Monday, March 31, 2008

So the Astrologer was Right your Ex-girlfriend is now married

I was in India in 2007 and when I was there I went to an astrologer and quite a few things that he told me have turned out to be right and the above mentioned title happened to be one of them. He is also very accurately pegged the time period which I spent with a tai-chi/chi-gong master from China. I found a few of his predictions to be a bit startling in regards to accuracy. I feel that I have been hiding alot of personal aspects of my life from the blog or more accurately not knowing where to begin> I was given a picture today to do a long distance healing on man's mother from Spain. I believe in the power of healing and certainly long distance healing is another avenue for that take place. I recently about 2 and half weeks with no cell phone and it was wonderful. I had some herbs from the healer John of God sent to me and I will start taking them tomorrow. Every day I amazed at how many people I have encountered. Tonight at a small gathering of about 12 2 people knew from New York, One from Venice Beach, and another recognized me from Wild Oats. Someone recently stopped me on the street and bought my healing sign off of me for $200. I have no idea what tomorrow or the rest of this year has in store for me. I am learning to fly without wings and remembering to fly is sometimes the hardest thing. I am looking for a ride to New Orleans where I will stay with a friend who I met at Bonnaroo. I dont care much for spelling as long as you can figure what I am trying to say more or less, but hopefully more then less. I am weirded out a little bit that my ex-girlfriend is married but more wondering if the astrologers prediction about the mafia taking interest in me might also be true. Rationally the mafia being interested in me does not make any dam sense to me being that I don't like guns, drugs, or racketering (unless it is Robin Hood, but still then I have my questions). Life has a funny way of working out most people are not patient enough to allow it to unfold and spend a great deal of the in between time worrying about many things that never happen. One day I will pass on and everything I touch and have touched and ever will touch the same can be said for it. One day "This too will pass". There a great deal many people who have come before me who or wiser then me. I seek to continue to find truth inside of myself. I met someone recently who got pulled into the nonsense of club life and spent a thousand dollars in one life. If charity organizations were night clubs at least a whole bunch of malnourished children would get fed off our decadence. If you don't feel the rain then you don't feel anything at all. Give them a guitar and a some drums and watch them wail.

Friday, March 28, 2008

So mUch to Express and suppress where to begin

Everyday I keep walking by a dead cat and every day it is there rotting away and I just walk around it and at one point it would have walked around me. I understand why people desire proper funerals. There does seem to be some sense of dignity about the whole life and death and process. People are always coming out of the woodwork and disappearing into the woodwork in my life. They are from all over heading on their own journey to understand themselves and we meet at some point and place and they usually doubt that I remember them, but given a few brief moments I can almost always place where it is I have met someone and some the details that were discussed during the conversation. Every moment is a constant reminder of where we are and where we have been and where it is that we are hoping to make it to on this strange and marvelous journey. I can hear the music of revoltuion and change everywhere I go and I can see a look of awakening in many people's eyes that symbolizing the awakening leading into 2012 and the beginning on a new phase for a much greater portion of humanity. We must again live in balance because are ways are not working and now is the return of the shaman or spiritual being that resides in all of us that has been lying dormant for too long. I often find little things nipping at my heels and sometimes we need to take heed of this nipping because it is a caution to be aware of what is going on around us in this moment. We all have gifts to realize and the most significant of these gifts is the love that pours out of us when we allow to come and do not resist the utter magic of a love without limits. Do not allow negative people to bring you into their lower vibration. Instead bring them to a higher frequency to help them with their healing. SOmetimes so much has transpired in my life I am somewhat intimidated at the momenutal task of even expressing a fraction of the experience in words. I try to relay stories that will benefit the person or persons that I am talking to at any given moment. All of my fumbles have made more aware to face my fears but also heed my warnings. Slowing down and focusing more on my own healing will greatly help my ability to heal others.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lets End This War.

Bringing this war to an end in Iraq involve everyone feeling a sense a connection to the awful things that are happening there. We continue to have our elected officials so willing to send young men and women out to the front lines, but their own children have cushy high paying jobs. We were told in 2003 by our president that this mission was accomplished as he got on U.S. Naval ship and put on his outfit for his photo-op. 5 years later this war is still dragging along and we have not caught Bin Laden dead or alive. I have not even heard any leads on this most dangerous man. We are more vulnerable to terrorist attack then ever before. I sometimes think about how we are sleeping walking and government agencies have not been looking out for the best interests of other people instead of our economic interests. We our constantly trying to support economic growth in a non-sustainable model. We can keep floating a little longer but half way into the next presidents term the repercussions of our present actions will hit us like a titanium wall. We can greatly lessen the impact if we all start working together collectively on different solutions and spend more of tax money on educating the youth to create and think independently. I look forward in bringing this forward to the nations attention in many different ways. In many different venues our campaign known as the "Infinite Cabinet" will be there making the world a better place by creating groups that are furthering peace inside of ourselves and in the world that we live in. Another of great civil unrest is upon us. The internet has enabled to us connect to each other in ways that were much more challenging years ago. Being present of the moment we are in and how we can better it are crucial for us being the change that we want to see in this world. Change is happening whether you are aware of it not and people are reawakening to their potential.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dancing Koala Bears and Kangaroos

No more nonsense is almost always a promise that there will be alot more nonsense being an education president means that you still prefer to spend more money on weapons then on your own nations education. I remember the 90's 80's and the 70's were a blur. THey told me when I was 11 that sexual revolution was over just when I discovered the joys of my parents jacuzzi. I was still watching lots of cartoons as if it was my religion and I resented soul train because it meant the end of cartoons. I am believer in dance breaking out anywhere at anytime and it usually means there is 50% that someone will tell me that I have to stop dancing. We are country of slaves bragging about how free we are as we continue to be brainwashed into buying more things to fill feelings of being inadequate which are passed down from generation to generation. Our healing is our ability to break from the past to stop stuffing ourselves to a point of exploding on holidays and saying it is part of some sort of tradition of extreme gluttony. Suppressing emotions with food is our god given patriotic right and taking a car everywhere no matter how close the benefit if being an American. The framework is being eaten by termites but that is compounded by the fact that we deny that they are there or that it will be fixed by ignoring this simple fact. And how come the president never Gave me Bin Laden dead, alive, or in some sort of coma. 8 years later and we never brought this man to justice and still they act as if the country is somehow safer. Yet, I was at the airport recently and they told me we were at alert level orange. Yet nobody explained what the hell this meant or what I should do with this information that merely makes the blood pressure jump ever so slightly. As long as we are on edge we are more likely to needlessly consume and help keep a non-sustainable economy moving along as the dollar begins to move towards the peso. Where is Jimmy Carter when you need him and soft southern accents seem to have more well received by the American people. Only 1/3 of us choose our president and about half that 1/3 favor the person who wins. Faking an acid trip is easy it consists of doing tai-chi in public and not being of Asian descent. I am not here or there I am nowhere man seeking to awaken Hemingway's Ghost after I round up all his crazy kats for a revolution in Key West which will spread like informercial products to a nation of insomniacs who can't sleep without Ambien because they don't know what the heck alert level orange means. Why can't the alert be aqua blue or purple those are much calming colors. I feel that airplanes should have instructional videos with jack Bauer as the host telling us how we can stop terrorism. The chaos of this world eventually fits together like puzzle pieces that don't appear as we first saw them because the floride in the water was messing with our depth perception.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

To whom it May COncern

Someone somewhere will hear you when they are ready to step forward and know when to push and when to pull and when to do nothing at all. Perhaps we have all been kicked out of our house to make our way in a world where madness is called sanity. Is dying really all that bad or is at a blessing that we give after we have completed our mission. I have dated quite a few cutters and yet most were embarassed or shamed by it and other cultures it is a socially acceptable ritual, but maybe for different reasons. We don't need drugs we are the drug and yet people think I am holding out on them when I say meditation lead me here. Meditation is eveything it is about being present to what you are feeling in this moment, Don't stuff it anymore. Let it erupt and from there it will ooze into eveything you do. Look at your own ability to freely move as the waterways carry into the ocean until man gets in the way. We are part of something amazng and yet many of us spend a great part of our life denying what is truly our ultimate power which is the ability to love regardless of all the madness that surrounds us.

Do you See ME Do You Remeber ME

Will you start pretending will you be honest with what you want what you are ready for and what you true intention happens to be. Do you even know why you do what you do or is denial your constant vehicle that you travel through life in. What if we are driving through feels of gold but there is nothing that feeds the hunger or quench the thirst. In this moment we have an opportunity to connect and share a true human experience and we make "small talk". I love traveling because it always takes you out of being able to fall back into that unknown vastness. Time is something that we can step outside of and we don't have to keep doing the same thing. ALl of us are seeking for some sort of hope or joy to take away that anxiety of this world that people consider as some type of living. Flash back flash forward flash now and fire out what is buried deep in your colon and deep in the bowels from a past that can't be consumed. The wrists hurts and even George Michael loses his faith before he truly finds his freedom. We have such guilt and we pass it onto to others. Draw paint and express things so that can be released and inspire others to do the same.They want you to be something or perhaps they want you to be nothing or they can't even decide it merely depends on which personality has possessed them at this very moment. The itch never goes away and Billie Hoilday is not just reference to the past but a feeling you have in the present. Everyone is at some point in their process and broken wings can mend or perhaps we realize that even the wings are merely magic feathers strung together.

FInding the Joy of Now

On the road or off that road on the backroads or byways no more highways going to the sky and other realms that we reach when the mind becomes a space with what some call "Zen mind" or "god mind". We are all here to find that place that screams yes you are home you are finally here. At times many people are too busy to feel their feelings and lifes dealings. We are jazz musicians without saxophones or clarinets but they exist deep in that core. A return to the 1920's can a nomad/hobo find a train to hop anymore looking for that next place that says "Yes you are home". Yet home to me becomes more and more abstract and most people are seeking anywhere but inside. Many times you need to get away from everything that you know and everyone who thinks that they know you and create specifically to the moment that you are in without dragging the past along with you. Magic happens when we surrender to a law that most people don't understand or refuse to accept, but it still dictates so much of what is happening whether we accept it or not. Can I become a born again jew or Rabbi they are always trying to recruit me whether it is Miami or NYC. Jews just want to keep you in the fold. Everyone wants to be a member of some club or group and only a few actually just want to be. Compassion is destroyed when people consider maintaining an image without any consequences to the feelings of others. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to hold onto a grudge to a moment that is gone. It is as insane as trying to swim in the oceans once you have moved to the desert. Laughing has s great power and most of us could use a lot more of that power. Now in this moment I know that my liberation is mine if will just give everything good or bad over to something beyond me. Let it all channel through and maybe if you are meant to then you will find yourself splashed all over and having your message reflected back at you. Back to the present back to the present.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Music Festival Magic

Our generations eccentrics, adventurers, and seekers go to these events desiring to experience something beyond the montonmy of everyday living that stifles people's imaginations. We all want to tap into our individual creative process and find in that exists healing. I am seeking that inner rainbow that exists inside of being that Judy Garland song to me when I felt that perhaps that I wouldn't ever find it. She told me a truth in her song not her disney image, but her real story was something that leads me on my quest on the yellow brick road. Perhaps the hordes of young and old people attending these festivals are following their own yellow brick roads and all leads to the same place. I have seen a greater awakening of the youth of this country and given other outlets that have an intense curiousity that far exceeds the previous the generations. The good news is that we are all part of life as much as we allow ourselves to be involved in the process. We can not give up because we each have a story that has to be seen all the way to end or a new beginning. I don't want to tell anyone how to live their life because I don't want anyone to do that for me. We are all unraveling and finding ourself returning closer to the source or the starting point. The Now is the most hopeful moment and running out the door before we are centered is cheating ourselves and the world that we enter into. When people ask me how I am doing? I just say "present" because that is the most accurate thing that I can express in words.

Spring Break And Healing

I am down in Miami walking around running into numerous college kids from all over and quite a few of them are aeeking some other then the stereotypical drunken haze of spring break. This is not to say that they don't still desire this aspect, but they still have yearning for something more profound. We all want to become more aware of who we are and our potential. Recently a good friend of mine pointed out to me there is a time to be in the stillness and a time to display a personality so that people can more easily relate to you so that you can them help to become more aware of their own inner stillness. There is a balance between yogi and politician. I am continuously realizing the importance of being in that state. I am seeking to express and explore all the components that make up what we simply call love. I have more a yearning to be of service and to help people consider the possibilities beyond what society has dictated to them. We must being willing to listen to that inner voice and create new genres of music, art, and film that go beyond previous understanding. We say things can't be done because we haven't seen it occur or we refuse to see it bevause it would threaten our current set of beliefs or we are terrified of being wrong because then we might have to change. I don't want to sell people short, but I don't desire to blow the proverbial smoke there are enough people to do that. Silencing the mind leads to a greater ability to hear the inner counsel and combine that with compassion. The silence of the mind is a great start, but that alone is not enough it must be merged with a great compassion and willingness to serve humanity for humanity is you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Closer To Higher Truth

It is something that is more subtle and something that brings us closer to a greater understanding of the world and where we have been and where we are going as individuals and as a society. We as individuals make-up society and we need to be willing to stray from social norms so that we can begin to create new patterns which are healthier for society. Many people will resist this, but you must do what feels right in your heart and not just go along with things because it seems easier to do. That will merely cause more suffering for everyone involved. You must be willing to stand alone and realize that you were never alone. We are part of awakening of talents people are becoming aware that they are much more capable of doing things that years ago would have seemed very foreign. We have become so disconnected from the natural rhythms of nature and have created a world in which we are immersed in the lives of drama filled celebrities always seeking to ignore what lays dormant inside of our being. I feel things as I walk around subtle magnetic tugs that bring me to certain people that I have met along the way ore people who might need my assistance or might need their assistance. Yesterday on the beach I witnessed hundreds if not thousands of spring break college kids doing their rituals. Some of them are searching for something greater and I was lead to a few of them. It always varies how much they want to seek within themselves and I merely act as a reflection for those who yearn to find a greater peace inside of their being not dependent upon externals. It is very easy to be distracted from things outside of ourselves yet it is so important to plunge inwards towards the pleasure that exists inside of our being. I continue to thank the higher source for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. We are the light that continues to expand into the world. We must continue to plunge deeper into our being and clear out the mind. Clear out out the mind and you will have greater insight into all things concerning life in this world. Be that change and be that mirror for the world.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Healing Old Wounds

Every now and then in life we are given a chance to directly undo karmic debt with someone we met along the way. In our lives we weren't always as aware as we are now at this point and we were taken over by rage, jealousness, bitterness and other such things. Perhaps we will encounter these people and have a chance to help heal an old wound. This has happened to me recently and the healing takes place in a way that words can not capture. I am in Miami Florida right now listening to chanting music and have recently gotten back from a music festival in the Everglades known as Langerado. Along the way numerous people cross our paths and some of perhaps are people we that wronged in previous lifetime though we may have no conscious awareness of this, but an overall sense that we owe them some debt of service. I firmly believe in Karma and past lives and that sometimes we pay off our debt directly or indirectly. I used to be quite mean to a friend of my sisters when we were kids and yesterday we were lead to each other in a strange way to help repair some of those wounds. When the process had run its course I got up bowed and went on my way. There is a continuous flow that guides us if we listen to it. We are all apart of this flow and it will take us on all sorts of adventures. I am blessed to have all the spiritual riches that I have been given and blessed to be able to help so many people along the way. I continue to contemplate my immortality in physical body and debate between what is destiny and how much we can change our destiny. We may not be able to control the ride, but we can decide how to respond what happens on our journey. I want to bless everyone out there who has helped me along the way. At music festivals I get a chance to connect with all sorts of people that I have met along the way. At the last festival I saw a good friend from Boston named Dan and I could see his progress in his meditation path and along with another friend we held a spontaneous meditation circle that many people felt and a few joined at the music festival. These festivals are great places in many senses because people are coming to search for something. Most people don't step outside of their comfort zones and therefore they don't expand and stay with what is familiar. We all have opportunities to expand our awareness in each moment. Being in this moment and aware of what it holds is the key to being open to the gift of the here and now wherever that may be.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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