Friday, December 05, 2008

Remember When Stalkers Used to BE Creepy and Hard WOrking

It recently occurred to me that because of facebook/myspace that the ancient art of stalking has become something that everyone does now. No longer is it necessary to dig thru the garbage, memorize schedules,dedicate hours of your day talking to and making friends with the person you are stalking. We live in a whole new era where almost everyone on facebook, myspace, and blogs has used this to some degree as a means of stalking and it is completely socially acceptable to do this sort of thing. I have been on occasion stalked thru this means or thru my blog. I have no qualms or problems with this at all. I just think it is really funny that at one point it was considered really uncool or creepy and now everybody's doing it. Heck I would even say it is hip. You can know what someone's mood is where they are and where they are going to be. You can see who they are friends with the friends that you have in common and read their wall posts (which share more information then you could imagine). You can discover if they are single, in a relationship, and my personal favorite "in a relationship but its complicated". It is amazing how technology effects the social norms and dictates that certain behaviors that were socially deviant are now normal. I welcome anyone reading this to feel completely comfortable in knowing that once again we have become the very thing that we judge most. The only difference between stalking of yesterday and today is that it is virtually untraceable now and it takes little or no effort. Everyone has gained easy virtual portals into other people's lives.

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