Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tell Me Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

It is more than just a catchy 80's song if you ask me. I think many of us, myself included, love to hear sweet little lies. My favorite one is that "I want to be with you forever" (or until you piss me off). Another favorite is "I know best" (I just don't want to be questioned in any way, shape or form). We live in a world where we beg people to tell us the truth and call them cruel and hurtful when they do. So instead we want people to tell us sweet little lies especially the people that we are intimate with. We want them to tell us there has never been anyone like us and they don't know how they could go on without us. We want to be told that we are their sun, moon, and earth. We want them to confess their undying love for us (even if it only lasts as long as the orgasm fades). Though I do my best to demand the truth from myself and any woman that I become involved with, I also suffer from the desire to hear sweet little lies.

Often what seems sweet is actually vicious and what seems vicious might ultimately be sweeter in the long run. I am curious to hear your favorite sweet little lies. Talking greatly increases the likelihood to tell lies. We spend so much time uttering nonsense and that nonsense is a series of lies that becomes more lies. I want the truth when it is needed. When you change your mind about something, let me know instead of pretending you still feel the same when you don't. I promise we will all be better off in the short and long run. Lies have a damaging effect on our being. I met a chi-gong master and he would say "If you tell one lie then you must tell three more lies". I never forgot that quote.

My favorite lies:
1) Lying about having a boyfriend/husband thru omission/vagueness (you want my attention and are scared to lose it)
2) Telling me how you would love to have a threesome (even though there is not a snowball's chance in hell)
3) Telling me money doesn't matter (it usually matters a little bit)
4) Telling me you haven't slept with anyone else since the last time I saw you
etc... I think you get the point. What is our obsession with lies? Do we love the extra pain and suffering that they cause. How scary can the truth really be? I am going to examine where my intention is at this moment and do my best to speak truth and feel the greatness of truth.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A blog for laughter

There a couple of things that I want to bring to your attention.
1)Spiritual healing is a better way to get kicked off college campuses than drug dealing.
2) Safe Sex is a great way to dissuade people from wearing a condom. Dangerous sex sounds much more appealing than safe sex. Basic marketing tells you that. To promote sex with condoms, it should be called "experimental sex" or "dangerous sex" or "extra sex plus."
3) My father and mother have no idea whatsoever how I turned out the way I did so if you ever meet them don't bother to ask.
4) Sex with your cousin does not make you an inbred, only the child between the two of you would be inbred.
5) I have never had a threesome despite all my talking and writing about it.
6) George Bush, despite your criticisms of him, will most likely remain in office until the end of his term in 2008.
7) I am still a virgin in that same way Madonna is like a virgin.
8) New York City and I will always have torrid love affairs.
9) I take myself a bit too seriously more often then I let on.
10) My parents secretly think that I might be the messiah, but are still waiting for the New York Times to report it first.
11) My sister makes about 20 times more than me a year and I am proud of her for it. She has offered to send my non-existent children to private school.
12) Chronic masturbation helped me to be asexual during school hours in high school, but it also made me horriblely sluggish.
13) The first time I had sex I was a 4 pump chump - maybe 8 (but she was in a semi-rush to get back to work).
14) I love most - probably all - women with whom I have ever made eye contact.
15) The White House press secretary is going to fall in love with me.
16) I will rule Holy White House (a fusion between Hollywood and the White House. Ronald Regan was a fusion of bad cowboy actors and republicans, which was certainly a starting point).
17) Being in Portland is secretly all about my desire to be Tyler Dirden.
18) I will try not to sleep with your sister/girlfriend/cousin, but if they hit on me I will crumble quicker then Bill Clinton at a whore house during happy hour.
19) I have said more then enough repugnant statements in my life, yet I still proclaim myself a Christian (a follower of Christ or at least the Christ of my liking).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

And The Beat Goes On

Recently I just got banned from Reed College as I had previously been banned from Lewis & Clark along with SVA in (NYC). It appears that despite the many friends I had on campus that a few kids were uncomfortable with my presence and it only takes a few. Intially I was disappointed that this has happened to me again, but it was a smiliar moment just like this one, that lead to one of my greatest moments in my life thus far. I was on a ferry and this angry woman was yelling at me to turn off the music in the car. Since the music was off I went over and talked this girl I had made eye contact with earlier. This lead to me and her swimming naked in the bay and making love on the beach. It was one of the greatest love making experiences of my life and it was all made possible because of one angry woman yelling at me.

Sometimes something that seems awful or just a large annoyance is the best thing that ever happened. Somehow getting kicked off of Reed's campus will end up being the best thing that ever happened to me. It has totally transformed my schedule and all the people I will end up interacting with as a result. I truly believe this and I am very excited about what the days ahead have in store for me. It is important to look at things beyond our control as an opportunity to have a greater adventure. When the rug gets pulled out from underneath you allow yourself to rediscover the wood underneath the rug. I will always think fondly of my brief time at Reed and will have a sweet spot in my heart for the school and the friends that I made there.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Middle America (a.k.a the red states) are going to LOve US

This may come as a surprise to you, but I am thoroughly convinced that Middle America is going to love me. I am going to reach them in ways nobody has ever previously thought of. I am going to walk a mile in their shoes and not judge them for the shoes that they wear. And when they make fun of me I will laugh too and I am going to form an alliance with these people because they are people that have been isolated for too long. We need to bring this part of our family back home and let them know of what is going on in the world. Soon thousands and thousands of couchsurfers from everywhere will be arriving in Middle America and ?they? will start to become more aware of the world through this influx of nomads into their homes. (improve) We will collectively help them get over their fear of strangers. (specify them and what the condition of middle america is. Doesn't make sense to compare middle america (place) to them (people))

Awareness is something that is inevitable and people holding anger/disdain against those who are not aware does not help to bring about change. It brings about more unnecessary gridlock. When people are scared there is no real reason to try and make them more fearful. At one point or another we have all been afraid of something. Middle Americans fears change and a feeling of being left behind or feeling out of step. Lets help them to not feel this way. Many of them will yell and scream at me and I will merely smile and tell them that I love them anyway and that peaceful change will not go away.

Our collective evolution is the most powerful revolution and we are all coming together to realize how everything we do effects everything else. A smile or just telling an inspirational story to one person can have massive effects. Let your actions not be reactionary responses because that will only repeat the same drama. Diffuse the situation by using your own opponents force against them. Do not become overly agitated but instead continue to find your meditative center. Get to the point where you understand the nonsense so it no longer consumes you. Be there for Middle Americans for the change is coming.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Back In College

I now attend Reed College in Portland or so it seems. I am a freshmen all over again and I live with an Indian guy named Anand all over again. School just started and I got here about 2 weeks late which is right on time for me. After all I was in Black Rock City. The move has not become official yet, but it appears to the outside observer and myself that I now attend college at Reed. I really love this school they let you run around Naked. More schools need to allow that on their campus. I don't think I will be getting kicked off this campus anytime soon. I was destined to go back to school and, Now I have, but I must continue to meditate and write so that I can help spawn greater revolution inside of myself. I miss all of you my friends wherever you maybe. I have been adopted by the dorm know as the "outhouse". A friend that I made at Bonnaroo goes to school here and thank to a friend from named Patrick from www.couchsurfing.com I have found myself in the mist of college life once again.

College without the colleges is quite wonderful I think I will be teaching some classes soon involving healing, meditation, couchsurfing and brainstorming some good merry prankster stunts. It only takes 8 very dedicated people to spawn a contagious uncontrolable bush fire of a revolution. I remember a pledge I made to step onto every college campus in this nation and it certainly seems to be the case more and more. Infiltrating colleges is the key to a massive revolution in this country. I have said it before and I will say it again the revolution explodes with the youth. I am merely here to make the path more accessible. I will keep you posted on my Portland planting.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

What is the Deal With Burning Man?

For those of you who don't know there is a place that exists for about 8 days in Nevada every year around this time. It is called Black Rock City and as quickly as it appears it disappears. Some of you might know of this place as Burning Man. It is something that I recommend that you explore at least once if not more in your life. Let's just say it has aspects of Halloween, Tailgate party, Meditation retreat, swingers club, Rave,Fashion & art show, Couchsurfers, etc...

Simply put, it is a place that is very open for whatever you want to express in anyway that you want to express it. It is a place where people who have RV trailers are considered to be upper class. It is a place where most people have little interest in talking about what they do for living unless they are truly passionate about it. It is a place where you can walk around with your boxers around your knees and telling people that you are the mayor and most people will assume that you must indeed be the mayor. It is a place to really let go of your fears and inhibitions. It is one of my favorite cities in the country, but the thing is it only exists for about 8 days, but it will feel like 80 days or more because of all the experiences that you will have. Black Rock City is always a good indicator to see how far you have come and far you truly desire to go.

I send you all my best and wanted you to know that there is a place out there that you can call home for 8 days called Black Rock City and I'm your crazy mayor. Much love and evolution

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