Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Should I write About

Sometimes when we write no specific topic comes to mind, but we want to write. I love writing because it allows me to reach quite a few people and hopefully impact their day in a positive way. I want people to be relentlessly in pursuing what they want, but not to forget to enjoy the pursuit. A revolution comes in the strangest way because intially you can not see it and only if you speak the truth will the people be moved.

May I prick like a vine as you taste the grapes of wrath and we are all characters from our favorite books and movies. I want to wake up because sleeping hurts too much. I am a flower wilting in a jungle of concrete but I come back and I come back like Ivy on the walls and the writing on these walls becomes brighter to the point that you have to take notice. I have no magic that you don't possess yourself. If there is one difference it is that I am almost dogmatic in following this magic and letting it guide me in all ways. I will not deny the pull and when I feel it I will go and nothing can stand in my way accept myself. Stop time and Dance Magic Dance and find that we are living in a world that most people ignore, but it does not mean that it is not there. All things are where they need to be and we are loved by beings we are not sure exist anymore.

They all exist and I can feel there loving embrace and I ask for their assitance and that I may continue to have the courage to follow where they guide me to.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

You Should Know

This goes out to everybody who has come into my life no matter how briefly. I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you. To all those people who ever gave a couch/bed/floor/tent/extra room to sleep in I just wanted to say thank you. Anyone who ever gave me money to freestyle rap...anyone who ever let me use my healing gift to help them on their path as I helped myself on my anyone who ever gave me a good laugh, cry or smile of any sorts...Thank You.

Thank you's are challenging because there are so many things I can thank you for, but how could I express it all. Sometimes since I can't express it in words that which I am thankful for, I might not even make an attempt and merely give you a look and hope that says it all and hope that you caught the look. You are the people that have helped make my life what is today. I want to especially thank anyone that has ever bet on a long shot, because life itself is a very long shot. Don't ever stop betting on long shots because when they come thru they come thru big and even if they don't, the adventure that they give you makes it all worthwhile.

The world around us is changing rapidly and all of the people that I write this to are a part of this change in one way or another. Time has taught me more patience, humitlity, and bit of senility, but not so much that I can not stop and say thank you. Thank you to the people that have given me rides or taken me out to a breakfast, lunch or dinner. To anyone who has ever cooked me a meal or was there for me to talk to when I really needed it. There is no way in life to truly understand what we have meant to someone, but I lose track what all of you have meant to me at some point. I want to say thank you for helping me to dream bigger and realize that I am the dream and that we all collectively make up the dream fabric like a giant organic cotton/hemp quilt. Where would I be without you is a question that I don't have to ever answer and thank you for making that the case.

Thank you especially to all the women that have helped make me such a romantic about life and all things living. Every one of you has a real special place in my heart. And to any woman whose heart I broke, I apologize sometimes I trample harder than I mean to and there is an art to trampling that I hope to become graceful at-- And reach that point where I always make your life better than it was before I entered.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Let Go Of Tomorrow For Today

You have now this very moment to start a revolution, begin a romance, have a spontaneous romance, find something in your life that gives you meaning, experience something that will alter the way you envision the world. To forgive yourself, to find that which makes you blissful. To forget about tomorrow and embrace this very moment. The moment is always here you just choose to ignore here because later has got to be better and offers safe love from a distance with no chance to be hurt.

You and I formulate a new world in this very precise moment and we know that it started when we let go of the day that has yet to come for the day that already is. For some people tomorrow is their worse enemy because only then will they take the steps to bring about a life that they desire. For others tomorrow is day they hope will never come because they don't want life to catch up with them. They live always trying to escape the moment they are in. We are immortal though are bodies are mortal and for many of this creates discomfort and some of us don't believe that we are immortal.

I have a hopeful future, but I also have a hopeful present that is full of amazing, loving and eccentric people that have greatly enriched my life in countless ways. I wonder who I met will re-enter my life and what new role they will play. Even as I type now I just paused to take a breath and ground myself in this moment. To become comfortable with the uncertainty of the future makes the present moment more meaningful and we can immerse ourselves in the people and places that we are currently in, instead of living somewhere over the rainbow. Though I adore the rainbow, I know the rainbow is right outside your window and has always been, but at certain points it becomes more clear. The course for the future is easier to set upon once we have made peace with the moment of now. Turn off the mind and is effortless to be immersed in the cosmic wave and the dream like feeling that comes from that experience.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Funny Fantasy

Okay so I totally want to have a threesome with a beautiful girl named Virginia and another beautiful girl from Virginia. Of course this would hold true of Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, or any other place for that matter. Truthfully, any two beautiful bi-sexual girls not doing it for the money (or at least assuming I am not aware of it) and me in a threesome, are nice. Lets be honest, I probably won't turn it down if one of them is named Sally and the other is from Virginia. But for whatever reason, this specific detail really appeals to me, and I recently saw that someone from West Virgnia was looking at my blog and Whoever you maybe, I will pretend that you are a beautiful bi-sexual woman who wants to have the most mind blowing threesome with me.

Also to specify I don't want either of these women to be drunk. They can be lightly buzzed, but I want them very present in the moment. I also want to have some amazing vegan carrot cake prior and after the sex followed by conversation about revolution. I want there to be naked swimming in a giant lake and I want the sexual tension building for a good 3 days before it explodes and I want it to be all of a sudden. This is a fantasy that I certainly think about and by putting it out there in cyberspace I have just dramatically increased my chances. I would also be quite happy if two women felt compelled to lie to me about being named Virgnia or being from Virginia. In general I am not into lying but I would accept it for this situation, but I still have faith that it can happen organically.

(Andy) The path to righteousness is coated with the lies of men... sometimes the days are left marinating in the filth they promote. Yet, sometimes, magic is born... save yourself from the day!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tangents All Connect Though It is Tough to Prove

I am in Providence Rhode Island because of a buddy of mine I met in San Diego and therefore have been invited or intruded into the lives of people that I had not even known before. I left NYC and its fast pace for a few days for a slower way of life and a few less walls of defenses around people. When things slow down is when I start to reach a stillness in my mind that allows me to find what is I am truly looking for. Things are not what you are told they are merely because people say they are such. It can make you feel out of touch and the emphasis is money making much.

I found that everything connects back to the point where it starts and the road beckons and keeps me more honest and true and all that i know is temporarily forgotten. It appears that the world is rotting but it is actually rebirthing as are we and we can all breathe life into dormant souls starting with our own. I try to judge less and observe more besides people already judge themselves enough. Scream it outloud and hear the spray of whispers spread that you have lost your grip. I have never had a grip or at least one that I wanted to hold onto.

We find that we struggle and bungle like clowns that can't even graduate clown school and be a successful fool. Instead we act as a tool that we used to bring ourselves down. But we rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of our own destruction and then we begin to construct and others do the same and the merry-go-round spins on and we start to understand how everything connects. We are all part of this one thing which is the essence of life and at certain times we are reminded of this in the ways that people in our lives have already connected with each other in a previous location or phase in their life. We all come into each other lives for a reason and it can seem like random tangents, but there is an intricate design to it that I sense and see on regular basis.

We can all see this if we allow ourselves to slow down and experience it in this very moment if you just stop and connect with your breathe your mind will become still and your awareness heightened.
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