Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dancing Koala Bears and Kangaroos

No more nonsense is almost always a promise that there will be alot more nonsense being an education president means that you still prefer to spend more money on weapons then on your own nations education. I remember the 90's 80's and the 70's were a blur. THey told me when I was 11 that sexual revolution was over just when I discovered the joys of my parents jacuzzi. I was still watching lots of cartoons as if it was my religion and I resented soul train because it meant the end of cartoons. I am believer in dance breaking out anywhere at anytime and it usually means there is 50% that someone will tell me that I have to stop dancing. We are country of slaves bragging about how free we are as we continue to be brainwashed into buying more things to fill feelings of being inadequate which are passed down from generation to generation. Our healing is our ability to break from the past to stop stuffing ourselves to a point of exploding on holidays and saying it is part of some sort of tradition of extreme gluttony. Suppressing emotions with food is our god given patriotic right and taking a car everywhere no matter how close the benefit if being an American. The framework is being eaten by termites but that is compounded by the fact that we deny that they are there or that it will be fixed by ignoring this simple fact. And how come the president never Gave me Bin Laden dead, alive, or in some sort of coma. 8 years later and we never brought this man to justice and still they act as if the country is somehow safer. Yet, I was at the airport recently and they told me we were at alert level orange. Yet nobody explained what the hell this meant or what I should do with this information that merely makes the blood pressure jump ever so slightly. As long as we are on edge we are more likely to needlessly consume and help keep a non-sustainable economy moving along as the dollar begins to move towards the peso. Where is Jimmy Carter when you need him and soft southern accents seem to have more well received by the American people. Only 1/3 of us choose our president and about half that 1/3 favor the person who wins. Faking an acid trip is easy it consists of doing tai-chi in public and not being of Asian descent. I am not here or there I am nowhere man seeking to awaken Hemingway's Ghost after I round up all his crazy kats for a revolution in Key West which will spread like informercial products to a nation of insomniacs who can't sleep without Ambien because they don't know what the heck alert level orange means. Why can't the alert be aqua blue or purple those are much calming colors. I feel that airplanes should have instructional videos with jack Bauer as the host telling us how we can stop terrorism. The chaos of this world eventually fits together like puzzle pieces that don't appear as we first saw them because the floride in the water was messing with our depth perception.

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