Thursday, November 29, 2007

So many toughts and Emotions

How does one purge oneself of all the things that we hold on to so that we can make room for the present moment. I just do my best to remember that all I have is now. This moment as I press my finger to the keys and put words on to a blog instead of a paper and people from many different places will read and hear my thoughts. I hope to make these thoughts that will inspire and encourage them on their journey. I hope they remember that they are not alone. Being alone is a strong fear that people have and people always ask me if I am lonely. Yes certainly at times I am lonely, but I would feel this way even if I were always surrounded by people that I knew. I keep thinking about how this entire world is a stage. I can even break down moments in my head and I hear the director say "enter stage right" "step to the background". God is truly an amazing director with the best intent to get all of his actors and actresses involved in the drama and a few become directors themselves. No longer pawns of fate but kings and queens of the chess board. Yet once the pawn makes it to the other side without being taken over by the Maya it can be any piece on the board perhaps even a knight or bishop.

I am still amazed that people read my blog that people that I have never met are curious about my expriences in this world. It has dawned on me recently that there is no thing I can receive or obtain from this world that will give mw what I truly desire. I want to allow myself to be the essence of love and to let it move freely with no attachments.

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