Friday, May 04, 2007

Taking Back Our Own Personal Power

We want to speak up but we hold back and we need to start letting go and let go in a gentle manner, but we need to let other people know how we really feel especially the people that are supposedly in charge of our best interests. We have handed over all of our power and now is the time to find our voice and our individual power. We must break through our judgments of each other and learn to see each other as the same. All of us are a part of the solution. All of us need to find the change within ourselves. We can't expect the revolution to happen externally if it does not happen internally. we need to find change within our own being.

All of us only have a small semblance of what we are capable of doing. We have truly amazing gifts and we need to collectively start realizing our gifts and that will bring about a paradigm shift and help to restore a balance that we need to find with our ourselves and our environment. We all must take responsibility for our own personal power and realize our true voice that exists inside of our core being.

We must keep our hearts open and do our best to clear our minds of the junk that the culture keeps spoon feeding us. We need to break from the culture so that we can gain more of sense of who we really are and how we can bring about a better future.

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