Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whatever Is Intended For You Will Find You

Recently my mantra has basically been to be aware of when I am resisting the present moment and creating any form of mental tension about the present moment. I am striving to embrace it or do my best to change if that is possibility. I had a documentary producer run me down today to interview about a potential project. My initial instinct as that many wonderful opportunities will transpire as result of this encounter and it will happen in a relatively short period of time. Regardless I am happy with the progress I have been making in learning how to turn off my mind and not allow to run my life. There are so many fears that society and the world around us program into our heads and I am so happy that I have been letting go of these fears.

I have been feeling that my writing has not been as off the wall and some of my earlier posts and I am sure that will eventually make its way back into my writing. Tonight I had an opportunity to do some healing work on an Aids patient. I desire to do more of this type of work along with working on cancer patients. When I was working on him I gravitated towards the right side of his head. That is where he had serious hemmoraging though it was merely where I became aware of the imbalance. We all have such vast untapped into talents and healing is just one of those talents. I believe that we are entering into a new age which may sound very new agey but I know that we are an evolving species just all things in this world are evolving. By the way I still don't accept that the US airforce doesn't know the difference between a weather balloon and alien spacecraft that has crashed (Roswell, New Mexico) even if ti was the 1940's. Though this being true or not true will not change my life in the general course of the days activities.

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one l said...

some of us are maybe at seven, eight percent by now. but the possibilities of fifty, of a hundred percent! are closer than ever. of course we're evolving. there is so far left we can go.

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