Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tell Me Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

It is more than just a catchy 80's song if you ask me. I think many of us, myself included, love to hear sweet little lies. My favorite one is that "I want to be with you forever" (or until you piss me off). Another favorite is "I know best" (I just don't want to be questioned in any way, shape or form). We live in a world where we beg people to tell us the truth and call them cruel and hurtful when they do. So instead we want people to tell us sweet little lies especially the people that we are intimate with. We want them to tell us there has never been anyone like us and they don't know how they could go on without us. We want to be told that we are their sun, moon, and earth. We want them to confess their undying love for us (even if it only lasts as long as the orgasm fades). Though I do my best to demand the truth from myself and any woman that I become involved with, I also suffer from the desire to hear sweet little lies.

Often what seems sweet is actually vicious and what seems vicious might ultimately be sweeter in the long run. I am curious to hear your favorite sweet little lies. Talking greatly increases the likelihood to tell lies. We spend so much time uttering nonsense and that nonsense is a series of lies that becomes more lies. I want the truth when it is needed. When you change your mind about something, let me know instead of pretending you still feel the same when you don't. I promise we will all be better off in the short and long run. Lies have a damaging effect on our being. I met a chi-gong master and he would say "If you tell one lie then you must tell three more lies". I never forgot that quote.

My favorite lies:
1) Lying about having a boyfriend/husband thru omission/vagueness (you want my attention and are scared to lose it)
2) Telling me how you would love to have a threesome (even though there is not a snowball's chance in hell)
3) Telling me money doesn't matter (it usually matters a little bit)
4) Telling me you haven't slept with anyone else since the last time I saw you
etc... I think you get the point. What is our obsession with lies? Do we love the extra pain and suffering that they cause. How scary can the truth really be? I am going to examine where my intention is at this moment and do my best to speak truth and feel the greatness of truth.


Albert (your myspace friend) said...

I am in love with a dominatrix for precisely that reason. She is much sweeter in her "viciousness" than all the other sugary sweet girls of my past.

Te'DeVan said...

I have come across a few myself. It is certainly an interesting world and it can be pretty brutal, but sometimes more honest as well.

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