Sunday, October 08, 2006

A New Dawn

This is what's up with me. I am in Portland seeing deeper and deeper into myself and facing fears and dealing with emotions and figuring truly what I want beyond any sort of goal accomplishments. People are waking and I can see it the eyes of the people that I gaze upon every day. I only represent a small fraction of what is about to happen. I will represent a whole new craze in the sense of people being mad for God/Love/Universe without any religious affiliation in the mainstream not just some "new age" craze. The divisions are coming down and I am meeting with new people each day who will have a large say in which the way this world is going. It won't take as much as people believe for a new day to come.

The way of going about things will not hold. Each one of us is responsible for our own awakening. I know that all of you are part of this in some way shape or form. Just smile, laugh and stay present in this moment because that is what allows the magic to happen. Being in the moment is similar to that feeling of your life feeling like a movie that gives you chills and hits your emotions. Stop playing it safe, don't settle, because it all ends before your eyes can blink. Don't live in fear of something that was not even real. Eyes open, especially the 3rd one which can be tricky but just open it up because people are going to need you to use that extra sight to the guide them in the times ahead.

Waves of passion and fire and never for a second doubt that we all have a place in this producution that we call life.


fare_vahine said...

i've been wasting a lot of time. it's easier than i thought. but it's not just me.


jessie rae said...

wow. i always tell jared that i feel like life isn't real. now to me, your line about life feeling like a movie hits it home. but as i type this, i wonder if i'm really asleep...

Te'DeVan said...

We sleep to some extent, but there comes a point where we all begin to awaken. Just the fact that you have awareness of the sleeping state means that you are becoming awake bit by bit. Until we are fully awake and all our actions and thoughts are in line with that wakefulness.

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