Sunday, November 04, 2007

WHy I am Running For President OF the United States

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I don't mind all of the contempt or disdain because I desire to help bring politics back to the masses. I want to make it funny and yes COlbert and Stewart have done an amazing job, but I want to take it further. Ridiculous friends of mine just being plain ridiculous be still making more sense then George Bush and most of these other people. We won't sell you out because we don't have anything to sell. We are here to lend a voice to the downtrodden, disadvantaged, and especially the disenchanted. The task seems to be impossible, but that is why I love it so much. This campaign is exploding in ways that I can't even imagine. I have people coming up to me and expressing what they want to see done. Comic Relief earns alot more money for homelessness in one night then many others will in a year. The reason is because of celebrity power and the enteratainment value. I have celebrities and maybe most of them would be considered to be D- but to me they are all A+. FUck the rest of the main stream media we are using every alterantive media possible. We have music and we will make the people dance. We have art and we will make the people see. But most importantly we have love and we will make the people feel. At least the ones who want to feel. I am having an amazing time in Portland. Much love in the air here and many amazing people to continue to connect with out here. I just added Socak as another one of the Campaign Managers. Check him out on Myspace page.

Thank everyone for being who you are and keep searching for your truth and never let up for a single moment because it will be found. May the inner peace deepen and may the love flow onto everyone around you.

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sokhak said...

as the campaign manager i will put my best foot forward to ensure a healthy and psychedelic experience for all that we encounter. ofcourse there will be no psychedelic dosing for our grand leader Te'De'Van. He is on his own psychedelic experience through breath.

"you can not keep this tall jew down". and with the efforts of all us americans we will stand united and live for our social liberties.

oh and by the way. you spell my name 'Sokhak' not socak.

spelling has never been Te'De'Van strong point, but i ensure you my beautiful Americans he has many other strong points, such as selecting campaign managers!

please remember to breath and hug as many people as possible.

thank you.

yours truly.


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