Friday, March 21, 2008

Lets End This War.

Bringing this war to an end in Iraq involve everyone feeling a sense a connection to the awful things that are happening there. We continue to have our elected officials so willing to send young men and women out to the front lines, but their own children have cushy high paying jobs. We were told in 2003 by our president that this mission was accomplished as he got on U.S. Naval ship and put on his outfit for his photo-op. 5 years later this war is still dragging along and we have not caught Bin Laden dead or alive. I have not even heard any leads on this most dangerous man. We are more vulnerable to terrorist attack then ever before. I sometimes think about how we are sleeping walking and government agencies have not been looking out for the best interests of other people instead of our economic interests. We our constantly trying to support economic growth in a non-sustainable model. We can keep floating a little longer but half way into the next presidents term the repercussions of our present actions will hit us like a titanium wall. We can greatly lessen the impact if we all start working together collectively on different solutions and spend more of tax money on educating the youth to create and think independently. I look forward in bringing this forward to the nations attention in many different ways. In many different venues our campaign known as the "Infinite Cabinet" will be there making the world a better place by creating groups that are furthering peace inside of ourselves and in the world that we live in. Another of great civil unrest is upon us. The internet has enabled to us connect to each other in ways that were much more challenging years ago. Being present of the moment we are in and how we can better it are crucial for us being the change that we want to see in this world. Change is happening whether you are aware of it not and people are reawakening to their potential.

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