Friday, November 30, 2007

London Bridges Falling Down

I have noticed that Big Ben the Queen and a giant music festival have certainly got me exicted to go to England. I am in Eugene, ORegon and I am listening to NPR. Only if half of all Americans that are so isolated actually listened to this radio station. America's biggest problem is how people are so isolated from one another and can't be bothered to know anything that doesn't effect their pay check, Sports team, Sex life, or their vice of choice. We are over medicated because we are under educated. People that dictate our policy do not have personal motive in improving our public schools. They send their kids to private school and mention the importance of education and relatively offer very little money in the way of college scholarships relative to the amount of money we have to declare war on other countries and to declare war on drugs. Neither of those wats have been remotely successful.

I am not interested in a political career or in the nonsense in politics. I am interested in people and helping to alleviate their suffering. Most american tax dollars are spent of causing suffering instead of reliving and that will change soon, but we could certainly use foreign assistance. We to get more Americans out of the coutnry and have them travel abroad. We should start having more student exchange programs to expose young people to other ways of life. Americans aren't bad it is just that most of them are in the dark and isolated from themselves and the world at large. That is starting to change. Musical festivals and other events such as Burning Man are making it easier for people to let down their walls and allow new experiences and people into their life. I thank all the British people that have let me into their life.

love always,
President Te'DeVan

Thursday, November 29, 2007

So many toughts and Emotions

How does one purge oneself of all the things that we hold on to so that we can make room for the present moment. I just do my best to remember that all I have is now. This moment as I press my finger to the keys and put words on to a blog instead of a paper and people from many different places will read and hear my thoughts. I hope to make these thoughts that will inspire and encourage them on their journey. I hope they remember that they are not alone. Being alone is a strong fear that people have and people always ask me if I am lonely. Yes certainly at times I am lonely, but I would feel this way even if I were always surrounded by people that I knew. I keep thinking about how this entire world is a stage. I can even break down moments in my head and I hear the director say "enter stage right" "step to the background". God is truly an amazing director with the best intent to get all of his actors and actresses involved in the drama and a few become directors themselves. No longer pawns of fate but kings and queens of the chess board. Yet once the pawn makes it to the other side without being taken over by the Maya it can be any piece on the board perhaps even a knight or bishop.

I am still amazed that people read my blog that people that I have never met are curious about my expriences in this world. It has dawned on me recently that there is no thing I can receive or obtain from this world that will give mw what I truly desire. I want to allow myself to be the essence of love and to let it move freely with no attachments.

I remember Way Back When

I remember nights in LBI during my summers before school. I remember living in 720 Arch street and then moving across the street. I remember how leaving Ann Arbor was one of the toughest things I ever did. I remember coming to NYC and I didn't know anyone or at least I dodn't know how to find anyone that I knew. I remember how my earliest signs were much smaller and made from cardboard. I remember when it seemed to many people that I was a student at SVA in New York. I remember that feeling of getting off the plane for the first time when I got to Key West knowing that this place would change my life. I remember driving by the world trade center the night before it went down wondering what would happen if it fell down. I remember a few days later when I did my first healing on a friend of mine in her car outside of my parents house.

I remember listening to Jimmy Buffet play the song "There are places I remember". I remember so many random beautiful faces that I have crossed paths with no matter how briefly and how important these people have and will always be in my life. I remember getting picked on in elementary school and being a huge fan of Guns and Roses and Skid ROw. I remember running into the lead singer of Skid Row years later on my way to meet up with a girl named Brittany who became my first girlfriend that I dated on and off again for a solid year.

There are so many amazing people that I have come into my life and are still coming into my life and I am thankful for them all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A New Depression Means A New Rebirth

I have recently how many people must have been unemployed during the 1930's into the early 40's before the start of public works projects by Roosevelt. People wanted to be rich as Rockefeller and now they want to be as rich as Buffet or Gates not that the Rockefeller is poor by any means. It was a time period where alot of people were in the same people and I doubt too many people yelled "hey Buddy get a job!". There were probably not too many jobs to be found. I wonder what it would be like if the country entered back into that state and we were all forced to rely on each other to get through it together. The idea that everyone is individual is something that is big in this country yet many of these individuals do the same thing except they do in the privacy of their own home without interacting with other people for fear of judgment. There is a reason the explosion in pornography and the internet are so closely connected. Most people are not anything like the demeanor they portray to the world around them. The least suspecting people have some of the most devious thoughts. I have certainly met a few interesting pastor's daughters that were more then a handful.

We are all realizing things the same time and to put it simply we all need and want love, yet we focus on energy on acquiring material things that bring a momentary glimpse of something that we won't be thinking before we leave this world behind. All of us will leave this world, but may we all begin to wonder and seek the source of all the creations that we seek. Call it whatever you want, but most people have a curiosity about these things especially when they have lots of free time.

Monday, November 26, 2007

When They Ask Me How IT HAPpened

I will tell them I never understood why it couldn't happen. That I new that most people did not want to live the way they were living and they were tired of living in fear and that wanted their walls to come down because it was too much to bear alone. I find myself in strange magical places that even people tripping on acid can't truly experience. I will tell them I was guided to the most amazing people in every different genre and that I got them together and it just took off from there. I didn't really have to do anything other then just introduce one stranger to another stranger so that they no longer seem divided by anything. Now the separation ends and the merging begins.

Couch up a lung and let it all be done like a red scarecrow that can't seem to scare anything but was always good when Dorothy felt like going to a Rave. There was a formula but that was lost when you and I went dirty dancing on another plane of existence. I was always crazy about you, but then again I am just plain crazy because I insist I being immersed and present as a witness to my life. I have rubies coming out of my ears and cocaine in my blood from a previous life. Though in this one I won't even touch coffee. We danced to Billie Holiday and I told you that one war only sets up the next one with small gaps in between. We masturbate until we became asexual but still the lust wouldn't slip away. You were tragic with too much diet pills and cough syrup. Your mom had a bad addiction to your father who couldn't get off that H train. No more pain you and I got lost in the Rain. Your brother's HIV was pain you could no longer bare and we both realized that true love is way too rare. We both promised to love each other even if we never saw each other again.

You were my next of kin when kind seemed like a word that was outdated but nothing about u was ever understated... There you were with blue eyeliner before it became a craze. There you were in a maze of pretensions that I got you to drop every time we made a penatration beyond platitudes and I always loved your attitude on all things watching you naked in the swings.

Musings of My Heart

make love to the heart before I make love to the body. Every girl that I gravitate towards is a signpost in my journey to teach me something about my heart and I would rather touch your heart and never touch your body and both of us would be better off. I am always off somewhere but I just want to be in the depths of all that I still run from. For all intensive purposes I have been running from myself in all the different reflections that it comes in. Just so you know I love you and I don't want anything from it other then the great feeling I have in this moment. Learning to love and not want is what life is all about.

So I bet I knew you in Egypt and then again in Zaire and then once again in a few places that we don't have names for these days. Let this time roll over me and I will still remain pure kissing air and sky that makes me die every moment I feel the love that wipes away all about me that is not true. thank you for being you and helping to wash away things about me that are a facade; trying to prove something that will never make me happy. To what ends do we get what we want? WHy do we want it?

Buried deep behind your eyes,

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now in Eugene Oregon

I have come here to stir the pot and pit stops along the way to encourage other people to do the same. I am connecting to that source that goes beyond words and deep into the silence that people seem to avoid at almost any cost. The silence seems to make the noise even louder by comparison. Sometimes I can't seem to find the inspiration to write and then all of a sudden I hear some music and the chords tell me what to say. Currently I am listening to Tribe Called Quest. I am forming a tribe and we are certainly on a quest so I find the group name to be quite fitting to my own life. I am learning how to deepen my understanding that all of this will eventually pass and something else will be in its place. Life is constant change and deny that change is to be foolish and certain to cause great suffering. I want to less other people's suffering and continue to use my gift in all the different ways it manifests.

Life can be amazingly challenging and so effortless at other times that it leaves us scratching our heads how it went from one extreme to the other so rapidly. I am in Eugen right now during thanksgiving break and it is very quiet and in another couple months I will be on the raod to somewhere,nowhere, anywhere and with all sorts of beautiful chaos. The minds insistence on order despite the suffering of our truest nature causes a great many problems. Events such as Burning Man exist because society is not meeting the needs of its people. We are trying to function in a society that is not functional in the sense that very rarely are its member every happy nor do they feel good enough. Low self esteem is a driving force behind rampant consumerism not consumerism itself, but rampant consumerism. Shopping is an addiction that makes us slaves to debt and therefore to jobs that most people don't find satisfying. If you are satisfied with your work then consider yourself highly blessed. Typing away on this blog and sharing my thoughts and emotions is my work and I absolutely love it. Keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward.

By the way enjoy your holiday season in whatever that brings you a feeling of true joy and peace!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Video

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prince Is Coming Back

He never went to away but I want to declare my undying love for Prince regardless of his new religious beliefs and any door to door converting he may be doing. I admit that if I had a door and he knocked on it I might have to convert. Luckily I am a nomad and I hear he mostly goes door to door in Minnesota. Prince aaid "Let's GO Crazy" and I am certainly feeling the sentiment these days. Can't keep running away from a destiny that overtakes me moment to moment and I encourage others to do the same and that in the end everything will be alright is more then just a popular song. It is the truth in the end there is merely another beginning and we have an opportunity to hit the world with our best shot. I am looking in the man in the mirror and I hear the 80's is coming back which has been happening for 5 years, but it becomes more prolific now more then ever.

Can't please everybody but I can certainly give everyone an opportunity to be free and dreams are sent away to a place where they seem to be forgotten. I am here to be fully present in all my actions and start and stop different trends that have been a long time building. I don't have any claim rather I recognize there is something that guides me from different places and I know when I am in balance with it and when I resisting it. Put yourself out there and carry yourself with all that hidden courage.

The lie to us about war and the reasons why we are there. We are entering into a new place of understanding. Politics is about people and the people are being neglected and we don't question authority and the legitimate is criminal and they get treated the way we should treat our youth.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Use Crying Over a wasted 1.6 trillion

For those of you who don't we spent that much in Iraq and Afaghanstain and we can't get it back and we can bring back the lives lost but we can steer in the country in a new direction. WE need to porvide clean water, food, and medicine all over the world so that we cab begin to show people that the American people and the government different quite a bit. One of the things I want to do is lowering the voting age and people say teenagers are not responisble enough and I say that most awful events in histroy are perpetrated by adults not teenagers. 1.6 trillionis a fine example.

Our cmapaign though not highly funded yet will be the first campaign to speak for the silent 200 hundred million majoiryt which will have its voice herad. We also watn to enlist the help of the international community to keep us informed about our governments actions abroad. A goverment that does not reperesent its people must be doen away with once the people wake up to this fact, The government is here to serve us and instead we serve them at tremdnous cost to our personal lives and humanity at large.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's Go For Broke

I want this evasive thing and I am going to lay myself out for it and no that eventually we all leave this place one way or another. Sometimes I need to get crazy like prince and then pray like Jesus. Hey any jew that gets a religion made after him must have been on to something. Hey Jesus save me from your followers when you get a chance. I don't want a lifesaver because I never saved anything for the swim baack that is how did all of this when I was written off in that way we have been taught to dismiss most people. We almost always have multiple reassons for doing things and in that regard I am not different then anyone else. All of us have some much more heart and strength then we let ourselves realize and we have combination of light and darkness and we get confused, but just keep pushing thru because I am going to let everything go and then nothing will hold me down because I won't be holding on to anything. Pigment is a figment that most minds seem attached to so let the blind man lead us because he won't judge on appearances.

I am here and you are there and somewhere in between exists a destiny that all of us share in one way or another. Don't pretend and I'll do my best not to keep trying to be something that would never make me happy anyway. There is nothing to wait for because tomorrow does not hold an answer for me and yesterday is gone so let us fly high and find a deep pentrating love that helps me to get over myself until there is no self. I can't be so caught in my head and all of us are the creators of our own destiny. Our revolution happens once we decide that it comes.

You got me thinking thoughts Chicago even though Portland has me in her port and I don't think I am leaving too soon, but my energy can go anywhere. I was in the South and back in the midwest at college and walking around in New York and sleeping in Brooklyn and it all happens so fast and then I am hopping in car and getting on an airplane plannning political strategy and I am looking for a girl who is a ride or die chick that keeps me on path and pushes me to my limits, but when I am ready it will come. When I am ready it will come so for now my feet curb and I let the roots sink in deep.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sunflowers Bricks and 50 foot Smurfs

I am dreaming of that feeling when you find that sensation that makes you feel that everything is fine because you have that feeling. Usually this feeling is triggered by people that we meet or more specifically from a significant other that stirs up all those emotions that had been buried underneath the surface. I am keeping myself open to that experience and I keep getting amazing glimpses of that feeling, but as of yet I am still looking for that partner on my journey. I have been reading so much about near death experiences and the life stories of numerous healers and mediums and everything that they had to go thru and though I have had my trials and tribulations it has been so moderate to what people like John of God had to endure. I want to get to a point that I am just now up or down depending on my external environment. I just am learning to let myself just drift and be at peace with that and have no particular place to go other then what I feel in any given moment.

I love Sunflowars and I love how they are beautiful, but somehow always out of place. A friend of mine in college told me that I was a sunflower for that very reason. It seems like going to college and being named Jeremy Scott Kurzweil and being on Ricki lake and other things is merely something that happened to someone else in a different world. Yet factually I know they are experiences that I had but they become something else as time moves. I think of my time spent in Charleston and my desire to go back to certain places and touch a moment in time that I can get to on the physical realm and if I can I still don't know how to do it. I read about a rock climber who was convinced that he could fly and I thought it was beautiful the others might view him as man out of touch with delusions. People that are out of touch seem to be the most in touch people and the other people merely seem to know the trends of Khakis vs. jeans or loafers vs. sneakers. In the end we all end up leaving this planet and we act as if that day will never come. I want to have my life in order before that moment transpires and totally in love with this exact moment as my fingers touch the keyboard in hopes of touching each one of you in some way and you'll go out and do the same.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Revive A dead Fish

13 year old girl gets 2 detention for showing public displays of affection and someone in some branch of the military gets a medal of honor even if there were numerous civilian deaths. We have give Henry Kissenger of Death a nobel peace prize and we pay people lots of money to hit and throw balls and we pay teachers next to nothing to take care of our most precious resource. How do we lose sight it is one choice after another that gets you into a bad situation. I want to bring back hugs if JT can bring sexy back and his dick in box why can't a teenager girl hug her friends. And we wonder why kids feel the need to get high. The people in charge of them are out of their fucking minds. Most of our nation is on some form of narcotic and why haven't we gotten Bin Laden how fucking hard can it be with a 400 billion dollar budget. If this was my 3rd grade lemonade stand heads would be rolling. The people in charge are either really corrupt or really incompetent. How do we fall so far from grace. I know distractions are the opiate of the masses. Keep them busy is the American government strategy that has allowed them to murder millions in the name of higher profits. It really does come down to better economic interests. We would have intervened in Darfur long before Iraq if there was more oil and a threat to Saudi Arabia was posed.

I don't want to be political because it always comes back to one person feeling threatened and encouraging others to feel the same way. I don't want to encourage any more outrage I want to bring about a new way of living and thinking. We can Mindflank this entire government by dropping of their grid and massive civil disobedience. They are grabbing the reins more tightly because the facade is fading faster then walls of your sand castle during High tide. You are Ghandi You are Jesus You are Buddha and we need you to wake up Now!

For those unfamiliar with My existence

Most people when they travel they stay at a hotel/family/friends/people they are dating/some sort of ex. Though I certainly do stay with friends while traveling (no exs they don't speak to me usually) I also end up staying with complete strangers who I meet when I arrive or I meet them online thru When I first started my journey I would meet people at a bar and end up sleeping on their couch/floor/spare bedroom/garage/backyard/car/van or in the bed with them. I also would meet people at the park on the street and all sorts of odd places and end up spending the night. I absolutely love the adventure and being thrust into so many different lives. Sometimes I would wake up and forget where I was and what city I was in and I was completely sober. I travel so much sometimes I just sort of lose track, but I never lose track of the amazing adventures I've had. Staying in a hotel/motel has never been my style though I do love to stay at an occassional hostel. I find myself previously a mere stanger in the midst of all sorts of amazing intriguing situations acting as an observer who offers my assistance if I see there is need/want and a willingness to receive my help. I basically end up helping people with all sorts of things from getting over a break-up to getting off drugs to being more organized or helping to encourage them to follow their own intution. Think a much more humorous and radical Tony Robbins with dreads and a gift for chi-gong/spiritual healing, freestyle rapping, and general story telling.

I do my best to help make people's lives better and they do the same in return for me. I am there to add a little spice into their life or bring some calm during the storm. I have stayed with married couples on the verge of a divorce, squabbling roommates, yogi instructors, people who tracked me down on the internet, people who recognize me from blinddate, people who I had met me in passing in another state altogether. All of us are looking to connect to other people and more to ourself. My major role in life is to help move along that process. I find that being a modern day nomad is the best way to go about it. The way I get around is thru cragislist, cheap plane tickets around $150 or less that get me from one side of the country to another, an uncanny ability to meet people heading my way, hitchhiking (once I hitchhiked a plane ride from mIggs airfield) and in my early days fake Greyhound tickets. All of this is part of being a modern day nomad. I love to watch barriers come down and to trust and be trusted by total strangers as if we have known each other since we were kids. In fact I stay with supposed strangers more then I stay with my family and feel more comfortable doing so. I feel like Tyler Dirden without all the fighting or a sponsorship deal though I was once used in an STA travel ad in Austrulia wtihout my written consent.

My life is alot like my writing style all over the place but somehow it all connects even if you can't initally see it, but once you give it time you will realize that life is not something to plan it is something to experience. I am a bit of a straight edge beat trying to find a better sense of who I am in my travels and always seeking to step outside of my comfort zone and always make the best of all my situations and giving myself to the journey and being a modern day nomad. Healing/story telling/dancing/and freestyle rapping all over the country.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

WHy I am Running For President OF the United States

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I don't mind all of the contempt or disdain because I desire to help bring politics back to the masses. I want to make it funny and yes COlbert and Stewart have done an amazing job, but I want to take it further. Ridiculous friends of mine just being plain ridiculous be still making more sense then George Bush and most of these other people. We won't sell you out because we don't have anything to sell. We are here to lend a voice to the downtrodden, disadvantaged, and especially the disenchanted. The task seems to be impossible, but that is why I love it so much. This campaign is exploding in ways that I can't even imagine. I have people coming up to me and expressing what they want to see done. Comic Relief earns alot more money for homelessness in one night then many others will in a year. The reason is because of celebrity power and the enteratainment value. I have celebrities and maybe most of them would be considered to be D- but to me they are all A+. FUck the rest of the main stream media we are using every alterantive media possible. We have music and we will make the people dance. We have art and we will make the people see. But most importantly we have love and we will make the people feel. At least the ones who want to feel. I am having an amazing time in Portland. Much love in the air here and many amazing people to continue to connect with out here. I just added Socak as another one of the Campaign Managers. Check him out on Myspace page.

Thank everyone for being who you are and keep searching for your truth and never let up for a single moment because it will be found. May the inner peace deepen and may the love flow onto everyone around you.
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