Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A New Depression Means A New Rebirth

I have recently how many people must have been unemployed during the 1930's into the early 40's before the start of public works projects by Roosevelt. People wanted to be rich as Rockefeller and now they want to be as rich as Buffet or Gates not that the Rockefeller is poor by any means. It was a time period where alot of people were in the same people and I doubt too many people yelled "hey Buddy get a job!". There were probably not too many jobs to be found. I wonder what it would be like if the country entered back into that state and we were all forced to rely on each other to get through it together. The idea that everyone is individual is something that is big in this country yet many of these individuals do the same thing except they do in the privacy of their own home without interacting with other people for fear of judgment. There is a reason the explosion in pornography and the internet are so closely connected. Most people are not anything like the demeanor they portray to the world around them. The least suspecting people have some of the most devious thoughts. I have certainly met a few interesting pastor's daughters that were more then a handful.

We are all realizing things the same time and to put it simply we all need and want love, yet we focus on energy on acquiring material things that bring a momentary glimpse of something that we won't be thinking before we leave this world behind. All of us will leave this world, but may we all begin to wonder and seek the source of all the creations that we seek. Call it whatever you want, but most people have a curiosity about these things especially when they have lots of free time.

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