Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now in Eugene Oregon

I have come here to stir the pot and pit stops along the way to encourage other people to do the same. I am connecting to that source that goes beyond words and deep into the silence that people seem to avoid at almost any cost. The silence seems to make the noise even louder by comparison. Sometimes I can't seem to find the inspiration to write and then all of a sudden I hear some music and the chords tell me what to say. Currently I am listening to Tribe Called Quest. I am forming a tribe and we are certainly on a quest so I find the group name to be quite fitting to my own life. I am learning how to deepen my understanding that all of this will eventually pass and something else will be in its place. Life is constant change and deny that change is to be foolish and certain to cause great suffering. I want to less other people's suffering and continue to use my gift in all the different ways it manifests.

Life can be amazingly challenging and so effortless at other times that it leaves us scratching our heads how it went from one extreme to the other so rapidly. I am in Eugen right now during thanksgiving break and it is very quiet and in another couple months I will be on the raod to somewhere,nowhere, anywhere and with all sorts of beautiful chaos. The minds insistence on order despite the suffering of our truest nature causes a great many problems. Events such as Burning Man exist because society is not meeting the needs of its people. We are trying to function in a society that is not functional in the sense that very rarely are its member every happy nor do they feel good enough. Low self esteem is a driving force behind rampant consumerism not consumerism itself, but rampant consumerism. Shopping is an addiction that makes us slaves to debt and therefore to jobs that most people don't find satisfying. If you are satisfied with your work then consider yourself highly blessed. Typing away on this blog and sharing my thoughts and emotions is my work and I absolutely love it. Keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward.

By the way enjoy your holiday season in whatever that brings you a feeling of true joy and peace!

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