Sunday, March 16, 2008

FInding the Joy of Now

On the road or off that road on the backroads or byways no more highways going to the sky and other realms that we reach when the mind becomes a space with what some call "Zen mind" or "god mind". We are all here to find that place that screams yes you are home you are finally here. At times many people are too busy to feel their feelings and lifes dealings. We are jazz musicians without saxophones or clarinets but they exist deep in that core. A return to the 1920's can a nomad/hobo find a train to hop anymore looking for that next place that says "Yes you are home". Yet home to me becomes more and more abstract and most people are seeking anywhere but inside. Many times you need to get away from everything that you know and everyone who thinks that they know you and create specifically to the moment that you are in without dragging the past along with you. Magic happens when we surrender to a law that most people don't understand or refuse to accept, but it still dictates so much of what is happening whether we accept it or not. Can I become a born again jew or Rabbi they are always trying to recruit me whether it is Miami or NYC. Jews just want to keep you in the fold. Everyone wants to be a member of some club or group and only a few actually just want to be. Compassion is destroyed when people consider maintaining an image without any consequences to the feelings of others. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to hold onto a grudge to a moment that is gone. It is as insane as trying to swim in the oceans once you have moved to the desert. Laughing has s great power and most of us could use a lot more of that power. Now in this moment I know that my liberation is mine if will just give everything good or bad over to something beyond me. Let it all channel through and maybe if you are meant to then you will find yourself splashed all over and having your message reflected back at you. Back to the present back to the present.

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