Friday, May 16, 2008

That Road Trip That Changes Lives "The TUrtle Express 2008"

So Here I am in New York City about to take off on another road trip with buddies of mine that I know from the Jersey Shore specifically LBI. It is almost like some sort of right of passage that people I know from the Jersey Shore Specifically LBI go on a cross country roadtrip. At first it was just Smiley my vice president and then Matt Fisher and now Georgi and Dan Los and some guy named Ben Post from craigslist. We are heading to a musical festival called "Sasquatch" named after a mythical creature that may or may not exist depending who you talk to he is also called "Big Foot" for the average joe on the street. Georgi has gotten back from Iraq after doing interogation work and is looking to open up to the world around him and write and take pictures along this journey. The first part of this trip will involve Chicago and people who I met in NYC/San Francisco who are from Chicago. I have e-mailed a girl from North Dakota named Cassie who will be able to put up at least two of the crew and the other two will figure out some couches as well. Ben and Cassie are twists of fate from this internet age in which we live in. Along the way we will be selling t-shirts that we paint with different messages that we number in the back that express thoughts, feelings and ideas that are close to our hearts and things that merely make us crack up.

My first home is the road it is one the place where I am least likely to fall into any sort of routine other then listening to my intution and breaking habit energy that would keep me stuck in the same place. I got back from New Orleans before here having gone to Jazz fest and I have had over 10 run-ins with people who I crossed paths with in Miami. I just got a text message from a buddy of mine named Kurt who I met in NYC who remembered me from dancing on the campus of American University about 4 years ago. It seems that people don't dance on campus that often. I am hoping to document alot of this trip and wake up to my greater inner potential and help others do the same. I want to get over my attachment to an identity/ego that can cripple me from being my higher self. The higher me that doesn't care what people think or even what I think, but is merely striving to feel myself fully in the ever present now. On this trip I will lay a good deal of my ego to rest so that I can hold a deeper space of silence. On this trip I will be fasting at various points. On this trip I will be falling in love with something unseen but always felt. Miles Davis Blue in Green and the great American landscape for a reluctant presidential candidate that feels that even though most people get the shaft it doesn't have to be that way anymore....

Our true hearts desire is to be happy with who we are and what we are doing right now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Have Not Talked iN a While

So many things to say, but mostly I want you to know that I am back In NYC Still healing, freestyle rapping, and running for the white house. Mostly I am just focusing on being present in this moment and let my intution guide me down the yellow brick road. I will start blogging again. Our banks and credit systems are set up in a way that they can keep stealing from us. Large corporations have to stop robbing the vast majority of overtaxed Americans who are not benefiting from the taxes that they are paying. We spend more money towards corpoartion welfare then welfare for American citizens. We bail out big corporations but not single working mothers. Funny where our priorities exist in this country. War gets more money then school. Killing gets more financing then education. I know that we will be turning this situation around.
President Te'DeVan
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