Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Dharma Pad is Coming

I am in the process of getting a pad with a bunch of my friends somewhere on the fringes of NYC. It will consist of some of the most amazing people you can imagine. It will have bunkbeds/lofts for sleeping a huge living space and a love making room. Rent will go for about $300 a month and I am looking for substance free people whom are creative. They are people on a spiritual quest of some sorts and seeking to find a deeper inner peace. They will come from all walks of life. There will also be a constant stream of visitors. It will be an amazing group effort to manifest a spiritual and peaceful version of Andy Warhol's the factory.

We will have the best and brightest couchsurfers from all over the world coming to stay with us. If you are thinking about moving to NYC in the next few weeks contact me thru my myspace account.


sonny said...

may i participate in this dharma pad?

Anonymous said...

It will be located in NYC so if you are interested in living in that part of the country.

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