Friday, October 27, 2006

About My Friend Mimi (from Austin, Texas)

Since the amount of people that read this blog only is in the mid double digits on an active day. I have developed a very close relationship to those who read my blog especially to those who respond. Mimi in her mego mania has decided that I needed to write a blog about her. Recently she has even begun to put her non-existent son and my non-existent son into competition with each other. Obviously, things have reached a breaking point.
So here it goes I met Mimi in 2005 when she was selling jello shots at Bar None. We only met briefly a couple of times on the street, but she was memorable nontheless. Yes, there I said it. I hope your ego is relishing in the fact that despite the millions of people I have met that you are memorable (and yes I have met millions). I could end the blog here, but for the benefit of Mimi's ego I will go on, but it will be a long time before I ever do this again. So please enjoy.

Mimi and I have had many wonderful conversations despite her ability to sometimes be easily distracted by a Marc Jacob's sale or a cute boy. She is also a really good person to cuddle with under most circumstances. Furthermore since Mimi is a girl who guards her virginity ferciously we never copulated though we once had an extensive make-out session and it was fabulous (she is very kissable). I recommend that you make out with her if you ever get the chance. Mimi is also a model and once I made the mistake of thinking it was called a full figure model and she became enraged and threatened to brutally mock my unborn son, but I quickly explained I had no idea what the term meant. Amyway.... where was?... oh yes Mimi she has been kind enough to give me a place to crash on occassion and is thoroughly amusing. I am very blessed to have her in my life. Hopefully this will suffice and anyone else out there who wants a personalized blog if the mood strikes I just might grant you one.

Excuse the grammar but the English seems to have left me recently...

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oxymoronic said...

love it.

thank you, you have brought a smile to my face on this shitatistic day.

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