Sunday, November 30, 2008

May I feel the suchness of it all

This time of year I find that we are all more likely to think about people that we have lost touch with and reach out to them via e-mail or phone call and sometimes it gives us an amazing chance to bury the pains that we are holding onto in our mind and body. I am waking up more and more to the simple fact that one simple moment happens and the direction of our lives can change very quickly. Sometimes perhaps we were headed in that direction all along and other times great efforts can be made to avert emotional and mental suffering. I have been blessed to meet some very incredible people on my journey who have consciously and unconsciously made me aware of things that I need to work on. I often view myself as simple man, but in actuality I still have mind clutter that I am bring more attention to it so that I can allow it to quickly pass and not placing judgment on it. I was recently spending time in the physical presence of Amma allowing me to reconnect with numerous people from different points in my journey. I know that there are many methods to making the mind still, but find Yoga in conjunction with tai-chi/chi-gong and the blessing of saints to be beautiful ways to progress on our spiritual path.

I find my mind in difficult emotional moments looking to find a external distraction so that I won't have to be present with an unpleasant emotion. I try to catch myself more quickly when I do these behaviors. Today I ran into someone at the grocery store in SF who I had seen outside of a coffee shop in Silver Lake and we started talking and when I told her my name she realized that I had hung out with her and her boyfriend in San Diego 3 years ago. I felt that she was familiar when I saw her in LA and in SF I had an opportunity to understand why she was familiar. I have always been fascinated by the web of connection and I do my little part to make people of aware of it by my own awareness of it.

THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT IS NOT CONNECTED and when we realize this things like war will eventually become outdated. May this new year bring in greater awareness and may we all take time to slow down and appreciate the simple amazing things that we take for granted. May we take this time and send blessings to people that enrich our lives currently and from the past. May we allow ourselves to fully value that amazing people that we have in our lives. After seeing Amma and even during I had the thought in my mind that everyone before me has an opportunity to show that unconditional love to all beings who we encounter.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Odd Synchronicity Brings My Awareness to the ways that we are all connected

Yesterday I celebrated thanksgiving with a girl who had first spotted me in Cambridge, Mass when we both happened to be visiting at the same time. We then saw each other at Rainbow grocery and she invited me and a few of my friends to celebrate the holidays. With her I met her friend Ashley and confessed to her my instinctual love of Kansas even though I have spent almost no time there at least in this lifetime. Well at the party they had two friends visiting from Kansas specifically Lawrenceville, Kansas which is the spot that I am most drawn to have heard the most about in this past year. She then mentioned Portland which made me think of my good friend Sokhak who passed away about 2 weeks ago in Portland when low tide became high tide and he and a friend had fallen asleep on a rock. I then mentioned my friends name and my other new friend from Israel jumped in excitement because he had spent an amazing day with Sokhak in Dolores Park, but he did not know about the news. I then let him know of Sokhak passing away which I found out from a myspace e-mail that I had received from one of his friend. I initially was confused about what had happened and if this brief two line e-mail was true. After then digging online a bit more I came to find out what had happened. Later in the same week a good friend of mine Stephon had his first son action Jackson and reminded me of this circle of life never ending or beginning. I had recently noticed the headline in Mumbai about a terrorist attack and realized at one point they had at listed at 119 dead. This number has always been significant to me. Since then the number has risen and I was reading an article and found that two members of an organization called the Synchronicity foundation out of Virginia were two of the people murdered. I then remembered a couple years ago meeting a man in NYC who was highly involved in this group. I did a healing on his friend that was quite memorable and he then gave me his card which had this organization written on his card. I do not believe it was the person who died in the attack, but it certainly made me think of him and his organization which is not something that had crossed my mind in sometime. My friend Stephon is from Kentucky, which is the state Edgar Cayce was born in, part of the reason Stephon has been really drawn to Cayce and this helped to stoke my own interest in Cayce. I am not trying to say that any of this means anything in particular other then that we are all connected and tragedies in other parts of the world that don't seem relevant can eventually make there way to the forefront of our lives in ways that we would never expect. It also amazes me how the presence of a person making one comment about a vegan spot In Portland will lead you to discovering that you and another good friend have the same friend in common. We are all interconnected and though it might be hard to follow this it is something that deserves attention. It helps to make the intangible more tangible in a way that we can understand. It inspires me to treat every person that crosses my path from the highest intention that I am capable of doing in each moment

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I pity the Fool WHo Steals My SIgn

I know what your thinking really people actually steal your sign. I guess these hard times where people have lost their faith in humanity they have not lost their faith in signs. Personally I like to believe that they turn the sign into some sort of alter and pray in front of everyday in a desperate but beautiful attempt to make it back to God/SOucre/plug in your favorite word. I have no ill will towards the people not just because thats not my style but because by not having a sign from time to time and now with the short hair I have the experience or the adventure of being as about as normal as I can appear being that I am a bit tall. By the way I still think of myself as medium height. Oh yeah back to the sign I got sidetracked here these people will be haunted down dead or alive and then afterwards when nothing is accomplished I will use this an excuse to have a huge mission accomplished party.

In other news I am so over coherent one message blogs I want to be all over the place and allow you the reader to unify whatever is you want to unify. I love the comments keep them coming makes me feel that I am not alone in space. I wake up one day and sometimes I honestly forget where I am and think it might be the closet I get to actually remembering that everything that I have come to believe as certain is not really certain at all. Hey someone out there reading this I have an idea make a sign that says something that you believe or that just makes you laugh and walk around with it. I promise it will add some spice into your life. Open up to a new adventure take a chance allow yourself to maybe be rejected. SOmetimes we need to get back to Basics and sometimes we need to adapt and sometimes a combo of the two somewhere in the middle of Kansas to find out the madman make alot more sense then our world leaders and you don't have to be famous or a senator to get caught trying to solicit sex in the bathroom and on the other side of the coin we don't have to be famous or a political person to do good deeds. We don't need a press conference/photo up or a whole bunch of cameras. Imagine that you were watching your own life from the outside what do you want to see happen. Make your life more interesting then housewives of Atlanta or the OC or anywhere for that matter. We are the real world and even this is somehow part of the real world. Even this might inspire you to go hitch hiking like a 19 year old named Alec that my friend and I picked up as we drove the scenic route from SF to LA. He read somewhere that people did this sort of thing and it inspired him to do the same. He had a great heart and soul to him and every experience he had was a treasure to him. Bless you and God speed wherever you are Alec and all the Alecs on the winding roads and waterways of this world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 foot 7 inch freestyle rapping chi-gong healing couchsurfng jew looking to be bailed out

I have recently added addsense to my site and the idea that I could buy a meal once every other month as result of my writing makes me smile. These are challenging economic times. I recently had my sign stolen (though I did leave it outside for a few hours) and have noticed that I am spending more then I am making. I have asked my local congress person if they could add one spiritual healing freestyle rapping jew to the economic bailout plan. Since this might take some time and since the psychic did not tell me when I would be getting the book deal and the bank currently won't loan me money based on the psychics prediction and therefore I have opted to allow adds to be posted on my blog. One day I hoped to receive sponsorship similar to the banks, but unfortunately or fortunately I have not defrauded the US taxpayers of billions. In order for the US government to bail you out it appears to me that you must be completely irresponsible, wasteful and commit lots of fraud then they will take pity on you and ask for donations from US citizens in the form of "taxes". Life is funny in the way that it teaches that the truth is one of the most absurd things possible. I would really also like to see the US government bail out single moms, college students with debt, low income people in the hospital and a few others that I feel could use a break a little bit more then bankers and desperate automakers that keep most of their profits in the hands of a few.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Virtual World becomes part of Real World

It can be a huge self esteem builder in a world of virtual everything but actual nothing. It is as if everyone has become some sort of socially akward gaming nerd who doesn't know how to form sentences or witty sentences unless they have been way too thought out. The paxil, zoloft, and prozac obviously are not working and people want to have more facebook and myspace friends. I will not pretend that I am immune to this I might also have to seek professional help. The notifications are like news feeds from CNN but better I catch myself drooling when I stare at them too long. Just when I am ready to get off line and end my virtual life somebody starts facebook chatting me. After that I obcessively google myself with ever possible spelling possible to find what random people I don't know have written about me. Then I go onto Yahoo to read about 20 year old college students who just want a hug from a Panda because they are so cute. But maybe he was just saving himself the pain and suffering of a virtual life that takes place on youtube where all of your friends can put up videos of your favorite people being trashed out of their minds so that at least one person can be humiliated and then someone's mother can pose as a non-existent 13 year old boy that causes some girl to kill herself. All of sudden the virtual world has entered the actual world and it does have an impact. I read of someone committing suicide online as other people egged them to do so either because they thought it was a joke or because they just don't have any connection to their actual feelings. Only the virtual feelings were guiding them. In conclusion when you read this get up and go out that door and smile and wave at a complete stranger because we could sure as heaven use alot more of that.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just because they Look Great for cuddling Doesn't Mean they won't hurt you

I was glimpsing at Yahoo headline which for once did not revolve around Lindsey Lohan and read an article about a 20 year old college student in China who hopped the fence to get a hug from a Panda bear. He was mauled by the Panda bear and is in stable condition now, but he felt that the bear seemed so cute. You would think this would be something that a younger child would do, but not someone who is 20 years old. We as people are so starved for physical affection and love that we would hop a fence in hopes to receive it from a giant Panda bear. He was in awe of the Panda's cuteness and willing to put himself in harms way. It appears the Panda did not feel the same way about him or has issues with physical contact when it involves a different species. I really understand after incidents such as this why people wait hours on line to get a hug from Amma. There really is such a shortage of love that people show each other that some people are willing to risk their lives to receive love from Panda bears in the zoo.

Maybe the Panda really did want an embrace from the student but had his own abandonment issues from his mother and felt that the boy would do the same thing to him. The panda figured he would hurt the boy before the boy could hurt him. Or maybe the better had psychic abilities and realized that by biting him he would save him from the far greater disaster of him trying to hug one of the lions in the zoo. This Panda bear may have very well saved this young man's life. Though I must admit I too find Panda bears to be cute, but I recognize that not everyone that I may find cute wants to be hugged by me. I have made peace with this simple truth of life and I hope this young man can do the same without a resentment towards Panda bears.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Accepting Loss as Gain and Gain as Loss

Recently I learned via myspace that a good friend of mine had been swept away by waves and drowned. It happened just a couple of days ago. The first feeling was a bit of denial and that it was some sort of joke, but as I dug deeper I realized that this was indeed the truth. It was somewhat startling and I looked back on when we first met and looked back on the last time I saw him which was this year at Burning Man. He was sleeping on a rock with a female friend and low tide became high tide. He was able to save her life, but he was not able to save himself. I was told that my friend had passed and was given no details of any sort. So being that my friend has a very unique name I googled him to find out what had happened. If it was not for the internet it might have taken some time before I received this news perhaps I might not have known until my next visit to Portland. I had spent time on his couch on a few occasions and we had talked about a multitude of things. He was always working on some sort of charity work to improve the lives of people on this planet. He was a beautiful ball of energy and he still remains exactly that. I won't be running into his physical form anywhere on the streets of Portland or Burning Man, but from time to time I will always feel his presence. I wish my friends around me in LA knew this friend of mine so that I could have someone to talk to about his departure from this world. Yet this world was never meant to be permanent and yet this is nothing to be upset about, but rather something to rejoice. My friend Sokhak has graduated onto another realm and can feel me typing away and perhaps even read the words that I am writing. I send my warmest wishes to his family and friends many of whom I never met and smile at his spirit as he looks from beyond this world.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We beat the Dress off of Hilary Clinton

I know some of you think that I didn't win this presidential campaign, but you are completely off your rocker if you think. Because I am still running and more importantly we outlasted the Clinton campaign machine with almost no money spent and no real effort made. She is still in debt and considering taking a position in Obama's cabinet. We are not even considering taking a position not that he has bothered to ask. Perhaps Obama's staff is mildly bitter that we did not concede and still have not conceded. Victory is ours we will not declare defeat we will be like Apollo in Rocky IV which worked out really good for him. We outlasted Hilary and Bill we are the Champions My friends like a Queen song during a Freddie Mercury marathon when she folded we proudly sang the song "another ones bites the dust and kept going". We can not be held down. When times were tough we said "what would Puff Daddy Do?" Instead of others who might have asked what Jesus would do. We considered being Martyrs and being on that whole cross thing, but Fox news never would have covered so why bother. We shall overcome my friends there will be couchsurfing in the white and we will sell pot to Taliban and get them stoned out of their mind and then we will get them laid and then they will lack motivation to do anything against other then bitch like my mother when I forgot to take out the garbage and or when I did not do my homework.

People absurdity is the greatest force that our campaign has we are fast approaching history and we are gearing up for 2012 and the buzz about our campaign is huge it is bigger then Pee Wees Big Adventure bigger then Johnny Deep on 21 jump street. We have seen the promise land and there is free music festival tickets for everyone. We have lots of people from Canada and Mexico who tried to vote for us and one day we will invade them for their water and workers and watch out democratic party because we will make this country very green.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

It won't Turn out How you Imagined

Whatever is need you to realize your life experience will give you just that and we all keep repeating the same pattern until we see to the core of our pattern and then we are free to release. Whether you believe in karma or not the way of undoing it is to merely to learn the lesson that life is trying to show you. Everyone else around you who is paying attention can see it, but it is always easier to see what someone else needs to do in order to let go of their suffering. For me when I dance I can feel myself letting go and I can feel myself working out on those internal knots and releasing them so that I can have a greater emotional and mental clarity and my body comes along for the ride. Your healing will lead to the healing of everyone around you. And yes will all get caught up and stumble along the way but in this moment we have an opportunity to release things. And maybe things won't look the way we imagined but it is more important that we have deeply touched that peace that resides inside of us.

Last night for Halloween I thought of the humor of dressing in costumes and masks to be more free. I thought the last thing I need is another mask or costume. The last costume I saw was a drunk Irish Catholic Priest with a flask of booze in his Bible that he made himself for the nights festivities. I imagined an actual priest using Halloween as an opportunity to connect with people in a way that removes the imaginary boundary that is created by the costume that they wear.

I am coming to find myself striving to find that deeper source that we all have access to if we just can just slow down and be patient and have a clearly focused mind. Stop all the mental duress and help everyone find their peace by finding our own first.
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