on two conditions that must be met. I must be considered at least a B+ tier celebrity by people magazine or some equilvalent and I would need popular support from largely unpopular or oftenly ignored people. I want this election to actually be entertaining and consist of issues that will make most people very uncomfortable. I am going to be the man showing up with his homeless friends to everyone's hoilday dinner. I will bring these oftenly ignored problems into everybody's living room. And just when you think this election will reach its peak in akwardness I will bring the family members out of the mental instutions for a long over due visit. (you know your rarely talked about cousin who walks around the house with his penis hanging out of his pants). Nobody will be left forgotten in the 2008 election.

My largest voting base will be people under the age of 18, illegal immigrants (all 12 million), and people in prison and those recently released from prison; and any other under represented person that you can think of. I want to be a candidate of social lepers and people that are generally apathetic or disinterested. My campaign will be run in a way that is condusive with the times we live in. We will use a voting style similar to American Idol in that people will choose my vice president and other cabinet members as they would on American Idol over the internet or a 1-800 phone number. The money raised for the campaign will go towards various charity causes such as after school programs, organic food programs for poor people, irrigation projects in 3rd world countries and holistic medicine programs aimed at helping become more aware of their life choices. Instead of talking about what I would do as president I would be doing these while I am running for the office.

I understand all of this sounds like Custards Last Stand, the ALamo, or that scene in Youngs II where DOc (played by Keifer SUtherland) has just been shot and goes guns a blazing so that at least some of the others may make it out alive. And that is my point just like Tom Petty I will stand my ground and I won't back down because there ain't no easy way out folks and it is time we do what's right. I understand most people lose interest and I can't blame you. It is like being a vegeterian and told that your options are chicken or beef for dinner. I would also obstain from voting. Heck I almost voted for myself in 2004 and the only thing that stopped me is that I had not campaigned hard enough and I did not really want the job. Being president is like taking over a fraternity house for a summer lease after they just trashed it following their last party and then finding out that the foundation is sinking; the roof might blow off if the wind gets to strong and just for extra laughs they left you with 3 months of unpaid utility bills ( 9 trillion debt).

I am not interested in having the nicest room on the Titanic, but instead I would rather change the ship's course of direction and fix the leaks that have sprung on board. I know that this campaign is a shot in the dark but you can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart. THis gun's for hire even if we are just dancing in the dark. We all need to start dancing in the dark because the laughs on me. If you got to stay hungry this 6 foot 7 inch jew is just about starving toinght (Interlaced with lyrics paraphrased from A Jersey Prophet Named Bruce Springstein).

As far as I am concerned anybody residing in this country should have a say in its future. Voting should be a habit that includes everybody as soon as you are tall enough to pull the lever. It is young people who are inheriting our debt and our problems. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Besides Texas in their infinite wisdom has been known to try 13 year olds as adults for murder. By that logic they should at least be allowed to vote before you send them to death row. Young people are this nations future and the future needs to step up to the plate now.

VOte Te'DeVan Rocketman Wacha Kurzweil for president in 2008!!1!!!!!!!!
And Let The Good Times Roll
I might just be the lunatic You Need!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing this because I need to tell my children and my grandchildren (who will be living with me in Austrulia if this does not work out) that I did my best to save my country from a devastating plague of insanity. I know that I won't legally be old enough to run; (You have to be at least 35 and I will not even be 30 at that point in time) But if I have discovered anything in politics is there is a major reoccurring theme; Which states rich old men lie and young poor boys die and all we do is buy buy buy and nobody has time to cry cry cry over spilled oil. We have to break this pattern and I think that I might be the person to help this manifest, but I need your help all of your help. This country belongs to all of us including the White House which should serve as guest house to the citizens of this nation especially the homeless children.

In conclusion I don't actually want the position of president. I completely and totally mean that, but if I don't take it then some other ass clown will end up holding the office. I can't be bought off because my lifestyle is to cheap to buy and all people are valuable to me whether or not they can legally vote or not. Since when does saving a country from destruction have anything to do with the law it has to do with our heart and spending money on construction and not destruction. Just know in 2008 there is a good chance there will be an actual alternative.

Friday, March 24, 2006

How I Accidentally Came To Be A Hippie/Beatnick/Hipster/Straight Edger


Most people think that I am consciously aware of my image and that I put it together in a very clever and devious way, but the truth is that almost of all of it is a combination of accident, convience and happen stance. I mentioned four labels above that have a tendency to overlap, but I think each deserves its own category.

Yes! I have dreadlocks I never planned on this happening, (and it is not some sort of tribute to Bob Marley) but it turns out swimming in the ocean and not combing your hair and hardly using conditioner will eventually create dreadlocks. In my case it was one massive dreadlock which looked really funny if you looked at the back of my head. Then one day because it was difficult to sleep with that big knot behind my head; it was cut up into three different dreadlocks and afterwards there was no turning back. Then; there is the matter of the beard that I often display. This is because I hate shaving; (not because I think it makes me look wise or hippie shiek for that matter) though if any attractive woman (who plans on sleeping with me) or anybody who is skilled at shaving is welcomed to shave me. I prefer electric shavers and don't always have access to them. Even my diet, (mostly vegan & organic) a fairly hippie thing is based on the simple fact that I merely stopped desiring to eat dairy and meat. I was also staying near a cheap Indian vegeterian buffet in NYC which made this a smooth transition for a big eater and many of the people I stayed with had a similar diet. I never did research on being mostly vegan & organic it just works for me, plus truthfully I am lactose intolerant and dairy was doing a number on my stomach and 2 bouts of food posioning in less then a 12 month period sealed the deal.

Now; the matter of me being a beatnick. I just don't want a job. I truly don't desire to have a job because I don't desire to have any stuff. And even though I don't buy any stuff people always give me free stuff all the time. I travel so frequently; partly as to not wear out my welcome, but mainly because I love adventure and I have met friends all over the country who I want to visit. With all the friends that I have made over the years I only make it to a fraction of the places that I am invited to visit; despite the many people that I do visit. I only read On The Road because about a hundred people I met along the way insisted that I read it. They said I was living a real beat existence, but for a very long time I had no idea of what a Beat was until someone informed me that I was indeed a beatnick and a hippie. I hang out coffee shops on occassion as well because they are warm and very beneficial on cold rainy days.

The hipster thing happened because I hung out in lower eastside, east village and Williamsburg for too long a period of time and ended up making friends with artists who had acrylic paints and we began to paint my clothes. This is now becoming a trend in more places around the country, but my first "major" introduction to it was when I took my pants off at a party in Williamsburg in Early May of 2005 and 5 artists went to town on them. This in conjunction with the rooftop parties, first warm weather party and a few other underground parties along the way. The fact that nobody could miss me on the L train with my large signs didn't hurt either. I was also walking up to 30 miles a day in Manhattan with my signs. All of this made me a Hipster. If half of all Hipsters can identify you; even if they don't like you or respect you; then you my friend are a hipster. I was in Williamsburg alot because my friends lived there and thats where the couches were for me to sleep on (not because I dug the image, but truthfully the image and mystic of the place started to grow on me). As a professional couch surfer I go where there are couches to surf.

Straight Edger
The final one of these is the fact that I am straight edge. For a long time people used to list a number of substances to me; and asked me if I used them and my anwser was no. They would then tell me I was "straight edge". I had never heard this term nor strived to be straight edge it was a combination of convience and accident once again. So instead of having people ask me all those questions anytime the topic came up I told them I was straight edge. Telling people that I did not do drugs never quite did the trick because they would still think that I would drink wine and smoke weed (Technically, I do sometimes consume Soy Mocha ice cream, but even that is rare these days). But to ensure that people understood; I would qualify that I was straight edge. I never liked the taste of alchool and I would rather be dancing (with free hands) then drinking I never smoked a cigarette because I loathe the way they smelled. Furthermore, I never thought I had a chance of fitting in, so I never even tried things due to peer pressure. I never smoked pot because I had never smoked a cigarette and the idea of smoking was a foreign idea to me. Plus everybody thought I was high or drunk to begin with (people would actually pester me for drugs or the whereabouts of drugs) and some people even thought I was holding out making them slightly annoyed or aggravated with me. Furthermore, there was never a religious, moral, or parental reason why I did not drink or use drugs. In fact my mother proclaimed that "I was dork" after she learned that I had graduated highschool without having smoked weed once. (she was hoping to have a bonding moment with me where I tell her I smoked weed and she tells me that she is cool with it and tells her stories involving smoking pot, unfortunately her straight edge son ruined this moment.). In regards to any other substances only excasty held some intrigue, but that was because Biggie told me X makes the sex spectacular. Only problem was that I was getting very much sex. At this point in time I am already too far gone and appearantly it gives me some weird "credibility". And credibility is what enables infilitration of the Edcuation (Yes I spelled it wrong accidentally but it seemed fitting) system.

So for anyone that did not know before, now you do. This is how I have come to be a Hippie/Beatnick/Hipster/Straight Edger. Yet despite the terms I use I still see myself as the somewhat preppy kid (with a tinge of flash) that I was in highschool and college. When people yell "You God Dammed Hippie" I still initally think they must be yelling at someone else. Yes, I know there is still the issue the whole "Jesus" thing which will have to be resolved for another day; and yes, that too is a story consisting of a bizarre combination of accident, convience, and happen stance. I did not choose intentionally to be a Hippie/Beatnick/Hipster/Straight Edger I just happen to be one.

Living In the Shadows Of Jesus

I am not sure most of you have any idea what it would be like to walk around with a sign offering to heal people. (Actually I am virtually positive that you have no idea what its like). Though I certainly do get some positive responses, I feel as if people are pissed off at me because they think that I think I am Jesus and then others are pissed off at me because I am not Jesus appearantly they have a few bones to pick with him (really with his followers, but displaced anger is much easier than yelling at a man who has not walked this earth for over 2000 years). I am currently 26 years old, and if I remember correctly, Jesus did not start manifesting the big miracles until his early 30's, and that lead to him being crucified. Sometimes I wonder if that whole cruxcifixation fear, or in more convenient terms the "Fear of success," is not something that we all have. One of the most successful men in history ended up getting killed for his success, but actually he did not die and I am sure of the fact that he was a badass mystic, meaning he was probably not that concerned about the whole procedure. I know on the surface being born Jesus--I mean jewish (I actually did that by mistake I swear to God) and a somewhat immaculate conception (no my mom was not a virgin I just think my parents are an odd pairing) and changing my name 6 years ago to a made up word Te'DeVan (that appearantly means sheepherder in the old Hatian Creole Bible). It looks on paper that there is some promise of me being a fairly notorious mystic of sorts. I figure once I go to Israel and India that should help out on the quest. Currently I am just a messiah in the making, but all of us are messiahs in the making if we just stop fighting it and give into it. The idea of giving into endless peace and joy is very appealing to me and to most people. That is probably why alot of people choose drugs, but drugs have a down side and enlightenment has much more of an upside to it. Though enlightenment takes alot of patience and letting go of things.

We live in a country where Christianity is the dominant religion, and I am totally cool with that. But so few Christians are actually followers of Christ, instead they are followers of the most charismatic bigot available on their television. Somewhere people stopped actually listening to Jesus; that is the biggest problem with Christianity. If we were truly a Christian nation following the examples of Christ nobody would ever be hungry, homeless, or not given adequate medical treatment. Jesus told us that we would do miracles just as great or greater, but that always seems to be forgotten. As people yell at me from their car that I am not Jesus, I think, "what the hell does that mean?" Does this mean that I should stop trying and if you even listened to the man he said that we would do miracles greater then him, but all some guy wants to yell is that I am not Jesus. I never said that I was and you're not Dale Earnhardt so stop driving, or Bill Gates so stop making money, or Ron Jeremy so stop have sex. People have some really awful logic in regards to why other people should not pursue their dreams especially when those dreams hold a real possibility of making other peoples' lives better. If that reasoning were truly valid nobody should do anything because there is always somebody better at it and trying to do these things would somehow be an affront to those other people that came before. Therefore people believe that you are being offensive or being some sort of wannabe/poser. Though most young people today are inclined to be more like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. I desire to be more like Jesus/Moses/Buddha/Etc.... .Truthfully Jesus won't usually even round off the top hundred people that most young people aspire to be.

I guess looking like the western european depiction of Jesus and being born into a Jewish family and having a healing gift is just a cross that I will have to bear and I am more then willing to bear it, but every now and then I am going to vent on this blog about it. Most of the time I am a man who normally remains silent and bows while being verbally accosted and having people make wild assumptions about what I am doing. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Jesus is working through me perhaps to help you out. Nope, that would take an open mind and thinking for oneself, and the bigot on your television told you long haired hippie people talking about chi-gong (energy cultivation) should not be trusted. Do you ever think maybe that Jesus was using chi-gong or his own various form. I am also tired of people telling me angrily that they are fine. I never asked them if they were or were not fine, but the fact that they need to so aggressively tell me that they are fine probably means they are not. A guy did this to me once and I called him out on it and an hour later he was crying to some girl about his problems.

Alot of times after I do a healing on someone they may say, well my knee does not hurt anymore, but I don't know if it worked. Nobody tells their car mechanic this sort of stupid response. The engine is running fine now, but I don't know if you fixed it. Then after saying this response they will give me a whole dollar because they are not sure if it worked. People will give their doctor thousands of dollars and thank him for doing his best even if they don't get any better. People will give me alot less than 1/10 that amount and say "It feels a little better, but I don't know if it worked" (and never visit again). In just one quick one hour visit they want everything to be completely fixed and if it is only a little better then they completely discount the whole thing. Yes, it is correct that I am not Jesus and I will not wave my hand once and fix every problem in your entire life, but I can certainly help, but the shaman in the western culture gets no love. I should have been born in a different region of the country and people would certainly accept my gift without always being so condescending about it. Not everyone is such a cynic I have had more then my fair share of grateful people, but just the fact that even one person should be such an asshole is mind blowing.

Then people ask me if the healing will be permanent as if I have control over the choices that they make. If your head hurts and I make it stop hurting and you smack your head against a wall then yes it will start hurting again. For instance when I walk by with my sign offering to heal physical,emotional and mental pain they inform even though I do not approach them that they have Jesus and therefore need no help. I am all in favor of having Jesus, but I would love for the people of this country and world to understand whoever it is that they have they also have themselves and are capable of doing these incredible miracles. Stop putting one person on a pedastal and downgrading yourself in the process. Let them serve as an example not an exception. We don't have to live in the shadow of Jesus, or any guru for that matter. They want to see us recognize our God potential. Read more carefully in your place of worship and start to think of yourself as your own messiah/guru.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Emotions About A Girl

So much of my everyday conversational life, stories, and writings are inspired by women. That being said I decided to post an e-mail that I had sent to a girl that I met in the Fall of 2005. Below are my feelings that she has helped bring towards the surface. Here is the e-mail that I sent her in its entirity.

Good to hear you had such a growth spurt. I am really loving Stanford and all these people think I go to School here, but others know better. I met another 6 foot 7 inch jew here named Matt. He is like my younger brother from a different mother. I am listening to Bob Dylan and have been gaining a deeper and deeper love of Miles Davis. I am also working on being more humble and a bit less arrogant. I am trying to be less defensive and I am getting pretty good at it. I want to be accessible and genuine at all times. I don't want to have any walls around me. I am working on tearing down my walls and lettting go of a past that is not now and letting go of a future that is not here and being immersed in this moment. In this moment I pour words on to a computer that at some point you will be reading and feel where I am coming from and where I am heading.

The question of the direction that we are going is always our favorite question for people to ask us. In some sense I know where I have been and in other ways I have no idea, but for what ever reason I hand you my emotions to do with them as you will. You are my muse the one I see myself in and with even if I am geographically far away. I want to be with you in NYC in some large absurd pad just listening to music and watching the craziness of the city pass on by. I will know you for all my days for I already have known you for all the days before we met and when I saw you it jogged some semblance of previous memories that I can't quite pinpoint, but these memories are more real then any of the nonsense that people fill their days with. We are all just someone's dream all just intermingling. Wherever I go; no matter what you think you are in my being and you have left an imprint that will not fade. I can only hope the same on your end, but that is merely a fear of unrequited feelings. Healings are my favorite dealings and you can heal too and as time moves on you will understand that more and more. It is not something I say lightly nor something that I expect you to completely accept or embrace. There is no need to ever do anything to get my attention. Just your voice or word does it completely.
from the ever PRESENT NOW,

Monday, March 20, 2006

Every Failure is an Opportunity to Make it Big

Every now and then the idea crosses my mind that Blind Date will be my greatest career accomplishment. Then I will fall off the Ben & Jerry's wagon and gorge myself in ice cream until I become mildly rotund.

What if I never do anything more significant then Blind Date? What if Roger Lodge uttering my name on national television was the closest I will ever get to greatness? (The answer to this is: no, I will laugh my ass off and turn it into a screenplay.)

There are about a billion different ways to make it to the top. There really is no such thing as failure. Just ask William Hung from American Idol. The only way you fail is when you stop trying. (Yes, it sounds cliche but it still remains true.)

Keep stepping up to the plate: eventually the pitcher will hit you with the baseball and you will get on base. As long as you get there, who cares how you did it? Do you think the strippers that receive $20 bills from William Hung care that he did not win American Idol? The anwser, my friends, is no.

America is a country of a thousand and one chances; never stop playing and you always have a chance. In the end, know that you will be successful and that failure only makes you more intriguing. Mike Tyson reached his peak in popularity only when he started losing all the time and biting people's ears off. Nobody likes somebody who always wins.

It is alot like the special olympics; everybody is a winner, assuming that they keep trying. Even the kid that finishes in last place has a shot at an endorsement deal if they lose in an intensely desperate fashion. If you fail enough, you may eventually even become a punchline for failing and you can get your image trademarked.

Sometimes when you win you really lose and sometimes when you lose you really win. Jail was one of the best things possible for Mike Tyson, 2Pac, and Martha Stewart's career for that matter it kept their spending down and their intrigue up. ( I do not recommend prison by the way)

In conclusion even if I fail in writing this article in any sort of cohesive way as long as you smile or laugh at least once you will probably read other articles that I may end up writing.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Women Love Nomads...

...because we are absolutely guaranteed to break their heart! (Problem is, sometimes it can break our hearts as well!).

When they meet us an we are intriguing, different and even somewhat safe because we will be gone before they know it. It may encourage them to open up to us even more than they would otherwise. However, they eventually start dreaming that maybe we would stop being a nomad for them. (The thing that makes it worse is that for some of them we would consider it or at least consider spending less time on the road.)

We never stay long enough for the petty arguments to begin. We usually part on a good note and when it feels unfinished, we both may desire to see each other again (often in a different city or country). They love us because we are free flowing like leaves in the wind; we have seen a bit more and loved more then a great deal many people. A true nomad is enraptured with life and all that it entails.

Everyone loves adventure; nomads are a living embodiment of this adventure. A true nomad won't settle anywhere for long. They just keep building lives for themselves all over the place. Each place a different world and those worlds start overlapping and it all forms one world. Then these women start to know through our nomadic example that all worlds are one.

All of us are one and our oneness is the story of this planet. Living life as we feel makes us mysterious and the mystery that surrounds us is the same mystery that surrounds all life. (Sometimes we try and block that out.) We do live in a mad world and nomads are madness at its finest. The dreams in which I'm flying are the best I ever had.

Some small part of them desires to be on the road with us and seeing how life unfolds, but instead of offering to leave they tell us not to go. They are held down by invisible anchors that they will not abandon. Even writing this on rainy day in Santa Cruz makes me wonder. The one biggest thing I have noticed as a traveler is that people with everything offer me nothing and people with nothing offer me everything and all it does is make me think about something. Quite often in life that something is women and the right women for me will most likely be a nomad.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Inflitration of the Education System

Yes I like to say bold over the top statements such as inflitration even though it may increase my sketch factor by about a hundred assuming that my sketch factor can even go up from this point. Any revolution has to go where some of the best young promising minds from tommorrow are located. And though I do believe that "instituion will dull your mind" (to quote JOhn Nash in a Beuatiful Mind) I still believe that many of rhe great future minds will be found there such as John Nash. It is hard to turn down a free ride to any prestigious university. Recently I spent 2 weeks at Stanford and now I am at Santa Cruz typing away in a library. I did my first healing on campus this morning and called it "A quantum physcis experiment". Truthfully a great deal of what I do is a quantum physica experiment and eventually I will help somebody win a nobel prize for their research on the subject. I gave the Stanford medical guys a chance to be the first people to write an article about the ticking sound that you can hear coming out my right ear (you did not miss read that). At last they were all too busy to make medical history. People are all too busy, but if we the nomads or just people with free time and some free thoughts walk on to these college campuses we can have a tremendous impact. SOme of you look younger then I do and you should infiltrate other highschools or middle schools for that matter. Once thoughts are provoked a chain reaction begins and then we hava a whole new ball game. This will take some patience on our parts and ability to reword things in a way that they will accept i.e. "quantum physics experiment". We must all continue to forge ahead because this saving the world thing is not over by a long shot. Don't focus on what you can not control right now and instead focus on what you can effect. They might be impacted by you more then you ever know, but the surface change may not take place for years. Viva la revolucion and keep meditating. Mediation leads to awareness and awareness leads to change.
much love to all of you,
Te'Devan Rocketman Wacha Kurzweil

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


The Power of signs

I love signs always have always will, but so often signs say the same things with the same color. They talk about things that are 50% off and that the world is coming to an end and that it is time to repent. I think it is about time that the average non-verbally expressive person put their story on a sign. Of course if you look at this site you will quikly understand my love of signs, but all of us love signs. For instance perhaps you have seen the man with the sign that says "Tell me off for a dollar". Though later I saw it say "Tell me off for $2". I figure either people got real nasty with him or it was due to inflation. His sign is geared towards making a living and helping people vent their anger. My question is why can't people have signs that say "girlfriend dumped me and I am looking for a one night stand rebound". Or a sign that says " I am shy and socailly akward, but I am fairly well endowed". Or another sign that says "The world is coming to an end has always been coming to an end just like everything else and you should enjoy yourself more". These are just some of the signs that I desire to see. Yes it is true sign sign everywhere a sign, but there are not enough original signs. Original signs are what have the most power "6 foot 7 inch jew will freestyle rap for you". That was one of my first signs. Another sign I had was "Will heal pain I'm serious real deal not joking". Go out there and make a sign. This is one of your first assignments of ER Evolution for Revolution. Carry it around with you anytime you feel that you need to shake things up a bit or you just want to draw insane amounts of attention from strangers. The more attention you want the bigger the sign and the more colorful you should make it as well. Bigger is indeed better and color is better as well. Watch this simple action have a dramatic effect on your life and you too will be recognized as that person who always carries around signs.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Off Beat Addictions

So I have truthfully never been one for the most standard addictions, but I have had my fair share. When I was younger I was addicted to having sex with my jazcuzzi or really using my Jacuzzi for an instrument of sexual satisfaction. I started this by my own discovery at the ripe age of 9 or 11. I was involved with my whirlpool until I was 17 and then I had sporadic flings ever since. Of course I like some extravagent female lips and tongue on my member, but there is something about a jacuzzi that no woman could give me. The sheer speed and force of the jet blowing warm massaging water on my member. God I can't believe I am writing this. Secretly I must have a desire to discredit my spiritual healing abilities (I never signed up for it rather it took over me). Anyway that was one of my first addictions. My next major addiction was ice cream. I was known to eat up to 4 pints of Benny and Jerry's a day. I believed that because I was not getting fat that this was somehow good for me. Ah the wonderful delusions of a culture obcessed with fat and thin as a way of measuring health. My next major addiction was the Real World. No I was not obsessed with watching it rather obsessed with highjacking it and showing the world a whole new perspective that the mainstram culture had ignored. I actually used to make people I knew try out for it. One friend of mine made it all the way to the point where the people at Bunim Murray had him meet the shrinks. I know the show better than they did. Actually at one point I did a rant on a videotape I sent them about the fact that I was not a black,jewish,lesbian,eskimo. (taking at the eskimo part one season later they found one). Eventually, as fate would have it a friend of mine that I had met along the way ended up on it, but by then my interest in highjacking the show had diminished though it is still there a little bit. I never respected the show or the idea, but always saw it as a vehicle with a viewership that just maybe could be used to spawn a revolution. My 3 current off beat addictions are Threesomes (me and two bisexaul women that are aware of energy flow), spiritual revolution, and vegan organic carrot cake. It may be in that order and it may not be. But I have odd addictions and I have not seen support groups for them. Perhaps there needs to be a support group for people with odd addictions or off the mainstream jacuzzi jet addictions. I think it should be called "Are You Kidding Me Addicitons" or AYUKMA for short which sounds like some Japanese word. I wonder what odd addicitons Japanese culture has specifically caused. In the end as long as you are not a shopaholic the negative effect of your addiction should be kept to you and your other disfuncitional friends. Let me be one of your disfuncitional friends.

Why People Should Care About Couchsurfing

Some of you may have heard of the term couchsurfing or couchsurfer. Yes I know there is that idea of a guy sitting in his boxers on your couch eating your cereal, smoking your weed, and controlling the remote to the television set. But, there are a whole new breed of couchsurfers out there and some of them just maybe guru's in disguise or at least a very intersting character that you can bring to social events as a grown-ups version of show and tell. Remember the days of show and tell. Well those are still some of the more interesting moments that I remember from early elementary school. Of course being that I am a couchsurfer it may seem that I have an alternative motive in writing this entry. It is true that I may in fact hope to be sleeping on your couch/futon/floor and in the cases of certain women their bed (and it is not always sexual by the way). But the truth of the matter is I currently have more couches then I could possibely surf in one lifetime. I am writing this to help other people have access to more couches to surf on. I also want to help people get over their fear of strangers. The idea that every stranger is a thief, rapist, killer, or socially akward to the point of feeling extremely uncomfortable within a one mile radius of them is not true. It is not even a majority of the world's population that fits into any of these categories much less somebody who would have the gall to ask to crash on your couch. Perhaps none of this has sold you on the idea yet, but it will also make your life more interesting and boredom appears to be an epedemic reaching unprecedented proportions these days. For instance my sophomore year of college at the university of Michigan (that's right I like Fred Flinstone have been to college and graduated) I took a homeless man off the street and let him sleep on my floor and told everyone that he was my Uncle Danny. Yes there were some supiscions about this man being my uncle because he was black and because people have vague memories of him asking them for change, but they could not be certain of this fact luckily. I guess there are some benefits of being invisible to the vast majority of people. Needless to say his stay made my life alot more interesting and I felt more like an actual person then I had in quite sometime. Also my roommate waited 5 days before he said, "Uncle Danny's not really your uncle". That was priceless and I laughed harder then I had all year. My other couchsurfer was after I had just finished my senior year of college and befriended a character named James Tatum. He gave me glimpses of the nomad I was soon to become and the crazy romantic I had always been. I had never met a man who could totally submermge himself with a woman (Of course there was usually a new one every week). Yet I still got a chance to see who I would become as a couchsurfer and certain things that I would do differently. It is a valid point that being a couchsurfer and having couchsurfers stay is not for everyone. Some people make awful hosts and other make people make poor guests, but it is still something to consider if you think that your life or travels could use more zing. In addition to this most couchsurfers are lower impact on the environment so by housing them you are helping out the environment. I could go on this rant for a while, but I will conclude with the fact that three very important people in my life were couchsurfers Jesus, Moses, and Edward Norton's character in fight club. So if you want a revolution to happen faster help the nomads get around and open up your house or hit the road yourself. The next couch you buy may not make your life any better, but it might serve as place for a couchsurfer to rest their head.
sincerely the weird crazy couchsurfing nomad,


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