Friday, May 04, 2007

The benefit of being a mirror

I recently had a conversation with a young college student who goes to UCLA and I am not saying this to put down UCLA it just happened to be where she went to school. I asked her what she really wanted out of life and she said "To be Rich". I then asked her why and she replied "So I can have as many Channel Pursues as I want". She then asked me the same question "I said to find unconditional love" (typical spiritual healer hippie response). She then said that she was shallow and that I was so deep and then in some way started to feel bad about being shallow. I did not judge her, but she began to judge herself by being forced to think about things that she chooses not to think about. Yet, the girl was amazingly sweet despite everything she said and is merely a product of the world around her. If she grew up in certain other culture she might have said "To have a big flock of sheep" and maybe so that she could then give them to her future children.

All of us need to realize what truly matters to us and then we will be help other people to do the same. It does not mean they will change immediately, but eventually a change will take place. We all have to act as mirrors to society. It is not about lecturing, but merely being a mirror in which your very presence forces people to reconsider things that they have taken for granted. Last night for at least one girl I was able to act as a mirror.

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Jake said...

Come back to UCLA. Haha. I knew nothing about you when I saw you on our campus, so I went back to my dorm and began researching. You have so many throught provoking videos and blogs that I stayed on the computer for hours straight. I would really like to hear more about your faith and path through life if you have time and ever come back.

If you see this you should send me an email at if you feel so inclined.

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