Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Closer To Higher Truth

It is something that is more subtle and something that brings us closer to a greater understanding of the world and where we have been and where we are going as individuals and as a society. We as individuals make-up society and we need to be willing to stray from social norms so that we can begin to create new patterns which are healthier for society. Many people will resist this, but you must do what feels right in your heart and not just go along with things because it seems easier to do. That will merely cause more suffering for everyone involved. You must be willing to stand alone and realize that you were never alone. We are part of awakening of talents people are becoming aware that they are much more capable of doing things that years ago would have seemed very foreign. We have become so disconnected from the natural rhythms of nature and have created a world in which we are immersed in the lives of drama filled celebrities always seeking to ignore what lays dormant inside of our being. I feel things as I walk around subtle magnetic tugs that bring me to certain people that I have met along the way ore people who might need my assistance or might need their assistance. Yesterday on the beach I witnessed hundreds if not thousands of spring break college kids doing their rituals. Some of them are searching for something greater and I was lead to a few of them. It always varies how much they want to seek within themselves and I merely act as a reflection for those who yearn to find a greater peace inside of their being not dependent upon externals. It is very easy to be distracted from things outside of ourselves yet it is so important to plunge inwards towards the pleasure that exists inside of our being. I continue to thank the higher source for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. We are the light that continues to expand into the world. We must continue to plunge deeper into our being and clear out the mind. Clear out out the mind and you will have greater insight into all things concerning life in this world. Be that change and be that mirror for the world.

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