Friday, June 23, 2006

Let Go Of Tomorrow For Today

You have now this very moment to start a revolution, begin a romance, have a spontaneous romance, find something in your life that gives you meaning, experience something that will alter the way you envision the world. To forgive yourself, to find that which makes you blissful. To forget about tomorrow and embrace this very moment. The moment is always here you just choose to ignore here because later has got to be better and offers safe love from a distance with no chance to be hurt.

You and I formulate a new world in this very precise moment and we know that it started when we let go of the day that has yet to come for the day that already is. For some people tomorrow is their worse enemy because only then will they take the steps to bring about a life that they desire. For others tomorrow is day they hope will never come because they don't want life to catch up with them. They live always trying to escape the moment they are in. We are immortal though are bodies are mortal and for many of this creates discomfort and some of us don't believe that we are immortal.

I have a hopeful future, but I also have a hopeful present that is full of amazing, loving and eccentric people that have greatly enriched my life in countless ways. I wonder who I met will re-enter my life and what new role they will play. Even as I type now I just paused to take a breath and ground myself in this moment. To become comfortable with the uncertainty of the future makes the present moment more meaningful and we can immerse ourselves in the people and places that we are currently in, instead of living somewhere over the rainbow. Though I adore the rainbow, I know the rainbow is right outside your window and has always been, but at certain points it becomes more clear. The course for the future is easier to set upon once we have made peace with the moment of now. Turn off the mind and is effortless to be immersed in the cosmic wave and the dream like feeling that comes from that experience.

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