Friday, February 13, 2009

Compassion Compassion COmpassion

That is the magic word that will lead us all to the life and world that we want to experience. Let yourself experience all those emotions that you push away when you see something that tugs at your heart. Don't try and ignore it and pretend it is not happening. THe mind wants the solution to be so much more complicated but it is not allowing the mind to get in the way of our compassion. Have your heart on your sleeve and your pants and everything you touch. May your heart be involved in all things. Look at Amma the hugging saint and realize that she is telling us we all have this unconditional love in our being. LEt us not push away our feelings for fear of being seen emotional or not rational. So often I forget what really matters as I pursue trivial things to keep me from feeling a deeper emotion because it almost seems too much to bare. But it is not too much and we all need to stand the rain because it is needed just like the sun. Joy and pain are both meant to be experienced without a fear of losing our joy and without trying to run from our pain. I know we will more often run from these things but if at least we can attempt to be still with what we are feeling. Updating my facebook or flirting with a girl I just met fall short of showing somebody an unconditional love to help them thru their situation. Sometimes being in that stillness and holding a space for them to let go of their pain can work miracles. Bill Gates pointed out recently that more money is spent on baldness then a cure for malaria because rich old guys are more directly affected by baldness then Malaria. When we are faced with such an example of our vanity in the face of other peoples suffering it is hard not too lose faith but compassion towards one human being can transform the whole world. It is not the act of charity but the intention behind that is truly transformative. May your compassion towards others not fail to fall upon yourself. May we all realize the power of forgiveness and if is ability to transform our circumstances.

I am along on this journey going thru the gamet of experiences knowing ultimately I just need to be coming from a place of compassion and that is better then being clever. I get tired of clever people who are so good about not being honest about their emotions and when I mean people i mean myself because of played that role before and I desire to truly stop and just be in a state of absolute surrender without trying to make my life into a game of hungry hippo for my ego because my hippo of an ego never will be satiated.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

So Far Away But So Near and No More Fear

It is not about me its about the spirit or the love that we hold the space for. It is not about my glory but the glory of God and the unconditional love that reigns from the realms of light that we can feel when we can silence the mind. Healing is our feeling and our dealings with the inner truth in the deep recesses that we sometimes refuse to dwell in. I find myself back in different places for different reasons during seasons that my rational mind would never choose. I know that we are all going to have to get back to what was natural becoming natural men and women who are in greater communion with nature. I have always had a kinship with giant trees be they redwoods, oaks, birch, or palm trees. I am reaching deeper into the soil of this earth and reaching into higher dimensions that I act as a vessel for channeling into this world. It is always there it is merely that we have the awareness. We are meant to feel and overwhelming waves of peace and prosperity that we share with all whom are ready to receive these blessings. We all have a great deal of spiritual work to do together.

Now is the time for an era considered fiction by many to return to the forefront. I am a threshold of stepping onto a much bigger stage and may I just hold that space for magic. To remind people of the magic that exists inside of all living beings. It is not a sprint but a marathon that sometimes consists of sprints, walks, skips, leaps, and trots. Sometimes when we are hurting someone will help us carry on until we can continue on our own.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Screw Kellogs CornFlakes and Their Endorsements

I want to take this moment to say that many potheads probably eat crappy cereal such as Kellogs cornflakes and if they are so committed to a drug free policy why don't they start drug testing their employees for legal and illegal drugs. I know that many Americans would be disappointed if the wonderfully wholesome people at Kellogs (very sarcastic here) did not take a stand against pot. Drinking alchool and being alchoolic is fine but don't smoke pot. What a joke I the hyprocritical nature of such a drug using nation take a stand against Phelps for smoking pot is a giant hoax of a moral high ground that none of these people. I don't take any legal or illegal drugs (with the exception of some cappucino coconut ice cream) and in no way shape or form am I disappointed with this young man smoking pot. Heck in San Francisco it is legal why not condemn super bowls champs for drinking champagne after winning. They are sending such a bad message to young kids everywhere. This stigma on Pot has to got go at least if the people taking a stand against him were not hard drinking pill poppers they might actually have some credibility. I say Phelps lets the growing Pot and Hemp industry sponsor him instead of a highly processed and mildly toxic low grade cereal company.
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