Friday, March 14, 2008

Music Festival Magic

Our generations eccentrics, adventurers, and seekers go to these events desiring to experience something beyond the montonmy of everyday living that stifles people's imaginations. We all want to tap into our individual creative process and find in that exists healing. I am seeking that inner rainbow that exists inside of being that Judy Garland song to me when I felt that perhaps that I wouldn't ever find it. She told me a truth in her song not her disney image, but her real story was something that leads me on my quest on the yellow brick road. Perhaps the hordes of young and old people attending these festivals are following their own yellow brick roads and all leads to the same place. I have seen a greater awakening of the youth of this country and given other outlets that have an intense curiousity that far exceeds the previous the generations. The good news is that we are all part of life as much as we allow ourselves to be involved in the process. We can not give up because we each have a story that has to be seen all the way to end or a new beginning. I don't want to tell anyone how to live their life because I don't want anyone to do that for me. We are all unraveling and finding ourself returning closer to the source or the starting point. The Now is the most hopeful moment and running out the door before we are centered is cheating ourselves and the world that we enter into. When people ask me how I am doing? I just say "present" because that is the most accurate thing that I can express in words.

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