Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm going going Going Back to Portland Portland

After seeing John of God I booked a plane ticket to Portland on November 1st. Not sure where I am staying just yet, but if you live in Portland and have room on your couch hit me up. In other news I really do love New York and I am fully enjoying the time that I have left here before I take off. I have been thinking alot about babies as of late I keep seeing them and some of my friends keep having them. Currently I have a warrant out for my arrest. I missed my trial for sitting on a park bench too late at night. Hopefully I settle all of this smoothly tomorrow. I have secured a lawyer who I had healed outside of a bar a few weeks back. I recently landed a full time campaign manager thru my buddy Dan Los. The campaign continues to get more press, and if you can get us anymore it would be splendidly appreciated.

Each day I am granted a look into my past, present and future and there is someone to tell me in case I forgot about places I've been during time period of my life and they learn something about me and I learn something about them that neither of us had previously known. Recently I keep having flash backs of my time in India. They keep coming thru in a very strong way. I learned in England that is very easy to start your own country. I wonder how easy it is to do in the United Stetes.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is kind of a strange question, but have you seen Scott the guitar player around Union this week?

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