Saturday, September 16, 2006

And The Beat Goes On

Recently I just got banned from Reed College as I had previously been banned from Lewis & Clark along with SVA in (NYC). It appears that despite the many friends I had on campus that a few kids were uncomfortable with my presence and it only takes a few. Intially I was disappointed that this has happened to me again, but it was a smiliar moment just like this one, that lead to one of my greatest moments in my life thus far. I was on a ferry and this angry woman was yelling at me to turn off the music in the car. Since the music was off I went over and talked this girl I had made eye contact with earlier. This lead to me and her swimming naked in the bay and making love on the beach. It was one of the greatest love making experiences of my life and it was all made possible because of one angry woman yelling at me.

Sometimes something that seems awful or just a large annoyance is the best thing that ever happened. Somehow getting kicked off of Reed's campus will end up being the best thing that ever happened to me. It has totally transformed my schedule and all the people I will end up interacting with as a result. I truly believe this and I am very excited about what the days ahead have in store for me. It is important to look at things beyond our control as an opportunity to have a greater adventure. When the rug gets pulled out from underneath you allow yourself to rediscover the wood underneath the rug. I will always think fondly of my brief time at Reed and will have a sweet spot in my heart for the school and the friends that I made there.


Reverend Steve said...


One thing (but not the only thing) I have always admired about you is your ability to get permanently banned from places.

For those of you who do not indulge in this form of recreation, let me say that getting banned is not as easy as you think it would be. (Unless it is a matter of national security.) I have had to work very hard to get to the place where I can get effortlessly barred for a place like Mr. Kurzweil.

I have always wondered if this would work: if enough people got a restraining order against you, would you would literally be able to move mountains of people by just strolling down the sidewalk? Denying somebody the liberty of movement (at least in Michigan) is technically considered "false imprisionment." Get enough people in a town to get a restraining order against you and one of three things would happen: they would have to get the fuck out of your way, risk getting the pants sued off of them, or risk losing the restraining order (which then you could really terrorize them). It would probably force the to flee running at your approach.

Food for thought.

PS. You have to appreciate the irony of being unable to explore a campus named after two famous explorers (Lewis & Clark).

Te'DeVan said...

Once again your very devious Karl Rove mind is at work in wonderful and humorous ways. Your comment is enough to be a solid blog of its own. And yes despite the annoyance I do appreciate the irony of not being allowed to explore a school named after two famous explorers. I also appreciate the irony of being kicked off a school known for open nudity and a certain degree of open drug use.

Reverend Steve said...

"My devious Karl Rove mind."


Did you know that if you spell out "I Love Jesus" backwards and pronounce in phonetically, you will say "Sausauge Evil Eye"???

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