Saturday, December 27, 2008

George Bush Cocaine and the Fugees

Some of you may have already heard and others of you might be shocked about what I am about to tell you. I hope your sitting (being that you reading my blog I would assume this to be a really safe bet). John Forte from the Fugees had his sentenced commuted by George Bush. I really have no way to explain such an event, similar to how I can't explain why people are so concerned about gay marriage. My theory is that George Bush loves his cocaine as much as the next man in Washington DC and is hoping that the Fugees can come up with a great follow-up album and John Forte brings such a balance to the group dynamic. Heck George Bush probably would have been smuggling 1.2 million worth of Cocaine if the whole pesky white house thing had not sidetracked him. He felt finding Jesus meant that he should destroy the economy and send us to unnecessary war in Afghanistan, Iraq and a few other places that they try not to mention much in your yahoo headlines (which are too busy informing you about the most important current events involving anything to do with Brittany Spears and her extended family and anyone who may have seen her driving barefoot with no underwear while belching her newest hit song "womanizer", and reliving every million dollar photo up she has when she self destructs.). Yet all of this can be forgiven because George Bush is going to save R&B be helping to get John Forte out of prison. Who knew that George Bush indeed does not hate all black people (Kayne west you were wrong how foolish you must feel now please apologize to George. All can be forgiven its all just water over New Orleans) he seems to have a special place for the ones who help to keep the White House white in that way that nasal passages have just as many holes as the levies in New Orleans.

How Do you measure Spiritual Progress

One of the biggest challenges that I notice on the spiritual journey is how to measure spiritual progress. I have been trained like so many other people to always have neat and easy ways to measure your progress yet involving the most important things in life this can be very challenging and the most significant part is being love and open to this very moment. Yet at sometimes these seem like cliches or things that other people can achieve but we seem to be struggling with not flipping out on some cop or security guard that is making our life more difficult then it need be in a world that already seems to have more obstacles for us to over come everyday. I believe it is important to let go of any incessant need especially the need to try and measure spiritual progress. More then anything it is just a inner knowing which is a difficult thing to convince your rational mind that you have made progress based on some sort of inner knowing. If you can finally let go of this incessant need to measure growth you also have to avoid allowing yourself to be complacent and always keep striving to be the most authentic and honest that you can be. I have continued to be on my spiritual journey in a conscious way for over 7 years. In that time I have felt really close and I felt really far away and I have reached quite a few false summits. Yet each one of those false summits needed to be reached in order that the highest summit can be reached. I must be compassionated yet I must also use wisdom and good discretion and know when to disregard both of these things for the heart. It is a very fine line and that is one of the reasons why there are few saints. Yet I am always reminded by more aware beings who came before me that a saint is merely a sinner that never gave up. As long as we keep striving to be the most authentic we can be the more we can feel ourselves in tune with all the little nuances that lead to a success much greater then they are showing on in the movies or on television. At what point do you have enough of the material and what point are your willing to take your fools leap.

Now is the time and this is the place but can you just sit with that and let that penetrate you deeply and stop reaching for the past or future and harness all of that incredible positive energy that wants to flow freely from your being into this world that has forgotten. May we all awaken may we all remember and may we do this when we decide that we are ready to stop suffering needlessly.

A good wingman knows when to hold and knows when to walk away and knows when to run

Tonight in Ventura I was my buddy's wingman. I saw that he had an opportunity with a young lady that he had met I also sensed that many people might have also had that opportunity but the same could be said for many men as well. At certain point he was trying to convince me to keep talking to her friend. Her friend liked me but did not like when my eyes roll up and flutter which sometimes happens when I am mediating at the bar. I know what your thinking (Yes I really meditate at the bar) but that's just how I roll so make peace with it. Anyway I don't like be told to stop doing something especially when that is natural so I ended up walking away. While he was talking to me the girl that he was making out with started making out with another guy. Then shortly after that this same girl got in a minor confrontation with another guy (who we are pretty sure that she was making out with later in the evening as we left). Yes all and all this is pretty piontless story that could be on a episode of Cheaters, but I told my buddy that I was out and wanted nothing to do with it. He then went back to make out with her some more and the other girl became distraught and was on the verge of tears because she could not find her friend and she was the only girl not making out with a guy. My friend then decided it was time to get out of there (which of course was encouraged by the fact that this other guy wanted to fight him over feeling threatened. Yet my buddy did not dig her enough to consider fighting for this girl.) which I had done about 20 minutes earlier. If your friends want to make bad choices you don't have to stick around and watch the drama. Sometimes a good wingman or wingwoman just walks away and sometimes even runs away if necessary. Some people are just make bad choices and really are addicted to the drama, but that does not mean that you have to join them for it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Mind always Wants to Escape

Though I have made alot of progress in taming my mind from dominating my life I still find at times that it still has a strong momentum from previous years and yearns to feel superior/inferior and many other emotions that keep me in cycles that keep me repeating the same story lines that stop me from feeling myself fully present and in the zone. Looking to the future is something that can often be a distraction from fully appreciating the present moment even if this moment holds discomfort. I had a recent moment in Dolores Park with a few of my best buddies from Stanford and I felt very appreciative to be there being present with them, but I could feel that subtle momentum of the mind trying to have me trying to chase or obtain something else. We are all these crazy bunnies always seeking carrots that either we or someone else we knows desire. Having the most carrots denotes a certain level of status yet not chasing the carrot within itself is not victory. There has to be an inner experience taking place that far surpasses anything that the outside world can offer. I am yearning to seek the creator beyond all the creations. I move from the mystical to the mechanical just like many people in the modern day western society. I often find people are always projecting that I am sitting there on a throne placing judgment upon them. Yet that does neither myself or them any benefit and I will not allow my mind to head that direction because I merely want to experience that infinite joy that we all experience at to make that experience a perpetual feeling that other people can contribute to but a feeling that nobody can take away. It is our birthright to feel a deep underlying peace at any given moment. There will be pain but we come to understand that everything will come to pass and we are just beams of light currently residing in dense matter that we call the human form. May we never become overly attached to a world that is merely full with temporary pleasures that can never give any of the highest love that we seek to experience.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Experts Aren't All that

It occurs to me that shrinks in theory should always be the happiest people on the planet being that they studied the human mind to such a great extent and therefore have the knowledge to fix all of their problems. It seems to me also that the United States should never have financial problems because we have experts that know what they are doing. We should never have any military problems because most of our military leaders graduated first in their class at West Point. That doctors should never prescribed medicine that makes people more sick then when they entered the doctor's office. In case you didn't none of what I just said is true. Experts have some value but often they impede us in attempting to go about things in new ways to yield better results and sometimes we know something that the experts don't know and may we be brave enough to go with that. I remember being young and the doctor's trying to prescribe medication for a bad cold I had and I refused very strongly to take for some instinctive reason my parents listening to the expert gave it to me and the reaction was intensely adverse. We should listen to what experts have to say but realize that there are many factors that they can't account for and sometimes the beginner has a fresh way of viewing things that allow for many amazing results.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Me we were the Pretenders

We let it all slip away then we awoke. I woke up from a dream last night and I saw my old tai-chi-gong master. I gave him a $20 donation in my dream and he was standing fully upright. It was a small token of my thanks and then suddenly it struck me that he had passed away 3 years ago and therefore I knew none of this was taking place on this current earth realm. I immediatley snapped up from my sleep. He gave to me so greatly and freely at a point in my life where I had no concept of how amazing the gift that I was receiving. An astrologer I once saw India mentioned this significant period in my life and how it was ordained before I was born to be given such an experience. One part of me greatly believes in fate and another also believes in our free will. Somewhere this two things coincide and share the same space some how and may finite mind may never understand this, but it is not necessary for me to grasp such a thing. Last night I saw a young man named Kevin then I went to college with and could see that pain and suffering that is caused when you awaken but you do not fully allow yourself to embrace the realization in the way that you live your every day life. There is nothing here other then the love that I give and share that will cross over with me. The rest is merely smoke and mirrors. Yet I noticed that my friend Kevin had more of a humitlity and humanity that resonated from him more strongly. Once you have already begun the process of waking up you must allow yourself to see it on thru. Your options are suffering more or accepting. Either we accept or we suffer and all of us are justing passing thru all of us are just visitors and nomads with our moments and stages both large and small. The unvierse conspires in way that seem absurd at times to allow these glimpses of divinity to shine thru if we allow ourselves to see it. May I always allow myself to be see it especially when it is not pratical or convient to recognize. No more pretending just being as much as I will allow myself to be.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Remember When Stalkers Used to BE Creepy and Hard WOrking

It recently occurred to me that because of facebook/myspace that the ancient art of stalking has become something that everyone does now. No longer is it necessary to dig thru the garbage, memorize schedules,dedicate hours of your day talking to and making friends with the person you are stalking. We live in a whole new era where almost everyone on facebook, myspace, and blogs has used this to some degree as a means of stalking and it is completely socially acceptable to do this sort of thing. I have been on occasion stalked thru this means or thru my blog. I have no qualms or problems with this at all. I just think it is really funny that at one point it was considered really uncool or creepy and now everybody's doing it. Heck I would even say it is hip. You can know what someone's mood is where they are and where they are going to be. You can see who they are friends with the friends that you have in common and read their wall posts (which share more information then you could imagine). You can discover if they are single, in a relationship, and my personal favorite "in a relationship but its complicated". It is amazing how technology effects the social norms and dictates that certain behaviors that were socially deviant are now normal. I welcome anyone reading this to feel completely comfortable in knowing that once again we have become the very thing that we judge most. The only difference between stalking of yesterday and today is that it is virtually untraceable now and it takes little or no effort. Everyone has gained easy virtual portals into other people's lives.
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