Saturday, December 29, 2007

One Moment After Another

The feeling of being in alignment and expressing myself and not holding back my feelings and being honest with myself and others brings such joy into my life. Each moment offers me a deeper glimpse into myself and find that I am more inclined to want to be in the silence and appreciating the smallest things. The clock still ticks and so does my ear and there is a song leading toward a revolution which is merely the evolution of humanity. People are opening up their eyes and sharing more love during some very challenging times now and ahead. The road is long and at times quite arduous but you can stop and just breathe along the way and kiss the wind or let the wind kiss you whatever it is that you prefer or imagine. Mars could be seen and the planet align in ways that can only mean wild times are coming and have been coming for quite sometime. I have always been a believer even if I couldn't prove it that things will eventually work themselves out and I just need to keep cultivating the love and a quiet mind so that I can hold a space for healing.

Born in a big apple raised in a garden State and went to college in state where people point to their hand to describe where they live. I don't really call any place my home more then heaven or that dimension of the formless. Life is a mysterious opportunity to realize that we are not just any one wave but that we are the ocean. I am dancing even when I am still and there is a madness, sadness and joy and all of it is merely one thing, but different angles of the same face which give the face a different appearance.

Where were you when? What will be some of those for our generation I wonder? I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and Thank the New England Patriots for finding there on sort of perfection of 16-0 to remind us that those things are still possible in this world and I love seeing Randy Moss find redemption in the Northeast. We all deserve a fresh start if we are willing to embrace it. The weather report says "There maybe a bit of rain and even a few hurricanes, but there will most certainly be a rainbow with Judy Garland singing at the end". And maybe we are still in Kansas and we just need to remember that there is no place like home wherever home may be for you. For me home is a feeling that I carry inside of me everyone that I go.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I have A Sign And Comes With Me Everywhere

So I have a sign and on two sides it briefly gives my story and tells more about me then any other item that I may have. It reflects my tongue and cheek attitude towards fame and how fame is viewed as being credible especially when the masses already doubt that such things might exist. Then on the other side is the Rapper the word slinger here to entertain and ease your troubles in a less unnerving way. The rapper is quite talkative and he has a booming voice and on that part of the sign many meaningful places that I have been are written. Places that have played a significant role on my journey as a spiritual seeker who sporadically moonlights as an entertainer because sometimes you have to give the people what they want so they will want what you have to give. There are at least 50 ways to leave your lover and a million and one ways to sneak up on people when they are not looking and most people are distracted so often that they are never really paying attention to what is happening that hasn't fully transpired in a way that Time Magazine has written about it. Yet Time always seems slightly behind the moment because the moment is Prophet lost in the business world lost in the entertainment industry lost in politics lost in a day that may never come and forgetting to embrace the day that is here. It only takes one person to tip the entire scale. It all takes one for a revolution to manifest it only takes one who allows themselves to see beyond the facade placed before us.

Chase me chase me push me pull me push me pull me and I might just come, but I am always coming to a greater understanding of a inner feeling that means never being lost and means always being home because there is a home that we have lost sight of and this will all end so quickly for a new beginning to take place. Each person helped me to wake up to both the dark and light sides of myself. I very drawn to being the Buddha just being and allowing life to go up and down and I always be. Up down rise and crash and yet I always be in my body out of my body I always be. There are sounds that some people can not hear and there are things that until your gaze is faultless would sound like fiction.

The Native American is returning though he takes on different forms and the stage is changing while the current has been pulled down. New actors are going to be moving towards the front of the stage. Yet the most powerful ones will usually remain off stage effecting things in ways that we sense but can't quite explain. There are many things about our lives that we would have a hard time trying to explain to ourselves or anyone else whom we may encounter.

Recharging My Spiritual Battery For Battles Ahead

I can feel myself not wanting to do things that I used to do and just more of awareness that things that seemed utterly important don't hold the same meaning. Our awareness of things determines our perspective about our life and therefore the world around us. I am listening to new types of music and channeling new sounds in my healing. New York is on my mind and just helping bring an end to all the needless suffering in the world. Everybody should have access to clean water and basic medical treatment.
All the wars we fight start with the wars that we wage in our minds and then they spread outwards. All of this entire life will pass and I will be explaining to my grandchildren what the hell pay phones when they are shown in old movies. I find that I want to feel my deepest emotions that have been held back because it wasn't practical. I can feel a desire to come undone in regards to letting go of any pretenses that I put forward in an attempt to protect something that is not real. I can feel myself reacting less often, but when I do react I can feel it almost take over and then I become aware of it and then this "pain body" as Tolle describes pulls back because it can not exist in a state of heightened awareness. Only deep love exists in total awareness.

A good friend of mine just went to Brazil to see John of God for the next month and I got to see her just before she left and I feel that a part of me is going there. When we realize our connection to everyone we can rejoice in their joys as things that are happening to us because in such a greater sense these amazing things are happening to us. I recently opened up a Rolling Stone magazine to find one of the year's break thru artists. I slept on his girlfriend's floor one night back in late 2004 early 2005 nearby UCLA's campus. He is such a positive energy to him and he is bringing forth music that makes people experience a deeper joy. It reminds that there are reasons why we encounter all the people that we meet along the way. I am 28 years old and I am just going to keep following the flow wherever it will take me wherever I am needed to be is where I shall allow myself to be.

The 80's keep resurfacing and I keep hearing people say "Nobody pushes baby in corner". Sometimes my writing is emotionally charged and other times it is more of a calm reflection and they both serve a purpose in their given moment. I have been couchsurfing with the most wonderful people in San Francisco. The city is so amazing and I am always running into people that remind me "Aren't you the guy from Union Square Park". Yet as I write that I realize that how easy it is to change our identity. At our core there is something about us that never changes. I strive to always remain aware of that inner feeling that does not depend on other people's reactions to feel either good or bad. This month had a major resurgence of people from my past that I had not heard from in a while and each one came to remind me of a different point in my journey. This very moment is my oasis. This very moment I am born a child merely observing the world and as a fully present observer I help to alter the outcome assuming you believe in free will. I do believe in free will, but it takes great will to bring it forward.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

THis Is For You I Know you Will Read This

On occassion I use my blog to write a personal message to someone and this is one of those times. OKay so here goes often there are things we want to express towards someone and we don't say them because we are scared how they might react or how we might react. There seem to be moments that get away as if we could somehow turn back the clock and make a different choice, but we can't and there is a part of us that so desperately wants to know what would have happened and what would things be like now. Yet all of us are exactly where we are supposed to be and the choices that we have are in this moment and there is nothing that is done that doesn't have a chance to be undone be it this life or the next. Though I am personally in favor of getting it done in this life. When I met you my guard was up and so was yours in our different ways, but enough of our true essence poured through that it never disappeared.

I don't by any means have a history of monogamy and I never have been against it I just have not an opportunity to be in that situation with someone and being a nomad well it is not exactly easy. I was willing once to curb my roaming feet and though now does appear to be the right time when that does come I will curb my roaming feet. I do my best to allow my heart to guide more then any other force in this world. You have a beautiful pull on my heart and even from a long distance I feel extremely close to you. Thank you so much for everything that you have allowed yourself to channel and the healing space you have allowed yourself to hold for me. I have already felt influence my choices that I am making. People are what make me want to be somewhere more then geography it is certain people that have a pull on me and these people are the open ones those who are willing to take fools leap and if you ever decide to take one ..................... I know that you would teach me alot and you already just by being you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I am President in Favor of Threesomes Let's Bring in A Third Party

We are a country of choice we endless shampoos and soaps and video games and resturants and different types of Asian food along with countless bad reality television shows. Yet when it comes to deciding who the next American president we have two choices an antiquated process called the electoral college which creates a situation where the majority no longer rule. It is time to bring back politics back to the 200 million that don't seem have to representation in this country. We are a tribe on a quest to take back the white house and bring it uptown and bring couch surfing to the white house. In case you didn't our Nations capital D.C. has allowing people not getting adequate education, health care, and live in areas that are terrorized by violent crime. Spending 300 million to get a job paying less then half million means that they have 299,500,000 to steal to make up for the difference.

We need to have other choices to choose from and we need them to be looking out for the American people more then the American corporations. We the people are capable of so much more and we all have the right to the pursuit of Happiness and we need to remind the government of this very simple fact. We spend more money on perfecting our ability to kill more people then any other country on earth. We could be spending that money on our kids education. Nobody should have to go into debt to get a college education. Money for schools and better schools and before and after school programs. Don't just say your in favor of education show it with the way you spend our tex dollars.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Even Not Wanting Is Still Wanting

I was talking to a good friend of mine last night and he was worried that he was starting to lose motivation to make money or get with glrls or somehow get more status in this world. Yet at the same time having no desires is the essence of buddhist enlightenment. Yet if you desire not to have desires that is a desire within itself. I got an e-mail recently from a girl I once know and I still know in that other plane of existence that we acknowledge, but most people don't accept as real. My past is based upon my karma which is based upon actions. I feel that I have so much to remember and though my mind is becoming more still it still has scattered thoughts and love is something that keeps expanding and we keep remembering that we are part of some story that we can affect, but there are certain things that we have no control over.

Everyone is a reflection of where we are on our journey and I feel things so acutely at times and other times I am going thru the motions because it is familiar. I touch a level or a sensation and then it passes and then we realize the way that we should feel all the time. So many things going on and things taking place on different levels and part of me is the dead sea and part of me is in Paris and part of me is in chicago New York San francisco and other places that don't even occur to me. Yet this moment we have lifes that keep interescting and then pulling away only to pull back together. We want to be ready for certain things, but we are not ready and we focus too much others and not enough on our true self.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Shake it Up or Shut it Down.

Walk with a little swagger don't be afraid to be a little extra bold. We all have a part in this play and our part is not always meant to be in the background. Sometimes the scene is set and your the one who has to instigate the change. You have to rock the cradle of the mundane. Your energy has a way of opening up eyes when they have been sleeping. People forgot that they are having an experience that they can affect with their choices and they become aware of this when you shake it up. It doesn't take much to start a fire especially when the wood is so dry and the rain just doesn't seem to be coming down.

For some people you are always shaking it up and it is important for you to step back and take a rest and enjoy the sky and the mountains,lakes, rivers, and oceans. You need to relax and breathe with your entire being and feel yourself let go of all your tension. Feel yourself from the inside out and just allow your mind to shut down and to give it a rest and feel yourself floating on clouds. I can feel you relaxing now as you read this and the world will relax around you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

STA Travel Still Owes Me and Now They Confess

Years ago without my written consent STA travel used me in an ad campaign to get Australians to come to NYC. After looking into the matter on my own they sent me a $250 travel voucher as hush money claiming this was somehow a fair amount. For those who have ever tried to buy a ticket to Australia you know that $300 ain't going to get you there. They used me to get thousands of people to come to New York I think that at the very least they owe me a round trip plane ticket to Australia. If anyone who reads my blog in Australia would pass this on it would be greatly appreciated. You can't keep a tall jew down and I was destined to come to the land down under. Help me get to Australia by having STA travel do the right thing. If anyone knows any good lawyers let me know. Below is the enclosed confession and I hardly feel that should suffice. Exploiting freestyle 6 foot 7 inch freestyle rapping jews STA travel shame on you shame on you. Besides we are endangered species.

We no longer use your image with any promotional material. It was used a few years ago, however, I can guarantee it is no longer distributed in Australia so you can rest easy. Unfortunately, you won’t be receiving any ticket from us, the travel voucher from our US Division will have to suffice

All the best

Basil Hyman

Marketing Director AU & NZ

Monday, December 17, 2007

Can You Call Me

You only call me when I don't seem to want to hear from you. When I think that I have it all figured it out thats when you ring me and that there is a painful echo that blares in the chasms in mind. I thought that I had lost any attachment, but you remind that I still have some and that I don't want to let go fully of the false reality. There are still things I cling to and then you ring me in a way that is both majestic like a blind condor that seems to have better sight then a telescope that sees off into the galaxy's infinite space where light travels back and forth and words cease to explain its size to a mind that views mountains as large. That is all dwarfed by the magnitude that can only humble you to the point that you feel yourself trembling shaken in a way that almost nothing else seems capable of doing. When you ring I fall apart or at least my facade starts to crumble and yet beyond your ring there is a greater ring that is forever linked with all the surrounding sounds.

We are at that point and we don't know where or when but we know that we can fly if we just suspend our reality and going into the smallest often forgotten inner sanctum that holds a constant prayer to know the creator even if our everyday plans don't make room for such an endeavor.

Take Me Back

Forgive me don't forget me and throw me back out on the road. I am nomad and it winds and I walk and if I am stop walking then I might forget. I can't forget because I can never be truly content in not remembering. All of you came to me when I needed to you and I hope that I can do the same for you. I am here in California which is a country onto itself. I was born in a big apple and grew up in the garden state. I love a clean beach wherever I can throw myself into to recharge myself. Cut the embilical chord and I have been in alot of strange places and found familiar faces. I knew that it would always come to this moment where the past blurs to the point that it never happened. All I have is this moment and the music in my head telling me story and giving me hope when the greatest tragedy is forgetting that homes is buried deep inside of all of us we just cover it up with different masks.

If I could fully get of the mind that I would walk through walls and walk on water. Something to do with the electromagnetic field. I am a walking gray ghost chasing a sunrise in a land that seems forgotten and I am trying to get a voucher from an angel to bring forth a miracle to make me question everything and start back at nothing and be content to have everything.

No holds on me I can float and fly to a new height and there is always a hand to reach towards me if I can let go. It is all passing through and Thailand, Hawaii, China, etc.... these are just some of the places that have been nipping at my heals. I have a journey and in most respects it is just begun. I must look towards the moment I ma in for my peace of mind not towards tomorrow or yesterday. We cross all paths for various reasons most of which only make sense in hindsight.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The City that Never Sleeps Certainly takes Naps

I still remember walking around New York on cold nights throwing myself into the city because nothing else seemed to make any sense and in everything about the place that didn't make sense I found myself more and more. In the parks is where I would often make my mark along with walking by a resturant sticking my signs up to the windows to make people laugh, stare and sometimes feel squeamish and sometimes wonder who the hell is that guy. I have been a guy in the background for so many people in the same way that NYC is the background for great stories that lead to other places. Can you hear that jazz in my words. I have stumbled awfully in that city and kissed ladies and tramps and all that in between and falling thru the seams and i have been a seamstress in my own way. The big apple but it is your core and your downtown that I am most drawn to and just being a little Zen in city overcome with angst and pain and a desire to get ahead of something that will get you if you don't stay ahead of it.

For a moment you roll into the next city with me and other New Yorkers find me wherever I go often with a bit of shock as if the statue of liberty were suddenly relocated as well. How does he do it they wonder? How does this seemingly crazy man get around. Three times three is nine and one day someone might think that meant something but for the life of me I can't tell you what all these things mean. I just kind of roll with it. Sometimes my feet and I just keep walking until the pain goes away because I walk miles an miles and miles and then I think of mIles Davis and then I am here wherever here is and just accept that I can't tell you half of what I feel until you decide that you want to feel it to otherwise it sounds like a farce.

What changes in time Never actually changes

I remember inside of everyone is a rebel yell as Billy Idol would say. Sometimes I am calm so calm that it is quite unnerving and I literally have nothing to say because I feel that my eyes say so much more then my words. But the minds is such a chatter box and a good ten seconds of pure silence in a conversation will undo most people. The year is coming to a close assuming you live by the western calendar. Just as I was getting used to writing 2007 I have to get myself ready to write 2008. I have had more close encounters or reminders that this world comes to an end in the same way that waking up from a dream comes to an end. Leaving is only sad to those left behind a feeling of liberation is what most near death experiences describe. I am phantom a grey ghost if you will walking on the ceiling where I can be found dancing to Billy Idol's rebel yell. I want people to give me something that only God can give this is why I am seeker. Praise is great but it never does that trick and I never feel the peace that I do when I hit those moments where I see the world as a passing dream that kisses my face. Sometimes I feel like God says "Hey do you like the new script change or the return of this person from earlier in your life". I lvove to misspell things and just let it sit as it si be cause you understand it all anyway dont you? The 80's 90's and this era are all just one and time is a line that we come in and out of....

I am your mother brother father second cousin twice removed and I know that if I was pig I would just like to be left alone and not be cooked as bacon unless of course you had nothing else to eat. I am elephant mascrading as a donkey who can't spell to save his identity as a college grad. I stil laugh at the fact that I graduated college because I swear it happened to someone us and one day I iwill sell that diploma on e-bay without my parents knowledge. I will cut them on half they bought it and I got the grades to get it. SOrt of a team effort for something that meant nothing to me which means it must mean everything to someone else. REcently someone mentioned the idea of going to the Olympics. I fall in love, but I never fall out I just develop more of a sense of what I really want. Self inflicted torture was so 15 minutes ago along with my Nickelback fame.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Don't Need No Stinking Titles

Getting to the point where you no longer care and you can laugh at all the craziness. I am here to laugh and giggle insanely and dance at the oddest places in the oddest moments. To make this world just a little more surreal. Things that we once loved we no longer care for and things that we hated we come to love. You can simply define life with poetic sentences. They hint at things and that is all words can do is to hint at the experience. The time comes when you decide you want to experience things for yourself and know it for yourself, but sometimes you are not capable of having that experience usually because you are too distracted by about a hundred other things. I am sitting here with my buddies and we discussed sometimes you feel that you just don't want to deal with the world and if you could convince your mother to let your crawl back in her womb you would go for it. I have said this before, but I think it bears repeating "I spent 9 months trying to make my way into this world out of my mother's womb and the last 28 years trying to get back into another woman's womb and only one part seems to get in and then white stuff comes out and I temporarily lose my motivation. It always seems to come back to this need to make it back from where I started.

Besides after your done thinking about all of these things you never know when you my get evicted, lose your job, and get all you shit stolen while managing to lose your wallet, cell phone and keys. It is one of those days that you wish Frodo would show up and help with some quest involving a ring. I don't feel like being too orderly in this moment. I want to send my regards to broadway the lower east side and anyone living in Chicago. Ah the windy city. All of you people in foreign countries that read my blog I wonder how the hell you found me and if anything I say really amuses you or helps you with your day to day activities. Does anyone out there want to quit their job and get a veggie oil bus and bring back a revolution but that word almost seems cliche at this point along with the word evolution.

David Bowie loves me and he loves you. I am currently Fasting in case you care to know why this blog is written in such a way.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finding your Peace

There is no one way to find the peace that exists inside of us. It is something that is also found in nature out at a quiet lake or in the ocean. It is something that is honest and lets us know if we are where we want to be. All of us are explorers, but some of us choose to go inwardly more frequently and those people have a certain calm that resonates in every environment that they step foot into. Finding your peace helps to hone your instincts and take you to deeper levels of understanding that contribute to your understanding of life. Breaking attachments is a very liberating thing, but can also be somewhat nerve wrecking for your mind. All of us can be free if we allow it to take place. It is our most natural state, but we ave to deprogram to return to our most natural state. Natural people are considered to be a bit of an oddity in today's society. We are reaching new heights inside of ourselves and your spiritual progress helps everyone else with their progress. I believe that we all form one collective organism or consciousness and that in an improvement by any one part makes it easier for the whole organism to expand. All of us expand in this very moment if we are open to that expansion and that growth.

I can feel myself still resist to some extent and recoil at amazing opportunities and run towards situations that cause me some degree of suffering. The more stable our inner peace becomes the better the choices we make throughout the day.Breathe deep breathe deep again and until you feel a level of calm and htne keep going. Feel your stomach expand and oontract feel your mind release your fears and inhibitions. Breathe deep and keep letting it become deeper. Life is all about timing, but we have trust that timing and believe in the process otherwise we won't take all the steps necessar to achieve a successful outcome.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fighting Off The Ropes

Just when you think that you have fully pulled yourself out of it there is that thing nipping at your heel that wants to pull you back into your suffering. This is when you have to fight almost like your shadow boxing those inivisible problems that have plagued you. You have made it this far you can't quit. This is when you see what you are truly made of and go beyond your mind and body to that source that is greater then all of the suffering you have ever known. Anything could have triggererd this stumbling in your life and you might be saddened by it, but you can not and absolutely will not let it keep you down. You won't stay down even if the whole entire world thinks your crazy for getting back up. Maybe you should have done certain things differently, but you can rectify all your mistakes in this moment and steer yourself back on track with a will that can raise the dead. Everyone thought that you could be counted out especially those little doubts in your head, but you overcame all of it so that you found a strength. There is no reason to pretend the need to lean on others when you are strong. We are going back to the source and we will fight our way off the ropes and bring ourselves back to our own center. We always know what we should be doing we must merely have the courage to follow it and not back down. Be brave and don't be deterred by obstacles if anything be inspired so that you can find that reserve of strength that will guide you thru lifes more challenging moments and you will be able to help others do the same all because you refused to quit and kept going when giving up seemed easier. But giving up hurts more then to keep going.

This life is going a whole bunch of extra rounds and each one will be a cosmic movement that we are fated to align ourselves with. No longer am I over anxious and by fate I have found my destiny which is to merge with me true self and no longer feel any sense of separation. The one typing this and reading this are one and the same in a way that transcends 6 or 4 degrees of separation there are actually no degrees. Your victory is everyone's victory.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Time is a trap that mind always falls into and keeps us limited in the way that we percieve a situation. There is a story to be uncovered and a prophecy to be fulfilled and a dance to been seen that will bring back an energy that never went away, but that was neglected by man's distracted mind. The can give me money/fame/blame and shame but it is all one in the same. They are all interchangeable. I am not here to attack or bad mouth specific individuals. I have certainly done this before, but it does not get us closer towards coming together. Viewing ourselves as separate perpatuates the illusion. People that make "evil" choices make their choices out of fear and are not coming from a place of love. I would say that hate is merely a response to fear and as we let go of fear we are capable of giving more love and being present in this moment.

This year at Burning Man I saw a triple rainbow. It was an omen of sorts for the year ahead. Most people only saw two of the rainbows, but if you payed close attention you would have seen the third one. Tons of people dancing around in the desert as the sky cleared and rainbows appeared. Allow yourself to deepen your breathe and your magnetic pull will become stronger. You will be all that you are hoping to see manifest in this world. I am finding a greater consistency with my deep breathing. It is very easy to get caught up in the world and lose sight of your breathing and the things that matter to your heart. Return to the breathe return to your heart return to the way you were breathing when you were still a baby.

Listen To Your Swami Whoever That Is To You

You have a feeling about something and you don't know hot to put it into words, but you know that there is something pulling you into direction and along the way you'll meet certain people that help you to see the bigger picture. Enligntenment or true inner peace is not something that can be handed to you. It is something that was always your true essence before you even began your life. When someone has a true inner realization you can see it in their eyes and feel it in their presence. Each day I continue to awaken to different apsects of myself and head towards a point where I won't be clinging to the past or attached to the future. Be in the moment and look towards a higher feeling of bliss and that quiet knowing that makes you comfoartable and is not dependent on what someone elses actions. All of us have a path to follow and it is one step at a time and if you miss a step you have to come back and do it again. The same lessons keep coming up until we fully embrace the message that life is sending us at any give moment. Your Swami/guru/God/Universe can channel thru anyone to relay that message to you. It can be a voice from the past in the form of a song. (Below is my praise of one of those voices).

Oh Billie Holiday I love you and the way you speak to me with your pain and yet all the hope that you hold for me on each note. You speak to me from an era's past that is about to return. May it return with a new white house representing the people that you spoke to with your songs. Those that have been kicked around will always remember you and the love you shared through your voice. I will never ignore the stars above me and maybe I have changed but I will always be true to you and to the Americans that I aspire to help. I am not trying to run the country, but give it back to the people who you sang to and I am one of those people. We are never separated by time nor place. Energy can never be limited nor the impact of your voice.
love always,
PResident Te'DeVan

Saturday, December 01, 2007

IT's Not About Me It's about You

One of my best friends Cynthia is always telling me "It's not about you" in regards to almost everything we speak of it is her personal mantra through life and one that I have adopted as well. It is also a driving force behind our presidential campaigh. You the person reading this are part of the infinite cabinet your thoughts, feeelings, and actions is exactly what is directing our campaign. We are here to represent the often maligned and ignored masses of Americans that are left out of the poltical process. We are here to bring about a change but each one of us has to do that in the way that we are most capable. We all contribute to a entire new world in every little action that we take. Just because we stumble does not mean that we should not attempt to find our balance. Each day find ways to explore yourself and be the best that you can while being thankful for all the amazing things that have been made available to you. In this culture we have so many things at our fingertips. I am doing my best to connect with myself in a way that can only be hinted at in words.

Each day I find new ways to express myself and new people that I connect to that help me to better understand myself and the world around me. I do my best to go into the experience without being judgmental or feeling superior or inferior. I am here to be a witness and to tbe peace inside of the storm. There will be storms ahead be there will also be magic that makes us wonder what else is possible. I go online and find myself rides all over the country and places to stay and people to show me around. GIve yourself to the journey and the journey will give itself to you. Surrender trying to control all the circumstances and just go with what is available right now. Open yourself up to a complete stranger and trust someone that you just met merely because you get a good feeling about them without knowing anything else.

BEfore we can take a leap of faith it is necessary that we take skips of faith. Look at your fears and then work towards releasing them so that they don't have control over you. Fear binds us and love is what makes us free because love puts us in the moment.
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