Thursday, September 14, 2006

Middle America (a.k.a the red states) are going to LOve US

This may come as a surprise to you, but I am thoroughly convinced that Middle America is going to love me. I am going to reach them in ways nobody has ever previously thought of. I am going to walk a mile in their shoes and not judge them for the shoes that they wear. And when they make fun of me I will laugh too and I am going to form an alliance with these people because they are people that have been isolated for too long. We need to bring this part of our family back home and let them know of what is going on in the world. Soon thousands and thousands of couchsurfers from everywhere will be arriving in Middle America and ?they? will start to become more aware of the world through this influx of nomads into their homes. (improve) We will collectively help them get over their fear of strangers. (specify them and what the condition of middle america is. Doesn't make sense to compare middle america (place) to them (people))

Awareness is something that is inevitable and people holding anger/disdain against those who are not aware does not help to bring about change. It brings about more unnecessary gridlock. When people are scared there is no real reason to try and make them more fearful. At one point or another we have all been afraid of something. Middle Americans fears change and a feeling of being left behind or feeling out of step. Lets help them to not feel this way. Many of them will yell and scream at me and I will merely smile and tell them that I love them anyway and that peaceful change will not go away.

Our collective evolution is the most powerful revolution and we are all coming together to realize how everything we do effects everything else. A smile or just telling an inspirational story to one person can have massive effects. Let your actions not be reactionary responses because that will only repeat the same drama. Diffuse the situation by using your own opponents force against them. Do not become overly agitated but instead continue to find your meditative center. Get to the point where you understand the nonsense so it no longer consumes you. Be there for Middle Americans for the change is coming.


Reverend Steve said...

Sure they will love you.

Watch this: Borat singing "Throw the Jew down the Well".

JMinney said...

i'll take some family there

Te'DeVan said...

Steve I hear your point but check out Kinky Friedman in Texas and Josh Wyoming is yours. I'll take Montana. Steve your pick now.

oxymoronic said...


If he wins, I'm back in Texas.

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