Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Yo Mama Debacle

For those of you who don't know I was on Yo Mama (God, Jesus, Buddha, Moses may all of u forgive me). I had never previously cracked a Yo Mama joke in my entire life. Then one of my good friends took me to an audition and I started making them up on the spot. It turns out I am actually pretty good at it. It is not a skill that I am actually proud of, but apparently one that I have. Spiritual healing is less relevant than a good Yo Mama joke to the average young person that watches MTV. How the world got to this point I am not sure. I also think there is a possibility that this episode could end up upsetting the religious right ( I guess there are worse things that could happen). I plan on hiding and keeping to myself in Key West and then India. Please don't ask me about the episode I don't remember what happened. I had just gotten back from Bonnaroo and I had not slept at all and I had already agreed to do this show. By the way, in case you are wondering, many of the people involved in this show believe it is ground breaking. Yes!!!! it is true, I was told this by people involved in the show, but when you compare this to other shows on MTV-glorifying rich spoiled 16 year olds- maybe it could be considered ground breaking.

I guess Yo Mama is my first presidential scandal. Most people tell you they found Jesus well it appears that I have found youtube and blogging. Hopefully Smiley will trump this controversy quite soon and surpass me on this first scandal on this presidential campaign. I would also like to apologize to you and any of your mothers. Furthermore, not that it matters, but the best Yo Mama jokes are never aired being that they contain too much profanity. I was told not to tell those sort of jokes which is ulitmately how you win over the crowd. They will ultimately splice in the crowd with them laughing about jokes that you will never hear. So if you see them laughing too hard at a bad joke it was actually a good joke that you will not hear. I had my hands tied behind my back as I tried to stay away for these sort of jokes. Speaking of Jokes, while most young people in the country are focused on this show many people contiune to die in a war in Iraq that President Bush and TRL assured me ended in 2003. So these last 3 years have been some sort of illusion. And if they can all pretend this is some sort of farce then I plan on using the same strategy for Yo Mama. To quote my good old buddy Ronald Regan "I do not recall sentator". That was fucking brilliant... where do they come up with this stuff?


Reverend Steve said...


Regarding Yo Mama, you have to remember that we all wear many different hats. I am a writer and social adventurer, but most are actually shocked when they find out what I actually do for a living. To me, my "career" is a valid means to an end. Yo Mama is the same, just as was your exploits on other shows. Now more than ever, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Regarding the War in Iraq... you of all people know that I am no Democrat, but this whole (and I use this phrase tongue-in-cheek) "War on Terrorism" has turned me into a hater of all things GOP. The War in Iraq actually did what we all thought it would... it gave Bush and his buddies an excuse to raise the price of oil. And in 10 years, when both Bush is out of oil and Iraq is out of Iraqis, we will triumphantly begin sucking their crude out of the ground to make Bush even more money.

Some may consider this harsh, but I truly believe that Republicans are petty, malevolent creatures. Most Republicans I know ended up that way because they couldn't get laid in high school. How to the two correlate? To summarize... sexual frustration leads to an anti-social predisposition, taken as an aggregate with others of similar mindset form a political party. They call themselves the GOP and are bent on making everybody unhappy, from sea to shining gulf sea.

Te'DeVan said...

Thank you Reverend Steve and there is alot of truth in what you say, but I feel many people in the GOP don't even know what it means to be a Republican. They just want to be able to identify with something or anything for that matter and they find two things they have in common. Ultimately we need another politcal party in the mix. But I do enjoy the humor and many of the truths of your response. There is no bad press I know and in the Reverend Steve I trust.
Much love my man

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