Monday, March 31, 2008

So the Astrologer was Right your Ex-girlfriend is now married

I was in India in 2007 and when I was there I went to an astrologer and quite a few things that he told me have turned out to be right and the above mentioned title happened to be one of them. He is also very accurately pegged the time period which I spent with a tai-chi/chi-gong master from China. I found a few of his predictions to be a bit startling in regards to accuracy. I feel that I have been hiding alot of personal aspects of my life from the blog or more accurately not knowing where to begin> I was given a picture today to do a long distance healing on man's mother from Spain. I believe in the power of healing and certainly long distance healing is another avenue for that take place. I recently about 2 and half weeks with no cell phone and it was wonderful. I had some herbs from the healer John of God sent to me and I will start taking them tomorrow. Every day I amazed at how many people I have encountered. Tonight at a small gathering of about 12 2 people knew from New York, One from Venice Beach, and another recognized me from Wild Oats. Someone recently stopped me on the street and bought my healing sign off of me for $200. I have no idea what tomorrow or the rest of this year has in store for me. I am learning to fly without wings and remembering to fly is sometimes the hardest thing. I am looking for a ride to New Orleans where I will stay with a friend who I met at Bonnaroo. I dont care much for spelling as long as you can figure what I am trying to say more or less, but hopefully more then less. I am weirded out a little bit that my ex-girlfriend is married but more wondering if the astrologers prediction about the mafia taking interest in me might also be true. Rationally the mafia being interested in me does not make any dam sense to me being that I don't like guns, drugs, or racketering (unless it is Robin Hood, but still then I have my questions). Life has a funny way of working out most people are not patient enough to allow it to unfold and spend a great deal of the in between time worrying about many things that never happen. One day I will pass on and everything I touch and have touched and ever will touch the same can be said for it. One day "This too will pass". There a great deal many people who have come before me who or wiser then me. I seek to continue to find truth inside of myself. I met someone recently who got pulled into the nonsense of club life and spent a thousand dollars in one life. If charity organizations were night clubs at least a whole bunch of malnourished children would get fed off our decadence. If you don't feel the rain then you don't feel anything at all. Give them a guitar and a some drums and watch them wail.


sonny said...

hope your drawn to chicago this spring! there is a train that runs from new orleans to chicago. keep your eye open as you do for I feel a hope that you are needed in Chicago.

sonny said...

if you do come here in chicago i can take you to the hare krsna temple/ashram so you can meet some great devotee friends. there is a giant indian community, i think the biggest in the U.S near the temple. it is called devon avenue. there are muslims, jews, hindus, christians, and just many many indians and indian shops/restaurants. anyway the hare krsnas have excellent vegetarian prasadam. there is also a commune on the northside, they are called the jesus people which would be a place to crash. i haven't been there but i think they came around the same time as the hare krsnas. lots of interesting stuff here in the Chi-Town! there is also a place in southern illinois called Makanda and they have a Makanda spring fest the first weekend of May. The same train that runs from New Orleans to Chicago stops in Carbondale which is 10 miles north of Makanda. lots of people go to the fest; hippies, rainbows, college students from SIU, country folk, artists, musicians, earth folk, etc...anyway i just wanted to let you know about these things because if you hear anything about these places, events or people here in Illinois you will have an idea. Peace be with you Bro!

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