Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you See ME Do You Remeber ME

Will you start pretending will you be honest with what you want what you are ready for and what you true intention happens to be. Do you even know why you do what you do or is denial your constant vehicle that you travel through life in. What if we are driving through feels of gold but there is nothing that feeds the hunger or quench the thirst. In this moment we have an opportunity to connect and share a true human experience and we make "small talk". I love traveling because it always takes you out of being able to fall back into that unknown vastness. Time is something that we can step outside of and we don't have to keep doing the same thing. ALl of us are seeking for some sort of hope or joy to take away that anxiety of this world that people consider as some type of living. Flash back flash forward flash now and fire out what is buried deep in your colon and deep in the bowels from a past that can't be consumed. The wrists hurts and even George Michael loses his faith before he truly finds his freedom. We have such guilt and we pass it onto to others. Draw paint and express things so that can be released and inspire others to do the same.They want you to be something or perhaps they want you to be nothing or they can't even decide it merely depends on which personality has possessed them at this very moment. The itch never goes away and Billie Hoilday is not just reference to the past but a feeling you have in the present. Everyone is at some point in their process and broken wings can mend or perhaps we realize that even the wings are merely magic feathers strung together.

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