Friday, March 28, 2008

So mUch to Express and suppress where to begin

Everyday I keep walking by a dead cat and every day it is there rotting away and I just walk around it and at one point it would have walked around me. I understand why people desire proper funerals. There does seem to be some sense of dignity about the whole life and death and process. People are always coming out of the woodwork and disappearing into the woodwork in my life. They are from all over heading on their own journey to understand themselves and we meet at some point and place and they usually doubt that I remember them, but given a few brief moments I can almost always place where it is I have met someone and some the details that were discussed during the conversation. Every moment is a constant reminder of where we are and where we have been and where it is that we are hoping to make it to on this strange and marvelous journey. I can hear the music of revoltuion and change everywhere I go and I can see a look of awakening in many people's eyes that symbolizing the awakening leading into 2012 and the beginning on a new phase for a much greater portion of humanity. We must again live in balance because are ways are not working and now is the return of the shaman or spiritual being that resides in all of us that has been lying dormant for too long. I often find little things nipping at my heels and sometimes we need to take heed of this nipping because it is a caution to be aware of what is going on around us in this moment. We all have gifts to realize and the most significant of these gifts is the love that pours out of us when we allow to come and do not resist the utter magic of a love without limits. Do not allow negative people to bring you into their lower vibration. Instead bring them to a higher frequency to help them with their healing. SOmetimes so much has transpired in my life I am somewhat intimidated at the momenutal task of even expressing a fraction of the experience in words. I try to relay stories that will benefit the person or persons that I am talking to at any given moment. All of my fumbles have made more aware to face my fears but also heed my warnings. Slowing down and focusing more on my own healing will greatly help my ability to heal others.

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