Sunday, June 25, 2006

You Should Know

This goes out to everybody who has come into my life no matter how briefly. I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you. To all those people who ever gave a couch/bed/floor/tent/extra room to sleep in I just wanted to say thank you. Anyone who ever gave me money to freestyle rap...anyone who ever let me use my healing gift to help them on their path as I helped myself on my anyone who ever gave me a good laugh, cry or smile of any sorts...Thank You.

Thank you's are challenging because there are so many things I can thank you for, but how could I express it all. Sometimes since I can't express it in words that which I am thankful for, I might not even make an attempt and merely give you a look and hope that says it all and hope that you caught the look. You are the people that have helped make my life what is today. I want to especially thank anyone that has ever bet on a long shot, because life itself is a very long shot. Don't ever stop betting on long shots because when they come thru they come thru big and even if they don't, the adventure that they give you makes it all worthwhile.

The world around us is changing rapidly and all of the people that I write this to are a part of this change in one way or another. Time has taught me more patience, humitlity, and bit of senility, but not so much that I can not stop and say thank you. Thank you to the people that have given me rides or taken me out to a breakfast, lunch or dinner. To anyone who has ever cooked me a meal or was there for me to talk to when I really needed it. There is no way in life to truly understand what we have meant to someone, but I lose track what all of you have meant to me at some point. I want to say thank you for helping me to dream bigger and realize that I am the dream and that we all collectively make up the dream fabric like a giant organic cotton/hemp quilt. Where would I be without you is a question that I don't have to ever answer and thank you for making that the case.

Thank you especially to all the women that have helped make me such a romantic about life and all things living. Every one of you has a real special place in my heart. And to any woman whose heart I broke, I apologize sometimes I trample harder than I mean to and there is an art to trampling that I hope to become graceful at-- And reach that point where I always make your life better than it was before I entered.


JMinney said...

Thank you as well, for being the push that got the ball of my life rolling down the right path. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Reverend Steve said...

Dude... it is so hard to tell people that you value them and be sincere about it these days. Here is my best try:

Te, thanks for being an inspiration. Also, thanks for helping me to understand that when people think that you're a joke, it is only because they don't get the punchline.

Paris Marashi said...

Te'Devan, thank you, for being you, and for sharing with me the part of you that sees the healer in others! you continue to move and inspire me with endless love and light


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