Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Have a gift But I am not the solution

Last night it occurred to me while at a party that though it is a wonderful thing to do the work that I do or rather be the vessel that I am for healing energy there is an idea that I just wave my hands around/ do a prayer and all problems are gone. I am not capable of doing such a thing. I a merely someone that is capable of holding a space for people that desire to let go of their pain. I am not the guru I am merely someone that could perhaps be of some small assistance on your journey. Ultimately you must have desire to let go of your pain. I view myself as a man who stumbled upon his greatest asset within my own being and desire to help other people do the same thing.

I do not have a quick fix end all be all thing that I do. I merely can remind you that you don't need all the things that you are carrying around on your shoulders. You can then chose to heed me advice and let go or you can keep trucking along business as usual. We are both reflections of each other is how I view the world. I try to be aware of some of the things that world mirrors back at me.

Sometimes the most wonderous energy will pour thru my being, but that is because there is a desire from the person that I am do healing work on to accept it. They don't need belief as much as they need desire in order to become more in balance. I am constantly striving to find a deeper inner peace that allows me not be shaken when the world around me becomes challenging. Everything that you need is within you and starts with Making your mind quiet and listening to your inner guidance.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

LEt s go Old School

Make me laugh I need s chuckle don't be so serious tell me why Paris Hilton may actually be the Buddha or maybe she is Jesus with even better fashion sense. We all need better fashion sense. We need to find the G spot and sell it on e-bay to I Bankers that work on wall street. We all need to find 21 Jump street. I am Johnny Deeps deep raging infierno manifested as an angry rapping jew that has a weird healing gift that makes little sense to his rational mind, but still he is forced to acknowledge that effects people.

Better dancing will lead to better sex and sentence fragments are hotter then a climax that last 3 hours. There is dancing bear somewhere in India who is being outsourced to be the surrogate mother for an American bear. I am CHuck palanuick from fight club, but not quite that angry or violent. Zombies walk to slow to catch me unless they are the newer zombies. I have found a prophecy inside of me that offers me the hope that I always wanted. Can you really get a contact buzz from weed.

I think people should give money for rehab and college. I want to be on the Mayflower and tell the pilgrims to go back. A man in the room with me is talking about his friends sleeping with his sister. He feels uncomfortable with guys sleeping with his sister. Do you feel comfortable with guys sleeping with your sister or would you feel better knowing your ex-girlfriend is sleeping with her.
Sleep depravation makes for entertaining writing. Sometimes I let my mind wander and these are the words that are unleashed. Yes I have a little bit of an edge and it comes out at times.

Find me Barabra Streisand and tell her she was great in Beaches and then she is the wind beneath your wings and that the movie helped you transform your life and that you will forever be in her debt. (of course I know is Bette Midler what type of Jew do you take me for). When the going gets weird remember that the weird turn pro and that I know the best pros.

Imposter College Students and Myspace People

There is a girl at Stanford or rather I should say there was a girl at Stanford named Azia Kim and she pretended to be a freshmen living at Stanford for 8 months in the dorms. They finally caught her as the school year was coming to an end. I love the idea she just decided that she was going to get an education at this school and was not going to let the small detail of not getting in stop her from doing just that.

We should all be so bold in going for what we want. I desire to have her on one of the campaign buses as things start rolling. On the other hand I am not a big fan of women that have webcame and want to be my friend on myspace. How do they find me? And since I meet so many people I always have to check out their profile to make sure that I don't actually know them. Usually I am correct but on few occassions it was women I had actually met who had a picture that was a bit sexed up. And now some of the webcam girls look like regular people that just want to chat.

The worst imposters are usually politicians because they pretend to make choices in the interest of the American public and only a few of them actually do that.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Digging Hard

So I am at Stanford after leaving San Fran accept now I am wondering if I am facing the old cliche "I left my heart in San Francisco", but San Fran went to Seattle and this girl kind of came out nowhere and we both snuck up on each other. She is smart, sexy, funny, and she makes me feel high and smile when I let her seep into my being. I want to call her right now, but I just want to keep feeling her energetically and I just want to keep feeling and being with her soul. All of us really do have an ability to talk without speaking on the phone. All of us have feelings that we hold back myself included because we don't want to be caught out there all alone thinking the other person would catch us, but God's love always catches us.

The people that make us feel the best are also the people that can cause us to feel the worst. Life is an ebb and flow that leads to this journey. I am trying to allow myself more time to reflect and to be in clear state and speak from my heart. Though I am an open person there are still parts of me that are closed off and those parts need to open up and someone comes along and gives you a prod and brings all of that to the surface. We don't need to suffer we can just love deeply and let it take us wherever we need to be. We can try and rationalize our feelings or we can just feel them and be honest about what we feel and that is what I desire to remember for all of time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Avenues To New Possibilities

I want to say something at this exact moment that pierces right thru the shell of the mundane world. That hits right underneath the surface of a world that is filled with endless possibilities including an unlikely Presidential campaign. Yesterday I did my first interview with a San Francisco Newspaper that should be coming out in Early July. I have a meeting with a production company on Wednesday who has a serious interest in producing "The Impossible Prez". I very excited but also very calm about all the current things going on around me.

I will keep everyone posted on the progress of the campaign and the television/documentary series that will be in conjunction with it. I am working with some extremely talented people and San Fran has been a world of blessings for me. I really do love this town and soaking up the time that I have left before I leave you.
I was at the Bay to Breakers campaign and I had an amazing with a few of my friends and the most amazing and wonderful people that were met along the way. We are entering into a whole new day where people truly realize that anything can happen if your open to new possibilities.

We must constantly allow ourselves to grow in new and different ways and these new routines will create new adventures. To quote Tom Petty "I am learning TO Fly, but ain't got wings." We are on the brink of a whole new way of going about things. I would once again like to thank all the people that have been spreading the buzz about the campaign and sending links to the youtube videos that have resonated with you.
This is campaign aimed at many different types of people not all aspects of it will always appeal to you initially but may it always inspire you to look at old things in new ways.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Embracing the Higher Self and letting the smaller self go

Sometimes when I write something I leave out details and the way that I describe things might cause people to understand the event in a way that is different from how it actually transpired. I always try to write as truthfully as possible though I have an ego that is very clever in regards to protecting itself. I still make assumptions in life that entirely false and want everyone who reads my blog to know that. I am on the path like everyone else and I have not reached full realization and shed my attachment to my identity. I still very wrapped up in my identity and sometimes after when I get scared about being vulnerable I immerse myself more deeply in what some call their "small self" (the big self bigger higher consciousness) because it is something that my rational mind strives to maintain.

I have been arrogant before in my life and I can tell you that I will be arrogant and sometimes it is very intentional and sometimes it is not intentional. I have had moments of profound humility and I desire to maintain that humility on some level, but my ego desires greatly to keep its small identity and make itself the focus of my existence. The ego can never be satisfied and it leads to intense ambition. Ultimately I desire to let go of my ambition because it does not bring me deep joy, but rather temporary satisfaction with temporary pleasure that I quickly forget. Yet, my mind craves these temporary pleasures and wants me to keep chasing them like some sort of Mad Hatter. One day soon I will drop all of these desires and be in the deepest state of ecstasy that will never have me chasing temporary pleasures. It does not mean that I will not have them, but merely that they will not be any sort of focus for me.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Are My Bibilical Quotes

I think I am going thru Biblical quote withdraw. I never had anyone write longer responses then the length of my 2 previous blogs combined. Sure it seemed a little odd, but everything in my life is a little odd to say the least. Plus I really enjoyed Reverend Steve's responses. Admit Reverend Steve you need Biblical Pundits so that you can be at your comedic best. For those of you who never payed close attention. I was getting more comments then ever on my blog. Though most of them were biblical quotes. Sonny bring it back just like the Godfather and include your own personal interpretation of scripture and Reverend Steve will have even more opportunities to be at his comedic best. What was Muhummad Ali without Frazier. Sure he joked around that Frazier shouldn't even show up for the fight, but we need both Sonny and Reverend Steve. In the immortal of that famous referee in boxing "lets get it on".

In other news I will be back on the east coast for a while starting May 28th so keeping your eyes peeled for me in Union Square Park. Also one of my campaign wizards is being seduced by a Belgium Campaign that is offering free blowjobs. First chocolate and now blowjobs what will these brillant people come up with next. In other news everyone in San Fran I meet is convinced a huge earthquake is coming or maybe I am convincing them. Either way I feel strongly that this earth shaking will reflect and huge political and social change that is about to manifest in this country and around the world. The last time San Fran had a big earthquake the Berlin Wall went down back in 1989 and everyone says we are overdue. My feeling is that it will happen in the next 3 months. There are have been some odd weather patterns here but that could also be go old global warming.

In happier news 16th mission celebrated its 4th year of Thursday night outdoor spoken poetry/rants/music/comedy and just people coming together to say what is their minds.
I send everyone the best and keep doing your thing wherever you maybe right now in the world.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Dharma Pad is Coming

I am in the process of getting a pad with a bunch of my friends somewhere on the fringes of NYC. It will consist of some of the most amazing people you can imagine. It will have bunkbeds/lofts for sleeping a huge living space and a love making room. Rent will go for about $300 a month and I am looking for substance free people whom are creative. They are people on a spiritual quest of some sorts and seeking to find a deeper inner peace. They will come from all walks of life. There will also be a constant stream of visitors. It will be an amazing group effort to manifest a spiritual and peaceful version of Andy Warhol's the factory.

We will have the best and brightest couchsurfers from all over the world coming to stay with us. If you are thinking about moving to NYC in the next few weeks contact me thru my myspace account.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Will It take For The Country To Really Change

I have had quite few conversations with my friends in regards to what it will take to bring about serious change in this country. I feel that the vast majority of Americans are fighting for the nicest room on the Titanic and nobody wants to address the issue of the large hole in the ship. We have the capability to fix the hole but instead we spend our energy in extreme exercises of futility and proclaim that we have that right as Americans. Recently I was informed that many of our honey bees have been dying and I feel this should be a huge red flag and one of the biggest headlines. Einstein said that once the bees go we as species will go shortly afterwards.

I am in San Francisco pondering honey bees becoming extinct and the strain the strain that a huge earthquake would have on our country. We can't keep going the way we are going, but very few people are willing to make the lifestyle changes that are needed to bring us back into balance with nature. We really need to increase hemp production and start using hemp for paper so that we can conserve our trees. We need to make some large changes across the board and they need to be made right now.

All of us must be the change in our own lives and the nation will soon follow. We must wake up from our rampant consuming slumber so that we can see the amazing beauty that nature contains and that we all can appreciate by just being still in our mind.

Friday, May 11, 2007

My Campaing Wizards

We are focused on major change in this world and I really do want peace, but I have been taking the pulse of this country based on its purchases. Lose weight, Great Sex, Be happy and fall asleep at night. These are the keys to the campaign trail and then we can focus on the love and stillness of mind and all the things that I truly hold dear. We need to bridge the gap between the people who vote and the people that are in this country right now. 180,00,000 people did not vote in the last election. We are going to give them what they want like Lenin in Russia. We will offer the new version of peace, bread, and land. I think this was the campaign that led to a successful revolution and we will win and Karl Rove will be scratching his head because he galvanized the Christian right. We will do the same thing with the apathetic. I have come to light a small fire under 180,000,000. Now is the time and we are the people to shake it up. You want to be entertained America? I've got what you've been looking for my friends.

I want to talk About Ad that has inspired me

It is in the Castro section of San Fran and has a bunch of buff guys and it says "Hot Sex Without Crystal Hell YEah". How bad must the Meth problem be or why don't we have more ads like this one. How about "Lose weight without Cocaine Hell Yeah" or maybe "Get really blissed out without excasty Hell yeah." There is a great honesty about this campaign that other campaigns don't have. I am still wondering who said yeah this is the way we should go in our anti meth campaign. We have to look at the reasons people are doing certain drugs and explain that we can achieve that same outcome without using substances. It is a very wonderful idea even if most anti-drug campaigns are based upon the 80's idea of Nancy Regan saying "Just Say No". I have to be honest I have never done drugs, but Nancy made me want to consider trying it. I really imagine somewhere in white suburban neighborhoods at least one less line of coke was snorted because of these ads involving Nancy.

In the Presidential Campaign we are going to run alot of honest ads. We are going to be everyone's favorite punchline and be proud of it. We need to be innovative and bold and take plenty of chances. We may be the shadow of the dark horse in this race, but we are going straight to the top like a used condom in a jacuzzi. "Hot Sex in a jacuzzi without drinking Hell Yeah". Ultimately America wants to be happier, thinner, with a better sex life and be able to fall asleep at night. This consists of the majority of drugs that the pharmacy companies sell to Americans that are rampant consumers. Our Presidential Campaign will offer all of this to pull people in and though these are not my greater goals by any stretch of the imagination it is certainly a starting point to draw interest to campaign that is highly under publicized at this present moment.

revolution is the evolution of humanity,
President Te'DeVan

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

The benefit of being a mirror

I recently had a conversation with a young college student who goes to UCLA and I am not saying this to put down UCLA it just happened to be where she went to school. I asked her what she really wanted out of life and she said "To be Rich". I then asked her why and she replied "So I can have as many Channel Pursues as I want". She then asked me the same question "I said to find unconditional love" (typical spiritual healer hippie response). She then said that she was shallow and that I was so deep and then in some way started to feel bad about being shallow. I did not judge her, but she began to judge herself by being forced to think about things that she chooses not to think about. Yet, the girl was amazingly sweet despite everything she said and is merely a product of the world around her. If she grew up in certain other culture she might have said "To have a big flock of sheep" and maybe so that she could then give them to her future children.

All of us need to realize what truly matters to us and then we will be help other people to do the same. It does not mean they will change immediately, but eventually a change will take place. We all have to act as mirrors to society. It is not about lecturing, but merely being a mirror in which your very presence forces people to reconsider things that they have taken for granted. Last night for at least one girl I was able to act as a mirror.

Taking Back Our Own Personal Power

We want to speak up but we hold back and we need to start letting go and let go in a gentle manner, but we need to let other people know how we really feel especially the people that are supposedly in charge of our best interests. We have handed over all of our power and now is the time to find our voice and our individual power. We must break through our judgments of each other and learn to see each other as the same. All of us are a part of the solution. All of us need to find the change within ourselves. We can't expect the revolution to happen externally if it does not happen internally. we need to find change within our own being.

All of us only have a small semblance of what we are capable of doing. We have truly amazing gifts and we need to collectively start realizing our gifts and that will bring about a paradigm shift and help to restore a balance that we need to find with our ourselves and our environment. We all must take responsibility for our own personal power and realize our true voice that exists inside of our core being.

We must keep our hearts open and do our best to clear our minds of the junk that the culture keeps spoon feeding us. We need to break from the culture so that we can gain more of sense of who we really are and how we can bring about a better future.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am slightly off of UCLA's campus chilling a Coop. I had a connection here to a wonderful girl named Laura who I met thru I a great guy named Zack who I had met at the Sundance film festival. He saw me on campus and said "Slacker Prophet!". Seems that name is staring to catch on a bit. I stayed in Topanga a couple nights before and that place is so beautiful. I stayed with a great friend of mine from Jersey who moved out to LA as I was heading towards India. I have been running into quite a few people that I met at Coachella or had merely seen me there and decided that they had to talk to me once they saw me on the campus of UCLA. I got a call from Smiley today. He is my VIP. Hey SUnny go to myspace and give him biblical quotes on his comment page on myspace or respond to his poetry on

LA would be amazing if this place got some mass transit system. It is not a town made for a walking man. I got interviewed by a girl last night who was quitting her PHD in Freench Lit to do a documentary. She has never done any film in her life and decided she needed to take this leap. I was truly touched by this move. She wants to take a look at all the different views of Jesus and perople's perceptions. She was 28 but she could have passed for 18 easily.

An amazing girl that I have been dating from San Fran came down and visited me while she was seeing her sister in LA. We both crashed on the couch of Delta Sig. She has such an amazing sense of what really matters and she greatly inspires me. She told me that we are not meant to be with each other, but we still had more to learn from each other. She hit the nail on the head and I was really moved by her realization. Truth is such a wonderful thing. All of us are trying to find a truth that helps to experience peace and understand what we really desire.

My parents also happen to be in LA right now. Alot of my world is convening right here in LA for the moment, but I look forward to getting back to San Fran. I must continue to ride this adventure out til it has run its course. Just like surfing a wave. I miss so many of you guys and I want to vist all of you guys at once. Crazy amounts of love to NYC and Austin. Both of these places have been greatly in my thoughts and I will make back to both in the near future.

The presidential campaign continues to expand and my VP keeps coming up with clever ideas. Bonnaroo will be a place that changes everything for quite a few of my friends. There will be heaps and heaps of miracle healings and that will help out any aspiring president. Papa Neutrino is spreading the word on his radio interviews and things keep moving forward because backwards isn't a option.

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