Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Every Kriya Breath You Take

(Republication 11-13-09 post-edit)

It has been 6 years since I first stumbled upon an autobiography of a yogi in Key West, Florida in the fall of 2003. Many things took place on that trip that have since stirred the course of my life. One of them was this book in which no one seemed to have interest as it remained neglected at a juice bar. After reading it I became enthralled and it has led me to raise the bar in regards to what is truly possible in the world.
We are conditioned to believe that technology has no limit and we as humans have numerous limits. I have never subscribed to this theory. Since reading the autobiography I have been guided on a quest to seek more within myself and I have had experiences in the external world that have aided me as inspiration to pentrate more deeply into my inner being.
Despite the work I have done I have only scraped a fraction of the potential. I am quite drawn to Kriya yoga as the lightening vehicle to god consciousness or true self realization.
There is a different guru from the Himalayas named Yogiraj and I will make my way to see him later this month to be intiated in this technique. He is a short distance outside of Santa Cruz, California. My visit may lead to a deeper awakening and greater peace and love that I can share with all humanity.
Currently I find myself in San Francisco, California, bouncing around on couches after staying for some time on a bus that had painted on it the phrase "Just Believe." I feel that believing is incredible. But even more profound is just to have have the experience. I am hoping to experience a deeper level of compassion and love as a result of my intiation into Kriya yoga by Yogiraj.
I have been blessed by many saints and some avatars that have helped me immensely on my journey. I am starting a new chapter in my journey that will lead me to a deeper commitment to god and to a source that will help to release myself of the bondage of my desires.
Now so many of us are awakening in ways that we have never known before. We must put forth great effort. To have a true guru or perfect mirror ensures a deeper inner relazation of our true sel--which is endlessness. Our true nature according to all the masters is infinite, yet out of fear our minds won't allow us to experience this. Instead we seek the scraps offered to us by the world. Yet this never quells our deeper spiritual thirst. No one can give us what we already have. They can only help us to dispel the clouds and darkness so that we can see our true nature.
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