Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Will It take For The Country To Really Change

I have had quite few conversations with my friends in regards to what it will take to bring about serious change in this country. I feel that the vast majority of Americans are fighting for the nicest room on the Titanic and nobody wants to address the issue of the large hole in the ship. We have the capability to fix the hole but instead we spend our energy in extreme exercises of futility and proclaim that we have that right as Americans. Recently I was informed that many of our honey bees have been dying and I feel this should be a huge red flag and one of the biggest headlines. Einstein said that once the bees go we as species will go shortly afterwards.

I am in San Francisco pondering honey bees becoming extinct and the strain the strain that a huge earthquake would have on our country. We can't keep going the way we are going, but very few people are willing to make the lifestyle changes that are needed to bring us back into balance with nature. We really need to increase hemp production and start using hemp for paper so that we can conserve our trees. We need to make some large changes across the board and they need to be made right now.

All of us must be the change in our own lives and the nation will soon follow. We must wake up from our rampant consuming slumber so that we can see the amazing beauty that nature contains and that we all can appreciate by just being still in our mind.


Dr John Bender said...


I have found a political campaign more original and compelling than yours. I will tend my resignation soon. Even if this campaign is in Belgium, you can't compete with free blowjobs.


~Dr J

Anonymous said...

Do you know any hookers with hearts of Gold like in that movie "milk money". Thank God it is in Belguim great chocolate and great blowjobs.

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