Friday, October 31, 2008

Open Up And Just Accept

I am in Chicago thanks to the magic of craigslist rideshare past and present. Sitting here listen to Jamie Lidel. All about silence doing the talking blasting in my ears. I first found Mr. Lidel at Sasquatch and I danced as if a man possessed by the dancing spirits of days past. He reminds me of Little Ritchie meets james Brown meets a British version of Feris Bueler with a touch of Detroit electronic. We live how whole lives and music and people make for the background of our lives and at certain points that background moves to the forefront. Are you enjoying this moment? If not perhaps it is the way you are looking or perhaps you need to be somewhere. By the way when your friends hook-up, date, marry, and or have kids with people that you had something with just smile and let it go because acceptance is a powerful thing that allows us to enjoy this moment for what we have now.

At times I know that this world is nothing that it seems to be I too get caught up in everything that does not mean a hill of beans unless of course you have a mad love affair with beans.

Last night I saw a Israel girl named Shira that I had met on the street a year ago. Often I don't mention people's names but I feel like I am holding back by not mentioning it. I met her on the street a year ago and was intensely drawn to her, but when I saw her she did not seem herself and I could feel all things that she was holding back and it made me anxious until I helped her let go of it. And I could tell that she wanted to drop this heaviness and felt amazing to help her do that in whatever small way that I am capable of as a vessel for change. I met up with another friend of mine Jackie last night. I first met her at a Lalapoolza and then really connected again about a year later in union square park. People that you know from one place pop up in other place and will people different roles depending on what lessons we need to realize. As I arrived in Chicago a woman banged on the car window of the car obviously intensely suffering, but not for the reasons she claimed. She said, "she was 4 months pregnant and bleeding and needed money for a taxi". Something about it felt funny though there was certainly desperation. I told my friend Jackie this story and she had been told the exact same story. The only twist was in my story she told us that she was HIV positive. I assume that she did this so we would be less inclined to give her a ride to the hospital.

I think how much somebody must be suffering to create a story up like that and how torn people must be between what the feel and what they are being told. All of us have to do the best we can in order to make thru the maze of this world and all the different challenges that are thrown at us and sometimes we have decide very quickly. It is important for us to hone our instincts and just listen to that feeling deep within our core and allow it to guide us. I do my best to hear everyday and pray that I make the highest choice for all people involved

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Craigslist Changed My Life

COnstantly I will find myself in one part of this wonderful country and realize that I need to make it somewhere else and I will find a ride on craigslist. I have used this service close to a hundred times and I could probably make a movie just on the craigslist rides that I have taken. It is almost always cheaper and faster then a Greyhound and allows me to connect to one stranger or multiple strangers for a brief snapshot of their life and they get the same with me. I find most of the time that people don't even ask many questions about myself. Maybe they hear my voice and immediately get a good vibe or maybe they just need gas money really badly. Either way I find it humorous how some of thesse same people would not pick up hitchhikers on the side of road, but picking up cyber riders is totally cool. In my case though I will offer my name and tell them to google me facebook, couchsurfing, youtube, and myspace to name a few. I don't do this to show off, but to merely say hey I am decent guy and people will vouch for me. My most recent craigslist will be a roundtrip to Chicago and back. My last Chicago craigslist ride lead to me doing a healing on one of the drivers who was suffering from Siatica (I have no idea how to spell it) which lead to more healings and is now helping to lead to my return to Chicago again and potentially more healing work along with a place that will be crashing at least for a few days. I love helping to connect dots and sometimes I will do this without saying a word. Amma the hugging saint will be back in the United States in another month she brings up such love for me from the core of my being. Look her up online if you don't already know who she is and know that she has had a profound impact on me and certainly encourged me to give more hugs.
love always,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes We All Need To Be Humbled A Bit

I recently experienced that wicked sting of placing great expectations upon another only to have hit me back pretty hard, but I knew as soon as I got there that we were not quite on the same page and it did not feel bad, but not that amazing feeling that you get when someone is on that same energetic frequency as you are on. The places I go don't matter to me much and wherever I am right now is where I want to be otherwise I would be somewhere else. I think of Plum Village a community created by Thich Nhat Hanh and we need more of these places all over the world. I have thought alot about the idea of children and the importance of sending kids to a school where there is great emotional and spiritual fostering beyond merely making sure they excel academically. Often in school I noticed my grades were of the greatest importance beyond my emotional and physical health.

I have zig-zagged around the country so many times and I never tire of the experience and feel blessed to be offered so many opportunities to travel and see all the amazing people and still I have only begun to touch upon all the incredible places that Int to go. One of my biggest roles is that of the connector helping people come together. Sometimes I feel like I might stop and inexplicable momentum keeps me moving. I do feel that I will eventually create a home base somewhere, but will always be traveling throughout this entire lifetime.

Ages past offer us lessons that would serve us well to pay deep attention to as we enter into the "troubles". That is the term that I have heard a few people bantering around and seems to catch the general feeling of this time period. All of us are here for a purpose beyond just being "successful". We are here to look to touch our truest nature and help others to do the same. I want to thank anyone who has made the attempt and encourage you to continue to make the attempt to look within yourself even if you don't initially uncomfortable. Push past the discomfort and you will eventually touch peace. All of us beneath all the dirt and dust are just light from the sun. Light is our truest nature and allow that truth to come forward in a moment of your greatest suffering. But don't just read it or say it allow into deeply seep into your thoughts and your feelings until you just become this light which you always were, but the this world of illusion helped you to temporarily forget. Now is a time to remember to ease the "troubles".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are all Connected.

I love how in life you can look at the present moment and trace it back to a small moment that took place 5 years ago or even longer. How one person who is now your best friend is do to the result of another person that you might have not seen in years or perhaps they have passed away. It never ceases to amaze me, all the intricate webbing that takes place in this world and beyond. You never know when someone will return into your life, but I find often I was thinking about the person and then they will be walking around the corner a couple hours later. We all need to allow ourselves to enjoy these little miracles and be thankful for the daily reminders that they provide in demonstrating that we are all part of the same web.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It All Moves So Fast How Can I Possiblely Document

I need a camera crew to follow me around about half the time. No not all the time because I would still like some sort of illusion of alone time. OF course when you ususally surf the couch alone time mainly takes place wandering the streets really late or early in the morning. Sometimes I feel that people really want a revolution but usually I feel most people want the iphone a plasma television and to have sex with their favorite celebrity or any celebrity. Our culture looks at celebrities as prophets and maybe some of them are but they need to get out of rehab first. I used to write funny things and then I got really vague and general at least I speculate that is what happened. I was given second hand psychic information that I am getting a book deal. In fact I was thinking I should have a party celebrating what the psychic. He has a good track record. I went to a really long yoga session today. I observed my ego being annoyed that they gave us ruffle potatoe chips I prefer Kettle chips or something on the organic tip. My family is the greatest sitcom that will hopefully being coming to a television set near you. I am going to Philly and I am really excited and being presented with an opportunity to really evolve as a spirit. We are all shifting into different vibrations and friends become lovers and lovers become friends and life's karma never ends until the ego stops and we no longer pretend. I used to date beautiful train wrecks and then I improved and started dating recovering beautiful train wrecks. But maybe that is merely the story of humanity at this point in history. I recently met a man that hardly eats at all and believes in the power of sun gazing and starring at it directly with your eyes for brief periods of time. We don't have time, but we do have now and yes between you me and anyone who reads this "sex with turtles makes me happy". Truthfully it is just the idea of it. I love Jenny Lewis actually I just love the idea of saying that I love Jenny Lewis, but man that song "Portions for foxes". Bring back the focus and screw all the economic hocus pocus.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A little bit deeper and A whole Lot Sweeter

Afer I write up a blog I have almost no memory of what I wrote and I am shocked when somebody sends the comment back to me in a response and it reminds me that at certain moments I am channeling something beyond then what I have been taught. As each one of us becomes aware of our individual power and unique skills then it makes easier for the next person to do the same thing. Each one of us is capable of reaching new heights that will allow us to see from a higher vantage point with greater clarity.

It is the lack of clarity caused by fear that prevents from having the life that we desire. I have a general feeling that my life will be a long one, but I am more focused on cultivating unconditional love and acceptance and blending gentleness and firmness. Just because you are smart does not mean that you should be cold hearted and just because you are open hearted does not mean that you have to be foolish. I am always fine tuning my balancing and bringing greater awareness to the situation and allowing myself to see things from another persons perspective even if that way of seeing things seems crazy or irrational. Don't expect sane argument to work on an insane person. That makes you a crazy person. Allow yourself to understand how people operate and focus on your individual integrity if you want to feel true to yourself.

Everyone will have something to say about what you did or are doing at any moment. Allow yourself to take actions that feel good in your heart. The deeper I dig the more a find an amazing sweetness of peace that causes me to be desiring less. Yes, I still have desires but their pull on me is weaker and as it weakens it allows me to be more fully present in this moment. THis moment is the dance this moment is a time to form Kevin Bacon's army. We all need to get a little bit footloose. Meaning moving from that place that goes far beyond the mind. I was dancing on the street in the East village and I got called into a resturant bar by a short older Indian man and everyone started to dance. Each one of us is capable of being a catylst for a dance revolution. The spontaneous of life is something that too many of us deny. I am freeing my mind by deepening my breathe.

Special thanks to everyone who responded to my blog from Boston to Bama we are people desiring to better know our true self. For me Autobigraphy of a Yogi has been of great significance.

Revolution is the evolution of humanity and evolution is the manifestation of love.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tell Me about Your Life

According something that racks up numbers there are people out there and who knows where that read this blog and I am told so by some tracking system it even tells me from where people are from and how long they were on thsi website, but it doesn't tell me anything else. I would love to just hear a few simple things about you whoever you are and what makes you tick and how and why you check out my site. I have crossed paths with so many different people and try to generally not allow myself to fall into a rut and I am always looking to break habits that no longer serve me.

Where am I exactly and where do we allow our minds to drift off to and at our core we are all the same and yet specially unique, but we all dealing with trying to figure how we fit into this life and what is our purpose on this planet. Some people are told their purpose and might very rarely question such a thing and take it at face value. The troublemakers are the ones who think for themselves, but this is not an easy thing to do. Rampant consumerism that takes place here and many other places doensn't happen because people are thinking for themselves. Most things in moderation is a phrase that I hear quite often, but moderation is something we hear about, but mostly everyone is overly indulgent or extremely rigid and never give themselves any opportunity to indulge in the smallest ways. I do not believe that moderation is a myth, but it rarely happens in this day an age and is to be applauded whenever we witness such a beautiful act of simplicty. The greatest lives are made of beautiful acts of simplicty and perhaps just telling me a few small things about yourself would be amazing. I want to know that you are alive and out there and if you don't want people reading it you can e-mail at

Many different roads but if we follow our heart it will lead us to the same destination. We all take missteps but we always have an opportunity to go a different way. I am learning to listen to the guidance that I receive in the silence. Now is a time to look wihtin yourself and you will find greater and greater results thru this inner search. We have the ability to transcend what the world appears to be. May our peace spreaad to all corners of this world and beyond.
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