Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break And Healing

I am down in Miami walking around running into numerous college kids from all over and quite a few of them are aeeking some other then the stereotypical drunken haze of spring break. This is not to say that they don't still desire this aspect, but they still have yearning for something more profound. We all want to become more aware of who we are and our potential. Recently a good friend of mine pointed out to me there is a time to be in the stillness and a time to display a personality so that people can more easily relate to you so that you can them help to become more aware of their own inner stillness. There is a balance between yogi and politician. I am continuously realizing the importance of being in that state. I am seeking to express and explore all the components that make up what we simply call love. I have more a yearning to be of service and to help people consider the possibilities beyond what society has dictated to them. We must being willing to listen to that inner voice and create new genres of music, art, and film that go beyond previous understanding. We say things can't be done because we haven't seen it occur or we refuse to see it bevause it would threaten our current set of beliefs or we are terrified of being wrong because then we might have to change. I don't want to sell people short, but I don't desire to blow the proverbial smoke there are enough people to do that. Silencing the mind leads to a greater ability to hear the inner counsel and combine that with compassion. The silence of the mind is a great start, but that alone is not enough it must be merged with a great compassion and willingness to serve humanity for humanity is you.

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navy_guy said...

hey man. I met you on the L bus in Miami the other day around 0300. I was the guy with the white Kangol hat. I had honestly been pondering your sign (that is how I found your site) and was hoping that you might have some advice on a problem I am having. Is there an e-mail address I can reach you at? I would prefer to keep the situation private. mine is thanks in advance.

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