Wednesday, October 17, 2007

North Carolina/Echo Project/Healing/politics

I am currently in Wilmington, North Carolina after having spent sometime in Asheville, North Carolina and I will make sure at some point to take my shirt off and spin it round like a helicopter (long live rapper Petey Pablo). I was at a music fesitval that was a minitaure version of Bonnaroo and I had a truly wonderful time and ran into many people who I had met along the way and listened to quite a great music lineup but one of my favorite surprise performances was a group called Louis XIV who is quite catchy exciting and lyrically amusing to say the least. In Asheville North Carolina within my first 5 minutes walking around someone yelled at "I saw you in Brooklyn!". Long live the BK all day I also ran into some musicians who I had briefly met iin Union Square Park as more amazing dots were connected. Then on our final day we met two young backpacker adventurers named Clay and Mike. I had met Mike very briefly in Union Square and it was great to actually spend some time with him and his buddy Clay. Mike is also a member of and encouraged me to go to Hawaii which will be one of the main places I am thinking of focusing the presidential campaign. I know Hawaii is not quite the swing state that Florida happens to be, but if I can convince the producers I think it will work out well. Besides it is a dam big island with many of the worlds climate zones all contained there. I also Need to get back to my roots back to my sand heritage back to the wandering days. I tryed to settle down recently as some of you may or may not and it was to no avail. Literally a tornadoe and then a flood came which did not quite wash everything away but lead to sewage seeping up into the apartment. SO back to couchsurfing and the road of life where I always the passengers until I can meet someone with same contact prescription that I happen to have minus 4 in case you wondering, but I am very content walking around with "impaired" vision.

I have been thinking alot about not accepting the things I don't want because they I will not be able to make room for the things that I truly desire. My musician friend from Phllly (who also grew up in Jersey) actually was found by Mike and Clay and we gave them a ride to Wilmington which is where I am as I am typing this. I have court tommorrow for sitting in union square park too late at night I pleaded not guilty to this as I sang Jay Z lyrics about "not guilty you all got to feel me...". Even if they convict me on this ticket I my try to appeal this travesty of justice. I got the ticket because they are keeping me safe by keeping me out of the bench area of union square park at night. Obviously they don't know my love for Union Square Park. All of us are part of the same amazing journey to discovering that life is truly mysterious and I am embracing the mystery of life and not trying to pretend that I know anything about merely give tips that have helped me on the journey.

Crazy amounts of stillness and motion because a balance is needed between the both. Balance is needed between all things and sweating the small stuff just turns into big stuff and stuff merely holds you back from realizing what we are capable of doing on this planet. We are the infiinite cabinet and this is our country and it is about time we had the final say. Say HEY HEY HEY. DOn't you forget about me meaning the 200 million plus people who did not vote. That is who I am courting for votes so don't worry about me stealing away votes on election day. I am only going after the silent majority.

President Te'DeVan

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this one's for you! this ones for WHO?? us US us!!!



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