Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Greatest Happens Can Happen Accidentally

If we allow ourselves to constantly to be doing the things that we truly enjoy and are passionate about in our lives as much as possible we would all experience more joy. The side effect of this type of living is that truly great things start to unfold around us all the time. It is one enjoyable action, after another and then it spreads and becomes contagious. We truly alter the world thru this mentality. Many of our great actions could be stopping and hugging a tree, asking someone if we can help them out, taking the time to listen, planting flowers in a retired person's home. All of these thinga are quite simple, but have the potential to alter everything that we know.

The world changes quicker as we allow that amaxing change to take place thru us in each and every moment. We must allow ourselves to take chances towards the things we desire and the eventual outcomes will be perecieved as greatness in regards to events that unfold.

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