Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Power of signs

I love signs always have always will, but so often signs say the same things with the same color. They talk about things that are 50% off and that the world is coming to an end and that it is time to repent. I think it is about time that the average non-verbally expressive person put their story on a sign. Of course if you look at this site you will quikly understand my love of signs, but all of us love signs. For instance perhaps you have seen the man with the sign that says "Tell me off for a dollar". Though later I saw it say "Tell me off for $2". I figure either people got real nasty with him or it was due to inflation. His sign is geared towards making a living and helping people vent their anger. My question is why can't people have signs that say "girlfriend dumped me and I am looking for a one night stand rebound". Or a sign that says " I am shy and socailly akward, but I am fairly well endowed". Or another sign that says "The world is coming to an end has always been coming to an end just like everything else and you should enjoy yourself more". These are just some of the signs that I desire to see. Yes it is true sign sign everywhere a sign, but there are not enough original signs. Original signs are what have the most power "6 foot 7 inch jew will freestyle rap for you". That was one of my first signs. Another sign I had was "Will heal pain I'm serious real deal not joking". Go out there and make a sign. This is one of your first assignments of ER Evolution for Revolution. Carry it around with you anytime you feel that you need to shake things up a bit or you just want to draw insane amounts of attention from strangers. The more attention you want the bigger the sign and the more colorful you should make it as well. Bigger is indeed better and color is better as well. Watch this simple action have a dramatic effect on your life and you too will be recognized as that person who always carries around signs.

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