Friday, May 11, 2007

I want to talk About Ad that has inspired me

It is in the Castro section of San Fran and has a bunch of buff guys and it says "Hot Sex Without Crystal Hell YEah". How bad must the Meth problem be or why don't we have more ads like this one. How about "Lose weight without Cocaine Hell Yeah" or maybe "Get really blissed out without excasty Hell yeah." There is a great honesty about this campaign that other campaigns don't have. I am still wondering who said yeah this is the way we should go in our anti meth campaign. We have to look at the reasons people are doing certain drugs and explain that we can achieve that same outcome without using substances. It is a very wonderful idea even if most anti-drug campaigns are based upon the 80's idea of Nancy Regan saying "Just Say No". I have to be honest I have never done drugs, but Nancy made me want to consider trying it. I really imagine somewhere in white suburban neighborhoods at least one less line of coke was snorted because of these ads involving Nancy.

In the Presidential Campaign we are going to run alot of honest ads. We are going to be everyone's favorite punchline and be proud of it. We need to be innovative and bold and take plenty of chances. We may be the shadow of the dark horse in this race, but we are going straight to the top like a used condom in a jacuzzi. "Hot Sex in a jacuzzi without drinking Hell Yeah". Ultimately America wants to be happier, thinner, with a better sex life and be able to fall asleep at night. This consists of the majority of drugs that the pharmacy companies sell to Americans that are rampant consumers. Our Presidential Campaign will offer all of this to pull people in and though these are not my greater goals by any stretch of the imagination it is certainly a starting point to draw interest to campaign that is highly under publicized at this present moment.

revolution is the evolution of humanity,
President Te'DeVan

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